Lora Parking Reservation Lock

Installed in front of parking bay, when space is available, it will rise to protect unauthorized parker from parking there. It supports 2 kinds of wireless communication, one is LoRa, the other is NB-IOT.
Description Technical Parameter
Parking Reservation Lock
  • Kinouwell parking reservation lock is installed in front of parking space. When it goes up, it can block space from being occupied.
  • Working with APPs, it can be used for car parking space reservation, outdoor parking guidance system, etc.
  • It also works with gateway. One gateway can manage all parking locks within 8 square kilometers.
  • Installed in front of parking bay, when space is available, it will rise to protect unauthorized parker from parking there.
  • Remarks: It cannot lock vehicle.
Features of parking reservation lock
  • Occupancy detection. Build in vehicle detector, real time monitor occupancy status. Backend software monitor and management simultaneously.
  • Dual communication option. “NB-IoT”wireless communication for China domestic market, while“LoRa” for overseas market.
  • Low power consumption pure battery power. Unique low power consumption circuit design, purely battery power. Theoretically  service life more than 5 years under normal use (family use, 4 times/day), no need for power grid, easy installation and save construction cost.
  • Abnormal self diagnosis. Self diagnosis of battery capacity, up/down process, arm in position/over position. Buzzer alarm in abnormal status, and interface prompt in backend software.
  • Remote control. Multi remote control ways, like Bluetooth, mobile App and backend control.
  • Anti-collision. 180° degree front and back anti-collision. Go back if blocked when ascending and go down along hit direction.
  • Unique seal design, working properly even sinking in water.
  • Anti-crush. 360° degree direction anti crush, weight resistant up to 3 tons from different direction.
  • Dust-proof. High degree seal design for completely dust proof.
  • Protect from occupancy. Buzzer alarm and backend alarm if unauthorized park or vandalism.
  • Anti-theft. Bolts are installed inside the device. High strength housing material. Without keys, it cannot open cover to dismantle key.

Lora Parking Reservation Lock System 

Motor working voltage 3V
Battery 3.6V-38Ah battery
Battery life 3 years at the working frequency of 10 times per day. 5 years at the working frequency of 4 times per day.
Service life >500,000times
Working power 3.6mW
Standard by current 10uA
Communication Lora
Lifting speed 3-5S
Lifting height 355mm
Descending height 66mm
Material ABS G30, thickness 8mm
Control method APP control or Bluetooth activated sensor
Ingress protection IP67
Working temperature -20℃~+60℃
Dimension 380(L)*440(W)*66(H)mm
Packaging 400*470*12.5mm
Weight 5KGS
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