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Kinouwell KW-P-131 APP/Bluetooth Control Parking Lock

1. Sensor auto-working. When the car comes, the parking lock goes DOWN automatically. When the car leaves, it will go UP automatically.

2. APP control. Use your phone to control the parking lock go UP/DOWN.

3. Manually button. Press UP/DOWN to control.

Description Technical Parameter

APP/Bluetooth Control Parking Barrier Lock

Features of APP/Bluetooth Control Parking Barrier Lock 


  • Download the App: Android | iOS.
  • Occupancy detection. Build in-vehicle detector, real-time monitor occupancy status. Backend software monitors and manage simultaneously.
  • Low power consumption pure battery power. Unique low power consumption circuit design, purely battery power. Theoretically service life more than 5 years under normal use (family use, 4 times/day), no need for the power grid, easy installation and save construction cost.
  • Abnormal self diagnosis. Self diagnosis of battery capacity, up/down process, arm in position/over position. Buzzer alarm in abnormal status, and interface prompt in backend software.
  • Remote control. Multi remote control ways, like Bluetooth, mobile App and backend control.
  • Anti-collision. 180° degree front and back anti-collision. Go back if blocked when ascending and go down along hit direction.
  • Waterproof. Unique seal design, working properly even sinking in water.
  • Anti-crush. 360° degree direction anti crush, weight resistant up to 3 tons from different direction.
  • Dust-proof. High degree seal design for completely dust proof.
  • Protect from occupancy. Buzzer alarm and backend alarm if unauthorized park or vandalism.
  • Anti-theft. Bolts are installed inside the device. High strength housing material. Without keys, it cannot open the cover to dismantle key.
  • Suitable for different parking lots. (If LORA communication needed, pls specify).

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Motor working voltage 3V
Battery 3.6V-38Ah battery
Battery life 3 years at the working frequency of 10 times per day. 5 years at the working frequency of 4 times per day
Service life >500,000times
Working power 3.6mW
Standard by current 10uA
Communication Bluetooth
Lifting speed 3-5S
Lifting height 355mm
Descending height 66mm
Material ABS G30, thickness 8mm
Control method APP control or Bluetooth activated sensor
Ingress protection IP67
Working temperature -20℃~+60℃
Dimension 380(L)*440(W)*66(H)mm
Packaging 400*470*12.5mm
Weight 5KGS