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Kinouwell KW-PEVC3401 30KW Electric Car Charging Stations

Model: KW-PEVC3401

Output Power: 30KW/40KW

Ingress Protection: IP54

Communication Protocol: OCPP 1.6J

HMI: 4.3 Inch touch screen

Payment Method: RFID Card, APP

Standard: EN/IEC 61851-1、EN/IEC 61851-23、EN/IEC 61851-24、IEC62196-1、IEC62196-3

Description Technical Parameter

Kinouwell KW-PEVC3401 30KW Electric Car Charging Stations

KW-PEVC3401 is mainly used in scenarios such as small ground and underground garage charging stations. The system is mainly composed of power modules, control. lt is composed of unit, communication unit and protection unit, which can realize charging start, run, monitor and stop functions; it can be installed flexibly.


Simple and compact:
Support column and wall mounting methods, occupy a small space, and take care of both operation and home use

With SOC overcharge protection, battery overcharge protection, BMS data abnormal diagnosis, vehicle battery voltage abnormal detection, leakage, lightning protection and other active protection functions

Strong compatibility:
Wide voltage output design, compatible with new and old national standards, interoperability, real-vehicle joint debugging test, applicable to various brand models


Electric Car Charging Stations Electric Car Charging Stations Electric Car Charging Stations Electric Car Charging Stations

Description PEVC3401E-30K1000N1 PEVC3401E-40K1000N1 
Power Suppply 3P+N+PE
Rated Voltage 400VAC±15%
Frequency 50/60Hz
THDi ≤5%
Efficiency ≥95%
Power Factor ≥0.98
Connector Type CCS Combo 2
Output Voltage 150-1000VDC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Maximum Output Current 100ADC
Output Power Rating 30kW(Max)
Output Voltage Accuracy ≤0.5%
Output Current Accuracy ≤±5%
HMI 4.3-Inch Touchscreen
Payment Method RFID Card,APP
Cable Length 5m
Network Connection Cellular modem:GSM/3G/4G
LAN:10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Communication Protocol OCPP 1.6J
Operating Noise Level ≤60dBA
Ingress Protection(IP/IK rating) IP54
Power Meter Accuracy Class 1.0 energy meter
Enclosure Galvanized steel
Place of Installation Indoor / Outdoor
Product Dimension 700 x 550 x 1800mm(W x D x H)
Package Dimension 950 x 720 x 1950mm(W x D x H)
Protection Over Current,Under Voltage,Over Voltage,Short Circuit,Residual Current,
Surge Protection,Over Temperature,Ground Protection
Certification Standard EN/IEC 61851-1、EN/IEC 61851-23、EN/IEC 61851-24、IEC62196-1、IEC62106-3
Operating Temperature -35℃ to +50℃
Storage Temperature –40°C to +75°C
Maximum Installation Height ≤2000m
Operating Humidity 5%–95% RH