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Fingerprint U Lock

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Fingerprint U Lock is suitable for bicycle, motorbike, glass door, etc.


  • Charge before first use or when the remaining battery charge becomes
    low using the Micro USB charger.
  • Charging indicator: on low battery, the red LED will blink. The LED will be
    red while charging and will turn blue upon completion.
  • Charging current: 500+ mAh 5 V
  • Charging time: about 3 hours


  • When charging for the first time, please do not use until fully charged
  • If device has been unused for more than 6 months, be sure to charge for
    a full 3 hours

Technical Parameter

Dimensions1) Regular Shackle: 74 x 128mm / 2) Long Shackle: 74 x 248mm 
Fingerprint identificationCompliance with ANSI / INCIT 378 and ISO/IEC 19794-2 
BatteryLithium polymer rechargeable 420mAh 3.7V
Battery LifeAbout 2200 openings on a full charge 
Weight1) Regular Shackle: 566g. 2) Long Shackle: 756g.
Housing MaterialABS + Zinc Alloy
Shackle MaterialAluminum Alloy
Emergency ChargeIn case of low battery or malfunction, use Micro USB
and portable charger for temporary charge or manual
key to unlock
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