What is a parking space detection sensor: How does it work?

Parking space detection sensor for cars is one of the indispensable accessories today. Especially for new drivers and car owners, the space sensor is a device to help protect your car, protect yourself and those around you.

parking space detection sensor

Table of contents

  • What is space sensor?
  • The use of the space sensor
  • How does space sensor work?
  • Types of space sensors
    • Ultrasonic sensors
    • Radio frequency sensor
    • Infrared sensor
  • How to replace the space sensor for a car
    • Step 1: Identify faulty sensor
    • 2: Remove the faulty sensor
    • Step 3: Replace the sensor

Let’s find out what you need to know about this device!

What is parking space detection sensor?

The parking space detection sensor for cars is a device mounted on the rear of the vehicle, with the function of emitting a warning signal of collision danger when the driver reverses the vehicle.

Set of space sensors for cars

The type of sensor mounted on the rear of the vehicle is a short distance sensor. It sends out a signal whenever the vehicle’s distance from the rear obstacle exceeds 6m. This distance is calculated by the speed of the vehicle.

The long distance sensor is a blind spot sensor and is usually located in the front of the vehicle. A simplified version of the sensor emits a signal only when it detects any vehicle or object in the blind spot ahead.

The use of the parking space detection sensor

Car space sensor is very useful when parking

Parking space detection sensor are one of the most important and expensive parts of an automobile. It can detect almost any object that exists inside or outside the car. The space sensor helps the driver to easily detect dangerous situations when reversing, thereby avoiding collisions or accidents those are not visible through the rearview mirror. 

How does space sensor work?

The parking sensors common by car manufacturers can vary, but they always have some common ground in mechanics. Basically, they all work using one of 3 main methods:

  1. Vibration method
  2. Radio frequency method
  3. Infrared method

Types of space sensors

The main types of space sensors include ultrasonic, microwave, infrared, laser and radio frequency radars. However, infrared sensors are the most commonly common.

Infrared sensor is the common type on the market

Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors use sound to locate objects. There are three types of ultrasonic sensors: CW, CCW and CW CCW sensors. Each type of parking space detection sensor detects an object by emitting a series of ultrasonic signals. Objects reflect or bend ultrasonic signals, leading to the activation of sensors on the vehicle. With this mechanism, the ultrasonic sensor is more effective in locating the object.

Vibration sensors are similar to ultrasonic sensors. However, it only vibrates for a short period of time and the power is low. This method is often common to determine the direction of movement of objects, such as pedestrians and bicycles.

Radio frequency sensor

Radio frequency (RF) sensors emit radio waves with extremely high frequencies, typically 20,000-22,000 Hz, to transmit and receive reflected signals. 

parking space detection sensor 2021

The advantage of RF sensors is that they are not affected by atmospheric conditions and electrical noise. However, this type of sensor is prone to false activation, and has a high cost.

Infrared sensor

Infrared sensors are one of the most common types of parking sensors common by car manufacturers. Similarly, infrared sensors operate in the infrared spectrum, usually in the 810-1250nm wavelength, which can sense changes in temperature. When the vehicle moves close to the parking space detection sensor, the vehicle’s temperature changes. This activates the sensor and sends a signal to the control module.

There are two types of infrared sensors. Passive infrared (PIR) sensors only sense temperature changes of objects, such as the body temperature of passengers and cars. The active infrared (AI) sensor not only senses temperature changes, but also detects signals reflected from the subject.

Infrared sensors are more accurate than ultrasonic sensors. It is also resistant to weather and temperature conditions. However, it requires a range of at least 1m for accurate object detection.

How to replace the parking space detection sensor?

Car space sensor is easy to install by you

Step 1: Identify faulty sensor

The way the parking space detection sensor works is the same as any other parking sensor in a car. Once it detects a vehicle or an obstacle behind it, it vibrates the sensor wire and turns on the lights on the dashboard.

Step 2: Remove the faulty sensor

To change the space sensor in a car, you must first locate the faulty sensor. This can be difficult as it is usually only determined after parking for a long time.

Start by looking for any signs of corrosion, especially on the leads running from the battery to the sensor. This means that the sensor’s power cords are damp. Corrosion will reduce electrical conductivity and alter vehicle performance. 

Also, check the connectors of the extension cords. If they are damaged or lose, you should replace them. 

