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Parking Management System

Kinouwellparking Parking Management System:

Hight quality parking equipment: Parking Ticket Machine + Parking Barrier.

RFID Smart Parking System or License Plate Recognition Parking System for you to select.

Kinouwellparking Parking Management System benefits (reduces fuel, pollution, traffic, time…)

Smart parking applications (cities, hospitals, public areas, malls, universities, sports centers.)

Additional revenues of smart parking technology in urban and shopping areas. Having real-time information about parking occupancy:Increases parking revenues by up to 35%.

Avoids parking violations on disabled and loading / unloading areas.
Monitors real use of restricted areas: only for taxis, special services, authorities…lmproves driver (and customer) experience reducing time loss.

Helps to learn patterns of behaviour to adapt traffic and surveillance resources for better mobility.