120KW OCPP DC EV Fast Charging Station is the reliable station


A 120KW OCPP DC EV charging station is what exactly?

  • An electric car may be quickly charged using a battery electric vehicle (BEV) charging station with a high output of 120 kW. Your car might be charged between 0% and 100% by an electric vehicle charger. It has a maximum output of 120kW and can be used by both plug-in hybrid and battery electric cars.
  • It is a state-of-the-art answer for the electric vehicles on the road today. It may be a power source for autos or electrical appliances due to its high power output of 120 kW. It also has an integrated battery bank to store excess power from the charger. It is suitable for both private and commercial usage.
  • It is designed to be installed both indoors and outside. It is a device that enables grid electricity to refuel your car. It is used to recharge electric vehicles. These high-power chargers are designed to provide fast charging for electric vehicles.

The following describes the performance of the 120 KW DC EV charging station:

A DC EV charging station enables a quicker charge by establishing a direct connection with the battery. They can find a station in a house, a shop, or a parking lot open to the public. The station charges the battery (DC) using a direct high-voltage current. An electric vehicle (EV) can get a rechargeable battery by connecting it to a charging station. Direct high-voltage current (DC) electricity can be used at a fast-charging station to replenish an electric vehicle’s battery quickly.

Why is having a 120 KW OCPP DC EV charging station necessary?

As there are more electric vehicles (EVs) on the road, there is a greater demand for EV charging stations that are reliable and easily accessible. Electric vehicles are getting more affordable as a result of new technology. A network of efficient and accessible charging stations is required for EVs to succeed. Nowadays, electric cars are the standard. Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common as gas-powered cars decline in popularity. In addition to being less expensive, electric cars are better for the environment. So having access to charging stations for electric vehicles is essential. A 120KW OCPP DC EV charging station is an excellent way to refuel while on vacation, camping, or even while you’re not home.

Why is it that 120 KW DC EV charging stations are so well-known?

A 120 KW DC EV charging station primarily serves to offer an effective and quick way to charge electric vehicles. There may be many charging plugs at the station, allowing for the simultaneous charging of numerous vehicles. These stations are getting increasingly well-liked as more electric vehicles are used on public roads. Because they move more swiftly, you can resume driving more quickly. Charges are provided considerably more quickly.

The characteristic of 120KW OCPP DC EV Fast Charging Station:

120KW OCPP DC EV Fast Charging Station

Modular structure: Parallel modular design, hot swapping of module parts supported, variable power combination, and easy maintenance.

  • Extreme heat removal:

Application of isolation air duct technology to increase the effectiveness of internal heat dissipation and assure operational stability.

  • Security:

With battery overcharge prevention, SOC overcharge protection, BMS data abnormal diagnosis, vehicle battery voltage abnormality detection, leakage protection, lightning protection, and other active protective features.

Create and put into service a 120 KW DC charging station for electric vehicles:

At the PowerStation, electric automobiles and trucks may be charged swiftly. Due to its huge battery and powerful motor, it is ideal for charging electric cars. Because they are less damaging to the environment than conventional gasoline or diesel automobiles, electric cars are growing in popularity. The need for electric cars grows as the globe changes (EVs). Powerful and effective EV charging facilities are becoming increasingly prevalent. If you’re seeking a quick and effective way to charge your electric car, the 120KW OCPP DC EV Fast Charging Station is a great choice.

  • Effective implementation: 

Using a DC electric car charging station has several benefits. Because DC charging is so much faster than traditional charging techniques, you can get your car back on the road more rapidly. It might charge an electric vehicle more quickly using a DC electric car charging station. Due to the better energy efficiency of DC charging stations, less energy is lost during the charging process. Compared to gas-powered cars, they are more efficient, less expensive to maintain, and more ecologically friendly.

  • Safety:

 As more electric vehicles (EVs) are on the road, there is a higher demand for trustworthy and convenient charging stations. It may be useful for EVs to establish a DC fast charging station, which can offer a rapid and simple EV charging method. Technology for electric cars has advanced. They are less expensive to operate and maintain than gas-powered cars and more ecologically friendly. It removes pollution from the environment and does not cause pollution.


An electric car charging station with a 120 kW dc output is essential if you wish to purchase one. We want to ensure everyone knows the advantages of using this 120 KW OCPP DC EV charging station for their electric vehicles. This powerful charger allows you to charge three automobiles simultaneously. Drivers may use the best electric vehicle charging stations and services from KINOWELL. We pledge to support our drivers at all times. We are committed to ensuring that your cars are maintained in top condition and that you always have access to a charging station. Our customer service team is accessible 24/7. We are dedicated to offering our customers outstanding services and have established durable business connections with several local and international clients. We provide everything you need, including extremely effective and long-lasting stations, and we use premium parts and cutting-edge production procedures to ensure the product’s quality. Our goods have received several honours. Visit our website right now to order and purchase.

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