7KW AC EV Charging Station

The AC EV Charging station occupies a small area and is quick to deploy. It is suitable for commercial office buildings. Parking lots such as urban complexes or urban public charging stations can be slow for a long time when charging. It can also be used in new energy vehicle 4S shops and other occasions.

Description Technical Parameter

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Model KW- C0168
Input voltage AC220V±20%
Output voltage AC220V±20%
Cable length 4 meters
Wire core material Pure copper
Waterproof level IP54
Rated frequency 50HZ
Rated power 7KW
Rated current 32A
Wire color Black
Dimensions 369*238*135mm
Cable specifications 3*6MM²+1*0.75MM²
Charging method Plug and play/swipe to charge/Reserve charging
Flammability rating UL94-V0
Display screen 4.3 inch