Fast Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles is a 120KW electric vehicle charging station


What is meant by a 120KW electric vehicle charging station?

  • The newest and most technologically sophisticated charging station is a 120kW electric vehicle charging station, which gives drivers up to double the charging speed of conventional EV charging stations. These charging stations are made to charge electric vehicles rapidly, making it simpler for drivers to stay mobile and take advantage of the convenience of electric cars without waiting for lengthy charging durations. As a means to cut pollution and save money on gasoline, electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity.
  • Electric vehicles are still frequently utilized today despite being decades old. The technology behind electric automobiles is improving and becoming more widely available. Electric vehicles are an alternative to gas-powered vehicles. These EV chargers are categorized based on their power output. Electric vehicles are becoming more common as manufacturers develop their technologies. It can give more than enough power to recharge your EV batteries and has a sizable capacity quickly.

The quickest EV charging station is a 120KW electric vehicle charging station:

  • To evaluate the fastest EV charger internationally, it’s essential to understand how EV charging works. In contrast to charging rates, which are calculated in kW, the battery capacity of an electric vehicle is measured in kW. (KWh).
  • The battery in the Chevrolet Bolt has a 65 kWh capacity and can charge at a maximum rate of 55 kW, depending on the charger being utilized. There are three types of EV chargers: fast, Level 1, and Level 2. Standard wall connections offer level one charging; however, level two is frequently done at home and public charging stations. The Tesla Supercharger network is one of the few locations that offer DC quick charging.

120KW electric vehicle charging station

Benefits of a 120KW electric vehicle charging station:

This may contribute to a green reputation that keeps and draws clients and renters that uphold these ideals. As many institutions already do, offering their service for no charge can help businesses add a new dimension to their corporate identity. Around the world, electric cars are becoming more and more common. A network of EV charging stations must be established to alleviate range anxiety before electric cars become widely used. Owners and managers can use charging to entice renters with electric vehicles. A 120KW electric vehicle charging station is a visible approach to demonstrating the environmental values of a building’s or property’s management. 

  • Gas- or petrol-free:

 An electric automobile allows you to go great distances without worrying about the cost of gas or running out of fuel.

  • Simple to store: 

These stations may be easily placed in any place. This EV charging station has a high power output and can provide up to 120 kW of charging power.

  • Quickest technique: 

If you drive an electric vehicle, you should recharge the battery using the quickest manner possible.

  • Reduce air pollution: 

By providing electricity to recharge electric cars, these EV charging stations reduce air pollution.

  • Important Safety requirements have been fulfilled:

These EV charging stations completed professional testing and complied with all safety regulations. An automobile that runs on electricity is better for the environment than one that runs on gasoline. Additionally, they provide a lot more advantages. It saves money in addition to being good for the environment.

Detailed information for the 120kw electric vehicle charging stations:

The standards and conditions for a quick charging system are as follows:

  • A communication function is used to determine an automobile battery’s state of charge (SOC) and safe charging.
  • A fee for providing power automatically.
  • As soon as you can, recharge the car’s battery (within 20 min.).
  • Support for a range of battery types and car makes.
  • Undervalued working conditions with high productivity.
  • Conformity to social standards.

The following are some practical applications for 120kw electric vehicle charging stations:

  • Electric vehicles became more and more popular as more people chose them. They are utilized more rapidly and efficiently to charge electric vehicles.
  • A whole family automobile may be fully charged in just 20 minutes thanks to the 120 kw ev charging stations’tremendous power output.
  • Fast chargers are becoming increasingly widespread as electric vehicles gain popularity.
  • Access to a rapid eV charger is needed for everyone who wishes to travel. The acceptance of electric cars is growing.
  • Electric car parking is available in several public areas, including urban residential districts, retail malls, and electric commercial places.
  • This is used for various electric vehicles, such as electric automobiles, buses, and mid-buses.
  • Highways, stations, and terminals are locations where transportation is concentrated.

Why are electric vehicles gaining in popularity?

Due to its many advantages over conventional gas-powered vehicles, which buyers find more appealing, electric cars are growing in popularity. Since electric vehicles don’t have an exhaust system, they are seen as more environmentally friendly than gasoline-powered vehicles. Additionally, running expenses are reduced since electricity is more affordable than gasoline. Instead of having a longer range than gasoline-powered automobiles, electric cars may be recharged by simply plugging them into an electrical outlet. The proliferation of charging stations around the country has raised the demand for electric vehicles. These days, charging stations may be located in various public locations, including supermarkets, shopping centers, and other structures.


KINOUWELL patents the rapid charging system for electric vehicles. To satisfy the demands of current drivers, the company developed a 120KW electric vehicle charging station. For more information on this flexible billing mechanism, go to the website. The firm has been engaged in R&D and producing AC and DC chargers for new energy vehicles worldwide for a considerable time, thanks to its capability for OCPP protocol docking and global platform deployment. Our company is a top producer of parking equipment, quick electric car charging equipment, and solution providers in China. Our charging station allows EV owners to comfortably charge their vehicles without waiting for extended periods since it provides a considerably quicker charge time than traditional charging stations. The station also has cutting-edge security measures to provide a risk-free and secure charging experience.

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