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APP/USB Bluetooth Control Parking Lock

APP Bluetooth Parking Lock


  • Housing Material: ABS G30, thickness: 8 mm.
  • Communication: Bluetooth.
  • Power Supply: Battery.
  • Motor Working Voltage: 3.6 V.
  • Battery Life: 3 Years at the operation frequency of 10 times/day.

  • Ingress Protection: Waterproof IP 67.
  • Ascendant Height: 355 mm.
  • Ascendant Speed: 4.5 s.
  • Descendant Height: 66 mm.
  • Descendant Speed: 3 s.


Motor working voltage3V
Battery3.6V-38Ah battery
Battery life3 years at the working frequency of 10 times per day.
Service life>500,000times
Working power3.6mW
Standard by current10uA
Lifting speed3-5S
Lifting height355mm
Descending height66mm
MaterialABS G30, thickness 8mm
Control methodAPP control or Bluetooth activated sensor
Ingress protectionIP67
Working temperature-20℃~+60℃


APP Bluetooth Parking Lock


APP Bluetooth Parking Lock