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Do you need to develop smart parking projects?

By Kinouwell | 2020年3月8日

KW-VD200 is ground type smart parki…

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Outdoor LCD Display

By Kinouwell | 2020年2月25日

As we know, the indoor LCD display …

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Wheel Clamp/ Car Tire Lock

By Kinouwell | 2020年2月9日

1. Development requirements of whee…

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LORA Technology and Smart City

By Kinouwell | 2020年2月9日

1. What we want to solve: 1.1. Due …

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Outdoor Screen Display

By Kinouwell | 2020年2月9日

The whole machine adopts highly int…

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What is the difference between capacitive & IR touch screen—Kinouwell advertising

By Kinouwell | 2019年12月11日

Nowadays more and more advertising …

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Smart Parking Sensor

By Kinouwell | 2019年12月6日

KINOUWELL Parking sensor is install…

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How to increase my parking revenue–Ticket dispenser carpark access control system

By Kinouwell | 2019年11月26日

Parking revenue access control syst…

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Keep the thief away from your house – PIR motion sensor alarm

By Kinouwell | 2019年9月3日

Are you worry someone would break i…

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How to manage campus car parking?–RS485 Wire Parking Lock help

By Kinouwell | 2019年7月25日

Nowadays, as vehicle becomes more a…

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