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What is the difference between capacitive & IR touch screen—Kinouwell advertising

Nowadays more and more advertising displays/digital signages are used in commercial promotion of products, service, brand, etc.. The colorful picture and vivid video always attracting people’s eyes and push them to do more consumption. There are different types of advertising display. There are indoor and outdoor  type, floor standing, hanging or wall mounted type, touch interactive screen…

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Smart Parking Sensor

KINOUWELL Parking sensor is installed on parking space/slot to detect parking occupancy(empty or occupied) on real time. It will send data to gateway and server. So manager can check parking status from the software or application. Working with wireless communication LoRa (LoRaWan), NB-IoT etc, the parking sensor is suitable for every market and different parking…

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How to increase my parking revenue–Ticket dispenser carpark access control system

Parking revenue access control system is to manage the access in and out of a parking facility to generate parking revenue; There are 2 tyeps of parkers, hourly parker and registered parker. They pay based on parking duration. We Kinouwell Technology is the professional manufacturer of this smart car parking equipment. Hourly parker A parker who…

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Keep the thief away from your house – PIR motion sensor alarm

Are you worry someone would break in your house/shop/office when you are out? Don’t worry, here comes the PIR motion sensor alarm which can give 120db alarm if an object comes in the detection zone. The Motion Alarm adopt dual-core digital infrared fuzzy logic processing technology and intelligent analysis algorithms, strong ability for analyzing the fault signal or people movement to…

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How to manage campus car parking?–RS485 Wire Parking Lock help

Nowadays, as vehicle becomes more and more popular, and car parking management becomes severe problem in cities, campus, building apartment, etc.. Some unauthorized and illegal parking in campus has become headache to campus manager. In order to effectively manage the car parking,  KINO has introduced a new product that is RS485 wire parking lock. The manager can…

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2019 top selling smart U lock(Bluetooth APP bicycle lock)

Are you still using key type bicycle lock? Do you have the experience of losing keys, keys broken or taking too many keys with you? Here comes Kinouwell 2019 new released and top selling smart U lock-Bluetooth APP bicycle lock. The lock will be unlocked via APP. Data transmission between lock and APP is encrypted via AES-128 encryption…

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LoRa parking reservation lock parking barrier

Introduction of LoRa parking reservation lock: Kinouwell parking reservation lock is installed in front of parking space. When it goes up, it can block space from being occupied. Working with APPs, it can be used for car parking space reservation, outdoor parking guidance system, etc. The user can book available parking space in mobile App, then…

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Parking System

“Difficult parking” has increasingly become a “bottleneck” that restricts urban economic and social development. At the same time, there are many areas where there are no regular parking spaces for parking, and they can only stop at the roadside. The direct problem brought by it is to affect everyone’s daily travel, such as the car…

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Outdoor parking management-LoRa parking sensor

How do you get the parking status if you are the manager of the parking lot? As we know ultrasonic parking guidance system did solve the problem of indoor parking lot. But how about outdoor parking like on-street parking and outdoor public parking lot?   Don’t worry, here comes Kinouwell LoRa parking sensor. It is…

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Bluetooth automatic App controlled parking lock parking space barrier

Kinouwell parking barrier is installed in front of parking space. When it goes up, it can block space from being occupied. It supports 3 ways of control, A) is automatic Bluetooth USB sensor, B) App controlled C)USB sensor remote control You can refer to this youtube link for the automatic up and down function. Features of Kinouwell parking lock parking…

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