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Kinouwell Tech has accumulated a wealth of engineering experience in product manufacturing following more than ten years of industry research and work.


Kinouwell can provide customers with complete solutions and technical support, and has a strong product support capability. With professional R & D department, OEM and ODM services are also available for our customers. Cooperating with numerous clients globally, Kinouwell is well-experienced on product customization and understands customers’ preferences by providing with various products and solutions to each customer across the world.


To solve EV charging issues for our customers empowers us to work harder with timely, effective and caring service. We would like to show our honesty, top good quality, competitive prices and superior efficiency to start business with all of you.

Kinouwell ev charger workshop

Mordern Manufacturing


Large-scale Modern manufacturing ensures product quality.

Modern manufacturing process is the key points for our high quality smart ev charging product.


Material and spare parts testing

All material and spare parts are tested before assembling by our QC team to ensure the highest quality.

Kinouwell ev charger workshop material testing


Powerful R & D Capability


Strong R & D capability for our PCB and electronic modular system.

Kinouwell Tech by the abundant technical strength and advanced management concept, constitute a powerful R & D capability and strict quality guarantee system.


Quality Assurance in Electronic Packaging

Kinouwell Tech has developed highly automated manufacturing and assembly lines with a high degree of in-line quality assurance.

Quality Assurance in Electronic Packaging

ev charger waterproof testing

Rigorous testing and deep scrutiny


The Quality Test Method (QTM) is the full test method used to verify comprehensive product quality. Such as(Stress test; Waterproof test; IP test; anti-rust testing).


Experienced and skillful worker

Our workers have being working in this industry for more than 10 years with rich experience, they are trained well and with expertise, the workers can do the assembling work in high efficiency.

Kinouwell ev charger worker

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