Step 3: Replace the parking space detection sensor

Once a faulty parking space detection sensor has been identified, simply replace it with a new one. The price of the space sensor is not expensive and there are many different brands, usually in the range of $200. Please note that the type of space sensor is suitable for the vehicle’s sensor system when buying.

After the replacement test, be sure to wipe away any stains from the old sensor.


Although the space sensor is very useful, not all models have it installed. You can absolutely buy and install a new space sensor. The information in the article will help you understand more about space sensors for cars, so that you can choose the most suitable device for your vehicle.

How does parking sensors work?

If you choose parking space detection sensor, the principle of operation is usually described for each individual model. But in general, the algorithm of action is similar for many devices:

  • the sensory signal that forms around the car is reflected when it encounters an obstacle;
  • the sensor reflection signal is analyzed by the control unit;
  • the block gives the distance that remains to the barrier and determines the level of danger: for example, from green to red.

At the same time, it is important to know when buying front and rear parking sensors that all this happens in just a few seconds. That is, the driver essentially has no chance of accidentally colliding with foreign objects.

Summary parking space detection sensor

We hope we helped you figure out what parking space detection sensor is and how it works. Parking radar is a useful purchase for all drivers. To select the right model, consider the installation method, accuracy level, alert mechanism, etc. 

But even regardless of these factors, all high-quality models guarantee high accuracy and ease of use of the system, which makes it possible to avoid most of the problems during parking.


9 Car Space Lock Design Systems you can Try in 2021

Car Space Lock

Most commercial centers, apartments, and office buildings have car space locks. However, the issue of standard parking lot design has not been taken seriously. The travel demand is also increasing day by day, how to arrange to park scientifically, not to expand more space but still to accommodate more cars.

This article will give you useful information!

Table of contents

1 1. General standards for car space lock

2 2. Common parking lot size standards

3 3. Standard 45 degree diagonal parking lot size

4 4. Parallel parking standards

5 5. The standard size of high-rise car parking lot

6 6. Some standards on parking layout

6.1 General parking arrangement

6.2 Arrangement of parking at an angle of 45 degrees

6.3 Arrange a wide parking lot with narrow aisles

6.4 Arrangement of parking lots facing each other 45 degrees

7 7. Which car parking model is suitable for Vietnam?

7.1 General parking design in the basement

7.2 Design of Puzzle Parking

1. General standards for car space lock

The parking area needs to be designed to facilitate movement and ensure aesthetics. Especially for the safety of people and vehicles, motorbikes, cars, passenger cars, trucks… With industrial parks and repair warehouses, it is necessary to arrange more garages and repair shops.


Car space locks have transport vehicles. Goods need to be placed near commercial centers, markets, new standard transaction places. Even residential areas, common residential areas need land to arrange vehicles. Arrange scientifically and most conveniently. It is necessary to have an inspection team to ensure environmental hygiene, security order, and fire safety at the parking lot.

Where to install car space lock?

 The walkways and entrances of the parking lot are also needed. In renovated urban areas, parking lots should be arranged on the street with a larger vehicle width than necessary. In terms of area parking lots (not including exits – entrances to the car space lock, trees, and waiting point) for the following vehicles: 30m2 truck; 40m2 buses; 25 square meter car.

Also, depending on the specific area, location, and type of parking, there will be reasonable parking design standard sizes. Please continue to consult us for more information in the sections below.

2. Common car space lock size standards

  • With parking lot for high-rise automatic cars: 2-4 cars can move each car
  • Minimum length of 1 seat: 5.4mHeight from the basement floor to adjacent floor: 4.5
  • With automatic parking with 2-4 cars underground

This type of car lift has a parking length: 5.1m. Height of 1 floor for parking: 1.8m. Height from floor to 2nd floor: 5.2m. With 3-6 high-rise car parking underground designed underground.

3-story lifting platform, the length of 1 car space lock is 5.1m. The height from the basement floor to the roof of the 3rd floor is 9.3m.

6. Some standards on parking layout

  • Common parking arrangements
  • Length: 5.5mMinimum width: 2.3 – 4m Distance between 2 parking spaces: 6m
  • Arrange parking at an angle of 45 degrees
  • Side length at right angle 6m Minimum width of 1 car 2.3 – 4m Distance between 2 cars 2.5m
  • The layout of the parking lot is wide but with narrow aisles
  • Ensure the length of the parking space: 5.5m Width of 1 parking space 3m

So the path between the two cars only needs 4m for the car to be able to get in and out.
Car Space Lock 2021

Car space lock layout 45 degrees back to back

The length of the right corner for parking is 8.5m, the width of a parking bowl is 2.3 – 4m, and the distance between the two cars is 4m.

