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Kinouwell Parking Barrier

Boom barrier gate is an automatic rising arm to control vehicle access. It can be controlled by remote controller, or working with control device or system.

Description Technical Parameter

Boom Parking barrier gate, in types of the boom, there are straight boom, 90 or 180-degree boom(used in basement floor), fence boom(2 fences or 3 fences), telescopic boom for easy shipping.

In types of speed, there are normal speed(6s) medium speed(3s,1.5s), and high speed(0.9s,0.6s).

Feature of Boom Parking Barrier gates

  • The unique quick clutch device in the gearbox is easy to clutch when power is off, then the boom can be controlled manually for up and down.
  • Strong machine case and anti-collision. The housing will also not be damaged even the boom is hit.
  • Buttons OPEN CLOSEand Stop to control barrier gate.
  • Variety of interface. It can connect to a photocell sensor, loop detector, and parking management system.
    Very simple wiring.
  • The machine has a damping function. The brake lever will not cause rapid bouncing and rapid drop due to clutch.
  • Wireless remote control function (using 315MHZ/433MHZ remote controller).
  • Adopt sine mechanism design and choose maintenance-free bearings to ensure the least parts wearing.
  • Anti-bumping: During the process of falling down(the angle between the arm and horizontal lane is more than 15 degrees), if there is a vehicle entering the detection area(working with vehicle detector), the arm will go up automatically to avoid car hit.
  • Multiple limit protection function.

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Voltage 220V/110V, ±10%
Power 120W
Arm gate material Aluminum alloy
Housing material Galvanized plate
Remote control distance 30 meters
Rail lifting time 0.6S~6S (optional)
Working temperature -20℃ to 45℃
Lifetime ≥5,000,000 times
Warranty 1 Year
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