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Do you need to develop smart parking projects?

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Author : Kinouwell
Update time : 2020-03-08 17:39:00

KW-VD200 is ground type smart parking sensor, which is based on standard LoRaWAN protocol, and the technology combining ultrasonic and magnetic. With advanced adaptive magnetic detection algorithm and ultrasonic detection, the parking sensor can track the change of environmental field parameter dynamically and can achieve high detection accuracy rate of 99.5%. Status will be detected efficiently and uploaded to system. It will be very convenient for parking owners/managers to manage their parking lots and to know the situation of their parking lots. Definitely one of the best solution for smart parking projects. What do you think?

The sensor is suitable for below characters so it can work with most LoRaWAN gate way on market.

-> LoRaWan version: LoRaWan1.0.2.

-> Working Mode: Class A.

-> Frequency: CN470/IN865/EU868/US915/AS923Mhz.

-> Activation Mode: OTAA.

-> Suitable for 8 channels Gate way.

(the packet format will be provided after order and signing of NDA(Non-disclosure Agreement)


Below more specifications of the DO200 sensor you can learn about it.

1. The parking occupation detector is sensor which combining ultrasonic and magnetic technology. With the redundant technology of sensor, it achieves accuracy of 99%. The error is only happened while extreme environment, like flood and thunder at the same time. From the performance it overwhelms the lonely magnetic products.

2. Through the built in with LoRaWan wireless module, the parking bay occupation sensor which help the user to monitor the status automatically via network server, gate way and application or Mobile App. This mobile application is very useful and helpful for the user at the finally user can monitor the status remotely.

3. It is optional for frequency CN470,EU868,US915,AU915,AS923. That’s why it is useful any part of world due to its frequency range.

4. As it is with algorithm of low power consumption, the internal battery work for more than 5 years.

5. The IP68 level ensure the endurable working outdoor.


1. Low power LoRaWAN technology.

2. Combination of ultrasonic and magnetic.

3. 99.5% accuracy, overwhelm lonely magnetic products.

4. IP68, water proof.





Net Weight




Shell Material




Ultrasonic + Magnetic



Ultrasonic precision






MCU STM32 32bit ARM core controller



Semtech 1276


137dbm 292bps (RX) 5~20dbm(Tx)

Working Mode

Class A


LoRaWAN CN470/EU868/US915/AS923M




OTAA(default)or ABP

Communication Distance

3km in view sight


Internal battery

Non-recharged Lithium battery ER18505M 10500mah 3.7VDC


2 years at 2 times report per day


Operating Temperature

-20 ~+70℃

Storage Temperature

-40 ~ +85℃

Protection Level




1. Roadside parking space. 

2. Outdoor parking space for commercial buildings.

3. Indoor parking space for commercial buildings.

Should you have any inquiry, please contact us.

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