Standard high-rise automatic car parking lot size

High-rise automatic car parking for 2 or 4 cars that can be moved individually

  • The minimum length of a car parking space is 5.4m.
  • The height from the basement floor to the adjacent floor is 4.5m

Automatic high-rise car parking for 2 or 4 cars underground design

  • For this type of lifting platform, the length of the parking space is 5.1m.
  • The height from the basement floor to the 2nd floor is 5.2m. high
  • The height of 1 floor for parking is 1.8m

The latest car space lock design standards we have outlined above apply only to aboveground parking lots. Smart parking lots still do not have the most specific regulations.

7. Which car parking model is suitable?

General parking design in the basement

This model is quite familiar anywhere in Vietnam. The need to use the car is extremely large, leaving a few pieces, all day or even a year. Because outdoor parking is not suitable, the basement parking system has automatic tickets, divided by time to best serve users.

Puzzle Parking design

This is a form of semi-automatic parking. The pallets are assembled into a rectangle/square, each pallet will be a parking spot. Multiple pallets can be stacked on top of each other and reinforced with a sturdy steel frame to form a model.

 At that time, the trucks placed on the pallet are lifted and lowered according to the vertical column, and the vehicles put in and out will be moved horizontally. Engineers will also program the pallet so that the time to pick up and park the car is the fastest.

Where we can install a car space lock?

A car space lock is a place used to store or park motorbikes, trucks, vans, passenger cars, etc., where the parking lot must meet the following regulations to become a standard parking lot such as:

  • The parking lot must be scientifically designed, suitable for the aesthetic, convenient to move while still ensuring the safety of the vehicles.
  • Residential areas and residential areas to reserve land for parking layout and design
  • Car parking places in industrial parks, repair warehouses need to arrange more garages or repair workshops.
  • The standard parking location for transporting goods should be located near markets, commercial centers, places where goods are traded a lot, etc.
  • The best parking lot should have a cleaning team to ensure environmental protection for the parking lot.



Car space lock is a work of road traffic infrastructure performing the function of keeping cars and other road vehicles. However, not everyone knows the size of the standard parking lot, the parking area of ​​each type of vehicle.

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How many iot parking sensors we need for perfect parking system?

Features of iot parking devices: advantages and disadvantages?

iot parking sensors

The problem of parking in a big city is well known-there is a sorely lack of space, and cars have to be parked literally a few centimeters from each other. When you look at the dense rows of cars parked side by side, the thought of experienced drivers who do not know mistakes and are sensitive to dimensions comes to mind. For them, iot parking sensor is helpful.

However, this is far from always the case-it’s just that many of them are helped in maneuvers by parking radar, or parking sensor. This complex electronic system, without exaggeration, is indispensable in a metropolis. 

The iot parking sensor and principle of operation

The main task of iot parking sensor  is to facilitate parking: he monitors the distance between the car bodies and objects around. If this distance is too short, a collision threatens-the system gives a warning signal and the driver adjusts the speed.

 The system consists of several parts. These are ultrasonic sensors-there can be two or more of them, in most cases-from two to eight pieces. 

Rules to work

The following rule works: the more sensors, the more accurate, reliable and efficient the system is. Two sensors may not notice, for example, a vertical column, protruding reinforcement-if it comes in a dead zone not covered by the “electronic eye “. The electronic control unit is the “brain” of the entire system, which analyzes information from sensors. 

Based on the data received, the ECU issues sound and (or) visual information about the distance from the car body to the obstacle.

iot parking sensor role of signals

Another element of the system is responsible for the indication-this is a sound signal, a light signal, an LED or LCD display, on which data is easy to display. There are options for displaying iot parking sensor  information in the form of a projection on the windshield. The light / sound / display can be common singly.

Ultra sonic signals


How all the elements in a bundle work: the ultrasonic sensor generates a pulse that is reflected from the surrounding objects and returns back. Having received the reflected signal, the system calculates the time for which the signal passed to the obstacle and returned back. Based on this data, the distance to objects around is easy to calculate. 

