About Kinouwell Parking

Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co, Ltd (Also Named Guangzhou Kino Smart Parking) is the leading manufacturer of ev charger, smart car parking equipment and also solution provider in China. Our products include: EV Charger, EV Charging Cable, DC EV Charging Station, LoRa parking lock, LoRa parking sensor, parking meter, automatic car parking management system, parking payment machine, remote control parking lock, wheel clamp,etc.


Kinouwell can provide customers with complete solutions and technical support, and has a strong product support capability. With professional R & D department, OEM and ODM services are also available for our customers. Cooperating with numerous clients globally. To solve EV charging issues for our customers empowers us to work harder with timely, effective and caring service.


When it comes to smart ev charging, car parking equipment and solution, you can rely on Kinouwell Tech’s expertise. The ev charger we supply is of profit yielding, high quality and long lasting. Kinouwell Tech can be your reliable and long term business partner.

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On Street Parking Solution

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Off Street Parking Solution

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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Airport Other Global Projects
Commercial AC EV Charger-Germany

Commercial EV Charging Station-Germany

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public electric car charging stations

Public Electric Car Charging Stations-France

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Kinouwell 5G EV Charging Station

5G Charging Station Project

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commerical ev charging solutions

Commerical EV Charging Solutions-UK

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commercial electric car charging stations

Commercial Electric Car Charging Stations

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Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Project

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Parking Management System for Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

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Parking Barrier for Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

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Self-service Kiosk for Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

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Barrier Gate for Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

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Parking Meter - Fiji Project

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Parking System - America Project

Parking System - America Project

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Parking Solution - Dubai Project

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Parking System - America Project

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Why Choose Kinouwell?

Kinouwell smart parking, serving for more than 10 years as, intelligence parking solution provider, is one of the biggest names in parking equipment manufacturers of the industry. It is the leading brand name with more than 100 technical engineers in China. We have a lot’s achievement and best performs awards in the parking system of vehicle management. We have a showroom in our building which is quite convenient for our valuable customers for visitors. Our manufacturing company covers more than 3000 square meters with all the advanced equipment and our experienced professional experts. We are doing our best to provide you with more parking facilities and developed our Lora, parking sensors, and car parking meters. Our all products are tested strictly before shipping. Our main priority is your comfort, we always prefer your car parking to smart parking solutions. We have a huge range of system products and nonsystem products.

  • Lora on-street parking system
  • Lorawan parking reservation system
  • Off-street parking system
  • Vehicle plate recognization system
  • Remote parking lock and much more.

We offer you a working demonstration of all our products, that helps you to check the liability of our products, including remote control systems to control your vehicle. We are shipping over the Globe and served for years in many countries like North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, etc. Our many customers come and visit us directly. Guangzhou International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. The whole parking system and the pieces of equipment are provided by Kinouwell smart parking with an indoor auto pay machine 100 sets, with outdoor auto paying machine 210 sets, parking access control system 300 sets. And now Kino welcomes reliable quality systems that are efficient for Globel passengers. We begin many small projects in other countries like Dubai, Malaysia, the United States, Rwanda, etc.


What is an electric vehicle charging station or EV charger?

If you have an electric vehicle then you are super lucky, because you do not need to worry about going to the gas station to refuel your vehicle. But if you are living in an area that is under construction or underdeveloped infrastructure then you do not need to go for the public electric charging station. It’s a better option to install a home EV charging station in your garage. It saves your time to go to the public EV charging station and wait for your turn. It is more convenient to charge your electric vehicle any time if you have your EV charging station. An electric vehicle charging station is generally known as EVSE ( electric vehicle supply equipment), it provides electric power to your extraordinary electric vehicle like gasoline powers a fuel-based vehicle. Keeping in view that you do not have an ordinary vehicle, your vehicle needs a proper power station. If you are going to purchase your home EV charging station then, home EV charging stations are not exactly inexpensive, but they are worth the investment.

Why buy an EV charging station?

Buying an electric vehicle is itself a good decision and gives you a lot of benefits. If you have an electric vehicle then you must have an idea of its multiple benefits, i.e. you can save millions of dollars, you do not need an oil change, you can easily repair your vehicle by plugging in it and just pressing “ download system updates” as like your any other electronic pieces of equipment, along with this you can save your environment by reducing carbon emission. Even you do not need to go to gas stations in your life. All the thing you need is to charge your vehicle. We are here to help you in this issue by providing EV charging stations, Kinouwell is the biggest name of industry that provides you EV chargers. With more than 10 years of excellent services. We have EV chargers of a wide range, like AC EV Charger, Portable EV Charger, DC EV Charging Station, EV Charger Socket, EV Charger Adapter, EV Charging Cable, etc.

You can check out the detailed features here: 7kw 32 amps EV charger, type 1 and type 2 EV charger, portable EV charger, and home EV charger. 

Get your hands over top-notch products:

Kinouwell is the largest provider and manufacture for many years, no one can beat it when it comes to the quality of products and remote control demonstration. We have a huge platform for manufacturing and displaying our all products, we have a showroom well equipped with our all products, you can easily visit by yourself, to test our quality and a wide range of all products.

Our main categories are:

EV charger, Parking payment machine/ parking meter, Lora/lorawan/433MHZ  parking sensor, Lora parking reservation lock, Parking lock, Wheel clamp, Parking Disc, Parking management system and much more.

We have a large number of options in all these categories to provide you with a huge range to select your desired product with comfortable features.

Why Kinouwell is the priority for shopping?

Kinouwell, the electric EV charger company in China, provides safe, innovative, and smart car chargers for an electric car, including all kinds of EV wall boxes, EV plugs, home EV chargers, portable EV chargers, EV charging connectors, and charging stations and much more on the market. It is the leading EV charger manufacturer and one-stop solution provider for EV Charger, 3000+ Square meter workshop,100+ professional employees, and OEM & ODM welcome. We do not stop here ever, our technical engineers are always there to create new innovative products and guides you to choose best pair for your vehicle. We deliver our products safely, and before shipping, we pass them from strict quality and performance tests. If you are still confused about finding the perfect pair of EV charging stations then contact us, we will take you there, where you go to be.