Parking Disc

Never get a ticket or a warning again because of a forgotten parking disc!

The parking disc is designed to prevent parking fees and fines due to illegal parking in parking zones with limited parking times.
Description Technical Parameter

Parking disc automatically sets itself to the next half hour after your arrival time (e.g. if you arrive at 11:03, it will set itself to 11:30).

Manual setting is also available.

If you wish to set your parking disc manually, simply press the 3 button to move the clock forward at 30 minute intervals. Press the button down and release once the desired time appears. Please note that this function is only available if it is in park mode.


If the diode 1 starts flashing for 10 seconds when the parking disc goes into park mode or out of it, the battery needs replacing within a week.

The battery is available from outlets stocking button cell batteries.

When you change the battery, the clock is automatically reset.

All time settings need to be reset as described above.

  • Automatically sets itself to the next half hour.
  • Long time working; battery replaced.
  • Easily kept, fixed to your windscreen in the car.
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