The driver is given a signal: the closer the dangerous object is, the more often the beeper sounds. The sound can be of different frequencies-when the front and rear sensors react. It is also convenient if information is shown on the display.

The iot parking sensor

There are also options with an iot parking sensor  -capacitive parking systems-but they are not as popular in USA as traditional ultrasonic ones. The “working body” of such a parking sensor is an aluminum antenna tape. This comes from the inside bumper, therefore it is also famous as tape. 

At the same time, he also has disadvantages. So, the radar measures the distance only when it changes-that is, while driving. As soon as the car stops, the “buzzer” stops. This can bring unpleasant surprises in a number of cases.
iot parking sensors 2021

 According to the reviews of drivers testing such devices, their reliability also leaves much impressive. In some cases, the parking sensor noticed an obstacle and reacted too late.

Purpose and functions of iot parking sensor

So, smart and practical equipment is an indispensable assistant that allows you to safely park your car. Another purpose of iot parking sensor  is to make it possible to drive safely through a narrow section. Parking sensor may have additional functions:

  • The ability to connect a rear view camera or monitor;
  • The ability to select a warning signal
  • The display can be not only direct, but also inverted or inverted mirrored,
  • The volume of the sound notification is easy to adjust;
  • Each car owner sets the threshold himself, focusing on his wishes;
  • Operation of the system in an autonomous mode
  • With information output on the LED indicator in digital form and voice sounding
  • Self-diagnosis of faults when the device turns on;

Extension memory option

 The two bars, spare wheel, or other elements in the iot parking sensor  range can protrude beyond the bumper, which can lead to false alarms. Entering data on external elements into the device’s memory allows you to prevent such a situation, and will enable the equipment to respond only to real, real obstacles.

Blind spot monitoring

 The sensors are easy to set to operate in the best way. The system informs the driver about the detected dangerous objects in the blind spots. This is important not only when parking, but also during lane change maneuvers, during turns. A “smart” system is able to distinguish potential danger from objects that do not pose a threat. In addition, the system is easy to equip with a wireless display.

How to choose an iot parking sensor: recommendations

Today the choice of iot parking sensor  devices is very large, and it is difficult to navigate, to find a really good device. When choosing, you need to take into account several important points.

Manufacturing company

It is best to buy systems in car dealerships (including online stores), where you can get information about the product and advice and recommendations from a seller who is ready to explain all the nuances. Give preference to better known, proven brands. The cost of the device is not so high as to save on quality. 

 Number of iot parking sensor

The number of sensors also matters. The simplest and cheapest systems come with two, but for correct operation of the rear iot parking sensors , 4 sensors we need. It is also better to put 4 in front, but you can get by with two.

Range of action

The operating range adjusts by adjusting the sensitivity. The sensing distance of more than 1.5 m is not effective, and then the devices “catch” the road surface. But a distance of 80 cm is optimal in most cases.


What is a paring locker: How to install it?

How to use parking locker?

Parking locker

Installed parking locker  on cars is not uncommon, even in the factory configuration, especially for high-end cars. True, the presence of parking lockers and the ability to use them do not always come at the same time. We will tell you about what you can face when using parking lockers.

What to buy parking locker?

To make the parking assistant convenient to use, first of all, it is worth buying a parking locker with at least three lockers on the rear bumper-this provides a full rear view. Two lockers in the front are quite enough, many do without them altogether. You also need to take into account the design of the car-for example, the presence of a towbar or a spare wheel on the rear door.

As for the method of displaying information, then from cash on sale you can buy a parking locker  with the following conclusions:

  • Sound signal;
  • Video signal;
  • Schematic display.

Parking locker as parking assistants

A very useful feature that many parking locker  has is selective activation. This means that the front lockers are only activated when the brake is applied, and the rear ones when reverse gear is engaged. This will free you from information overload, and will not distract the driver’s attention once again.

Parking lockers are also not able to track pits, low curbs and sewer wells without the presence of rear-view cameras. Bad weather in the form of heavy rain, snow, as well as the presence of dirt and moisture on the lockers can distort the readings and complicate their operation. Therefore, it is worth remembering that these are only assistants, and not the main tool in the parking lot.

How to set up rearview parking lockers?

As a rule, in the factory variation, the rear-view parking locker  configures so as to react to an obstacle already at a distance of 1 meter with short signals. And when approaching 20-30 cm, the signal already moves continuously. In a city ​​with a very dense car setting, this can be a problem. To adjust and somewhat reduce the range of the lockers; their sensitive elements need to be smart.

