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Off Street Parking Solution

Solution 1: Parking Ticket Dispenser Access Control System

For hourly parker, at entry they press button to take a ticket. At exit, they pass the ticket to manual cashier for payment.

For registered parker, they prepaid and get a card. Every time they can tap card for entry and exit.

Solution 2: License Plate Recognition Parking System

License Plate Recognition technology (License Plate Recognition, LPR) is based on the computer technology, image processing technology, and the fuzzy Recognition to build the characteristics of the vehicle model, identify the vehicles’ characteristic, such as Plate, model, color, etc.

Solution 3: Long Range RFID Card Reader Parking Access Control System

Card in windshield can be detected from long distance(set 3-5 mtr) when car approaches the standalone RFID reader, then barrier open automatically.

Non-stop and hands free solution for registered parker and VIP.

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