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Top Sale Wheel Clamps from Kinouwell Smart Parking Manufacturer

Wheel clamp, also called car tire lock, wheel clamp lock, parking boot, wheel boot, is a device that lock the tire of the vehicles. They can be used for illegal parking punishment, traffic unpaid fine enforcement, personal used to prevent the vehicles from being stolen by thief. KINO Smart Parking is the professional manufacturer of…

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ALPR Parking Management System, making your parking more convenient

Parking management, the trend is towards paperless / no card parking, and so ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) system is becoming more and more popular. The vehicle come to the entrance/ exit, the features such as number plates, vehicle models and colors would be taken pictures and uploaded to the backend, then the characters recognized,…

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parking disc for europe

With Kinouwell parking disc in your car, you no longer need to worry about forgetting to adjust your parking disc and thus risking expensive fines. Kinouwell parking disc electronically records the movements of the vehicle and automatically sets the parking disc to the current parking time. Parking mode is only ended once the vehicle starts moving again.…

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