Signal of rear view

As a rule, for a driver with minimal experience of driving around the city, an obstacle signal at a distance of half a meter is quite enough. Practice parking on the site if possible, and then you will learn to recognize the signals of the rear -view parking locker  clearly and clearly. Installation and use instructions are attached to any parking lockers, and a little practice will help you quickly master it.

What is parking locker?

Parking locker comes with special parking radar design to alert the driver when the car is approaching various obstacles, for example:

  • Poles
  • Curbs
  • Fences
  • other vehicles, etc.

 Installing parking sensors on a car can significantly reduce the likelihood of various unpleasant situations on the road. This is especially important for cars with poor rear visibility.

The Pandora Company specializes in the sale of car electronics from well-known manufacturers. Here you can not only purchase parking radar, but also order a professional installation of parking sensor at the best price in the region.

Choosing responsible drivers

The standard sensor model consists of:

  • Control unit
  • A set of sensors attached to the car bumper
  • Warning systems (beeper)

Such a device is not an obligatory element of a car’s equipment, however, responsible drivers, who put driving safety first, do not neglect this device. It allows you to avoid damage to cars due to collisions with subtle objects, which is not uncommon when parking in urban environments. Special sensors warn in advance about the presence of obstacles in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.

How we can buy parking locker?


Our online store offers a wide selection of parking locker  of varying degrees of difficulty and price category. With us, you can choose both a budget model with a minimum set of sensors, and a more modern one, equipped with a video camera, voice notification and a special display that reflects the situation on the road.

Installation of parking sensor

There is an opinion that since parking sensors are considered a fairly simple device, anyone can install it. However, it should be borne in mind that incorrect connection of sensors can lead to various failures and incorrect operation of the device, which negatively affects driving safety . When planning to purchase a high-quality parking sensor, you should not skimp on its installation.
Parking locker 2021

Such electric and hybrid cars need parking locker , a security and service system even more than ordinary ones. The topic of theft, of course, has not been canceled-almost any “electric train” because the cost of specific spare parts, such as a high-voltage traction battery, inverters, charging modules, etc., can exceed the cost of a supported car in collection.

Why some companies are reluctant?

An interesting situation has developed with such cars: due to the design features, many companies and craftsmen are reluctant to take them into work. This is understandable-there is no great experience of working with them, and the installation of a security system can completely consist of features.

 The electronics are completely different, not like on ordinary cars, and the price and the probability of error are very high. And, of course, it is very important that the parking locker  common for the installation works correctly and takes into account the peculiarities of the vehicles. But the security and service system for an electric vehicle has a number of specific differences from car lockers for conventional cars.

Why car owners don’t like car locker?

The owner of an electric vehicle will find it inconvenient to use the usual interfaces of car locker applications, there is a lot of superfluous and a lot of necessary information is lacking. The specificity of operating an electric vehicle and a plug-in hybrid PHEV requires different interface accents to be user-friendly.


4 Types of Most Popular Parking Spot Sensors in 2021

Parking Spot Sensors
Parking spot sensors
 helps to safely park the car based on the operation of distance sensors. Obstacles near the car are poorly visible from the driver’s seat or with the help of rear-view mirrors; there is a high probability of “not fitting in”, damaging your own or someone else’s car. Our company offers a wide selection of modern parking devices.

What are the parking spot sensors?

There are many devices produced, they are all very different, there is no strict classification, but there are a number of fundamental differences. They consist in the location of the parking spot sensors , their shape, number and a communication channel for data transmission. Depending on the location, there are:

  • rear parking sensors-the simplest and most popular option,
  • the sensors come on the bumper and are activated when the reverse gear engages;
  • front-the front bumper is involved to turn on when low speed values ​​​​reach;
  • Combined-a full set of sensors at the back and front there are options with multiple screens.

According to the configuration and filling, they are:

  • standard options -1-8 point sensors with separate data loops for front and back;
  • tape -oblong sensors throughout the bumper, if properly installed, the system has no blind spots;
  • wireless -easy installation without the hassle of wiring;
  • With a camera -the most expensive option, the camera comes in places that are problematic for viewing at the request of the owner.

