Parking Lot Payment Kiosk


Parking Payment Machine / Car Parking Payment Machine / Smart Parking Payment Machine is used to automatically manage the parking calculation, collection, change and small ticket printing charge of equipment, 24-hour continuous operation, placed in indoor, configuration control, intercom and other security components.

1. Bill receiver:  receive 4-5 denominations

2. Coin receiver: can receive 2 denominations

3. Change given: 2 types of bill, 1-2 types of coin

4. Material A3 steel,T-2.5MM

5. Appearance treatment: Paint baking

6. Capacity for receipt: 2000-25000 pcs

7. With CE and ROHS approval

8. Data storage capacity: 8G

9. Communication interface: TCP/IP

10. IP: IP54

11. Voltage 220V AC 50HZ

12. Rated Power: 250W

13. Working temperature: -20℃~ +50℃

14. Software language: English

15. Product Dimension: 780*540*1810cm

16. Net weight 198 KGS, G.W.: 250KG


2500-3000 ticket/roll,

20 rolls/carton,

totally 2 cartons,

ticket width:80mm,

roll diameter:150mm

Can buy it locally


Basic configuration


1GB(32 bit),2GB(64bit)

Hard disk capacity

16GB(32 bit),20GB(64 bit)

CPU speed

reach 1GHz

Display resolution

800 x 600

Recommended configuration


8GB (64bit)

Hard disk capacity



Intel  I5

Display resolution

1920 x 1080