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How to manage campus car parking?–RS485 Wire Parking Lock help

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Author : Kinouwell
Update time : 2019-07-25 17:11:00


Nowadays, as vehicle becomes more and more popular, and car parking management becomes severe problem in cities, campus, building apartment, etc.. Some unauthorized and illegal parking in campus has become headache to campus manager. In order to effectively manage the car parking,  KINO has introduced a new product that is RS485 wire parking lock. The manager can make the barrier up and down in the backend management software from long distance(within 1200mtr). And the real time parking occupancy status can be reflected in the backend management software. The system can also integrate with mobile App and cloud system.

Features of Kinouwell RS485 wire parking lock parking space barrier

  • Occupancy detection. Build in vehicle detector, real time monitor occupancy status. When vehicles leave, it can go up automatically.
  • Anti-collision. 180° degree front and back anti-collision. Go back if blocked when ascending and go down along hit direction.
  • Unique seal design, working properly even sinking in water.
  • Anti-crush. 360° degree direction anti crush, weight resistant up to 3 tons from different direction.
  • Dust-proof. High degree seal design for completely dust proof.
  • Protect from occupancy. Buzzer alarm and backend alarm if unauthorized park or vandalism.
  • Anti-theft. Bolts are installed inside the device. High strength housing material. Without keys, it cannot open cover to dismantle key.


Technical parameter.

RS485 parking lock


Motor working voltage: 3.6V

Service life: >500,000 times

Working power: <3.6mW

Standby current: <10µA

Ascending speed: <6s

Descending speed: <4s

IP: IP67

Product dimension(W*D*H): 380*440*355mm Ascending, 380*440*66mm Descending

You can also refer to this website link for our products.

Installation of parking lock parking barrier

The parking lock is suggested to be installed at the 1/3 in the front middle part as below pictures shows.


After positioning, some preparation need to be done before installation:

  • Make ground horizontal.
  • If the ground is soft, make it non soft one.
  • If it is horizontal and non soft ground, then cleaning before installation

After preparation, then please follow below step for installation.

  • Put parking barrier in the right position, and make the front side towards space entry.
  • Open cover, mark the 4 screw position based on hole position.
  • Remove parking barrier and use drill ∅12 to dig holes with depth about 50-60mm based on the mark position.
  • Clean the ground and put screws inside, then put the parking barrier in the right position. Screw and close cover, and lock it.

Should you have any inquiry, please contact us.

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