Tips for choosing parking spot sensors

A detection range over one and a half meters can lead to incorrect operation-the parking spot sensors  “clings to the ground”. Another important parameter is performance, sometimes you need to park at high values ​​​​of the reverse speed. A self- diagnostic mode is also required-so that the system checks itself before turning on. 

The parking radar display should not be overloaded with information, parking from parking spot sensors  takes longer. It is better to choose models with a sound alert-practice shows that displays and light signals are not so effective; the driver hears the sound regardless of the direction of the gaze.

Who common rear parking sensor?

Rear parking sensors usually famous among people who have quite a lot of experience in driving a vehicle, who buy the device solely for safety reasons, for example, in order not to run into an obstacle in the dark, backing it back. If you are a beginner and not very confident in driving, then pay attention to the models with the maximum number of sensors located both on the front and on the back of the car.

 In this case, you will be fully insured and no obstacles will be a hindrance. Pay attention to the installation method of parking spot sensors . If you are willing to overpay in order to speed up and facilitate the connection of equipment, then your choice is wireless models.

Installation of parking sensors

The number of cars is actively growing, which cannot be said about the number of parking lots. As a result, drivers have to park their cars more densely, which leads to an increase in the number of unpleasant situations. The installation of parking sensors will help to eliminate a decent part of incidents on the road. It is enough to contact our company to find a suitable sensor and quickly install it.

Parking sensor capabilities
Parking spot sensors  provide great assistant for driving in urban environments. The courtyards of high-rise buildings have long ceased to accommodate the cars of all residents, so it is difficult not only to find a place, but also to turn around to put a car. Different radar models differ in functionality, appearance, but have a common operating principle. 

Sensors built into the bumper indicate the distance to the nearest obstacle. When an obstacle or object is very close, the device emits a sharp sound, forcing the driver to stop. 

The advantages of using parking spot sensors are difficult to overestimate:


  • parking sensor can be common on any car, regardless of body type;
  • the cost of the device depends on the manufacturer, the number of sensors,
  • So it is easy to choose equipment for any budget;
  • The radar itself is unpretentious in operation, does not require professional maintenance. 

How we should purchase parking spot sensors?

When deciding to purchase a parking spot sensors  you should contact a professional. The wizards will help you choose the optimal model, install the radar in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and configure the device so that it is convenient for the driver to use it.  Installing the front parking spot sensors
Parking Spot Sensors 2021

According to the type of mounting of sensors, there are cut-in or overhead devices. In the first option, you will need to drill a bumper for attaching the sensors, in the second; a metallized tape is glued around the perimeter of the license plate. In both cases, the wires connecting the sensors to the control unit must connect to the bumper. 

What is the cost of installation of parking spot sensors?

When buying parking equipment, many car owners take interest in the professional installation of  parking spot sensors , price, and speed of service provision. The cost of work depends on the number of sensors that needs installation, the complexity of the device itself. 

At the end, the master, together with the driver, conduct a test drive; carry out the final setting of the equipment. Upon completion of the work, documents are written out, a guarantee is issued. 

Installation of rear parking sensors

The location of the parking spot sensors  does not affect the price of services. However, in the presence of a front parking sensor, the work is greatly simplified; the installation of additional equipment will be cheaper. At the end of the installation, the sensors will tint in accordance with the shade of the bumper. 

So they will be almost invisible, and the car that has received additional functionality will retain its original attractiveness. Our company shall provide you the best spot sensors.


How to use Parking Occupancy Sensor Properly: Beginner’s Guide 2021

Parking Occupancy Sensor Properly
Experts recommend purchasing systems of parking occupancy sensor  with a self-diagnostic capability: such a check is carried out by the radar itself each time before turning it on, and this minimizes the danger of a sensor failure in front of an obstacle or a signal failure due to wiring faults.

Judge Speed ​​​​and error by parking occupancy sensor

An important selection criterion is the speed of the parking sensors: in heavy traffic, this characteristic becomes even more important. In addition, the margin of error must come into account. This parameter is called “measurement accuracy”. Under normal conditions, the error can be, for example, 10 cm.

That is, when the parking sensor reports that the distance to the obstacle is half a meter, then in reality it can be 40, 50, and 60 cm. But if the parking conditions cramp, then the measurement accuracy must be high.

Other important criteria for parking occupancy sensor

A quality parking occupancy sensor  should work properly and stably in various weather conditions-during rain, temperature changes, etc. Everyone chooses the type of notification to his liking, but you should know that sound is the most effective-it is the sound indication that comes in all products of the BMW, Renault, Audi and other giants.

