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LoRa parking reservation lock parking barrier

Introduction of LoRa parking reservation lock:

Kinouwell parking reservation lock is installed in front of parking space. When it goes up, it can block space from being occupied. Working with APPs, it can be used for car parking space reservation, outdoor parking guidance system, etc.

The user can book available parking space in mobile App, then the barrier Bluetooth Mac address is sent from server to mobile App.

parking reservation lock parking barrier

When the parker arrives at site, he opens mobile App, then the matching code is verified, then the barrier can go down automatically. After car leaves, barrier will go up automatically.

parking reservation lock parking barrier

The parking reservation lock works with our LoRa gateway. One gateway can cover all the locks within 2kms in dense city with buildings, 8kms in open wide area, and up to 1000pcs of locks.

parking reservation lock parking barrier

Features of parking reservation lock

  • Occupancy detection. Build in vehicle detector, real time monitor occupancy status. Backend software monitor and management simultaneously.
  • Low power consumption pure battery power. Unique low power consumption circuit design, purely battery power. Theoretically service life more than 5 years under normal use (family use, 4 times/day), no need for power grid, easy installation and save construction cost.
  • Abnormal self diagnosis. Self diagnosis of battery capacity, up/down process, arm in position/over position. Buzzer alarm in abnormal status, and interface prompt in backend software.
  • Anti-collision. 180° degree front and back anti-collision. Go back if blocked when ascending and go down along hit direction.
  • Unique seal design, working properly even sinking in water.
  • Anti-crush. 360° degree direction anti crush, weight resistant up to 3 tons from different direction.
  • Dust-proof. High degree seal design for completely dust proof.
  • Protect from occupancy. Buzzer alarm and backend alarm if unauthorized park or vandalism.
  • Anti-theft. Bolts are installed inside the device. High strength housing material. Without keys, it cannot open cover to dismantle key.
parking reservation lock parking barrier

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