The display is certainly convenient, but if not too overloaded with information, otherwise the parking will take longer. The optimal position of the display is at the rear-view mirror, in the side-vision zone. If you decide to purchase a rear- view camera, then it should have good light sensitivity and a large viewing angle.

We take into account the disadvantages of parking occupancy sensor

Now let’s talk about the disadvantages of parking occupancy sensor  that need to be considered when choosing. The first is a minus that is not too important for most car owners. The device must come in the front therefore; the sensors should be selected in the color of the car bumpers. 

Accordingly, the display unit is selected to match the interior. If the sensors are not overhead, but mortise-for their installation you need to make a niche in the bumper. The second disadvantage is much more serious. Parking sensor may not work correctly under certain conditions. Malfunctions are guaranteed if the sensors are dirty, in snow or ice-then they simply do not react to obstacles. \

What is the role of temperature?

 Failures are also possible at low temperatures (usually the devices begin to “glitch” at -35 degrees) and at high temperatures (above 50 degrees). The parking occupancy sensor  can incorrectly show the distance to the object on uneven terrain, with descents, ascents, as well as in conditions of a large amount of interference, if there are sound-reflecting and sound-absorbing objects nearby.

 In addition, open hatches, holes, thin and small objects, for example, tensioned chains, and are out of the field of view of the parking sensors. When towing a trailer, do not rely on the readings of the rear sensors.

Types of parking occupancy sensor

Parking radars are divided into types according to several criteria. By the method of mounting the sensors:

  • Overhead

This parking occupancy sensor installs quickly and easily.  The fastening method allows for minimal changes in the design of the machine;

Ø Mortise

It is the most common. To install them, you need to drill technological holes, paint areas. Moreover, the fastening method is very reliable. All these methods are easy to combine in various ways or common independently.

At the place of installation:

  • with sound notification;
  • with light indication;
  • Moreover, with information output to the LED display with a segmented scale or to the LCD display.

By the type of signal transmission to the driver:

  • rear parking sensors;
  • front;
  • Combined models, this combines parking system, front plus rear.

Rear parking occupancy sensor

In rear parking sensors, sensors come on the rear bumper. Such systems are in greatest demand. Usually these are 4 parking occupancy sensors ; the equipment connects to the power supply of the reversing lights. Activation occurs when the gearbox is switched to the position for reversing.

Front parking sensors

In the front sensors install, respectively, on the front bumper of the car. Devices start to work when braking. The driver’s vision is better in front than in the back, so two sensors are enough for normal operation.

Parking Occupancy Sensor Properly 2021

 They differ from the rear ones-it is not recommended to swap places. The front ones have an input in their design-they are easy to connect to a speed sensor. 

This is done so that when driving, when the speed exceeds, for example, 20 km / h, the parking system disables. And already during the trip, the radar will not react to surrounding objects.

How rear sensor can be common in the front?

The rear parking occupancy sensor  is easy put on the front bumper, otherwise there will be constant false alarms while driving. In addition, the ECU is not good for installation under the hood, and the wires of the rear parking sensors simply will not be enough to connect on the front hood.

The range of the rear ones is usually greater than that of the front ones; such a distance for the perception of interference will be simply excessive.

Combined parking occupancy sensor

A common set of rear and front parking sensors has a single electronic control unit; usually 6 or 8 sensors are included in the kit-4 for the rear bumper and 2 or 4 for the front one. In addition, in some systems, it is possible to install devices on the sides-in the corners. 

Beeper signals in such systems are usually tuned to different sounds, so that it is immediately clear by the sound of the beeper-a potential danger from behind or in front. In addition, there may be one screen or two displays of parking occupancy sensor .

Why combined parking sensors are considered as better one?

Combined parking radars cover the area well, they are reliable, allow safe maneuvers, but they are more expensive than conventional rear ones. Such systems are in special demand among two categories of drivers-beginners who still do not feel very well the dimensions of the car, as well as among the owners of SUVs and other cars with a high seating position.

Parking system with reversing camera

The most expensive and by far the most comfortable is the parking occupancy sensor  with a rear view camera. In such models, the display is easy to display. When choosing this option, the quality of the image is decisive, this is transmitting from the rear view camera from different viewing angles.