10 Things You Need To Know About 22kw ev charger


As we have already been able to analyze in previous posts, the possibility of recharging the electric car at home 22kw ev charger is quite easy. We can place it in the garden, in a condominium parking lot or in the garage.

This is undoubtedly one of the elements that make the choice of a zero-emission vehicle convenient even from the economic point of view.

But how does home charging work? In this short article we will try to analyze it together.

Charging from the mains

It is true; it can be done, to the point that some car manufacturers only sell their cars with the charging cable. The call “Mode 2” recharging allows us to put kWh back into the batteries of our cars without making any kind of modification to our electrical system, thus guaranteeing the maximum possible economic convenience.

22kw ev charger

Safety, there are many limitations to this mode:

The stability of the connection is guaranteed by the control unit, a “box”. It is very similar to the one present on the chargers of our laptop computers. 22kw ev charger will allow a power regulation that takes away stress from the system and the car charger.

However, the electrical system is always the same, and the electrical line to which the car is connected is the same as the dishwasher, hair dryer, house lights, etc.: any failure on the system could affect the charging cable, and the control unit is the only external safety device that will protect our car

22kw ev charger Flexibility

 “Mode 2” recharging configure as a basic solution, thus limiting the possibilities available to us. It is difficult to adjust the recharging power (generally kept at minimum levels, given the presence of other devices on the system).

Firstly, check electricity consumption, and program the start of charging. All these options would still be possible if the car in our possession allows access to these settings from the dashboard.

Maximum speed and Quickness

Charging in Mode 2 generally prevents a full charge of the car overnight. The 22kw ev charger supplied with the Hyundai car with a 64 kWh battery .It allows you to charge at a maximum speed of about 2 kW. It would mean that for a recharge from 0 to 100% .It would take something like about thirty-two hours. Not exactly the ultimate in practicality.

In summary, 22kw ev charger charging can be a good way to start charging the car in the first few weeks of ownership. Further, in order to understand consumption, times, and your usage regime of your electric vehicle.

It could be a quasi-definitive solution for owners of plug-in hybrid vehicles, given the smaller size of the battery. It is not the system that guarantees the best safety of your system. For that, we need to take a step forward.

Home charging station

Firstly, recharge the electric car at home with 22kw ev charger means adding an additional, small appliance.  The charge station installs it with changes to your electrical system in order to make charging safe and compliant with European regulations.

22kw ev charger 2022

Let’s analyze its main features of 22kw ev charger.


The charging station can install both directly on the walls and on the ground supports. This is a solution of a higher level than the cable, starting with the fact.  It install with an ad-hoc switch on the electrical panel.

It means that any problems on the rest of the system will “isolate” from the line of your column. Thus  it protecting the cable and, above all, the car. Equally, any problem related to the car’s power supply will prevent it from spreading to the rest of the house.

22kw ev charger Costs

 Obviously, the addition of a switch and the preparation of the cables have a cost. The greater the more “road” the cable will have to go, or the farther away the point .Where you will install the charging station compare to the electrical panel.

It also allows you to position the station in the best position relative to your car. This time the control unit is present inside the charging station, and the 22kw ev charger takes place with the same type of cables that is used at the public charging stations located in the city.

Three phase charging station

 The charging stations have to better levels of safeties and technologies.  22kw ev charger able to manage the passage of current in a better way. It guarantees recharge at higher powers in peace. Obviously, it compatibly with the commitment of your energy supply contract.

There are single-phase and three-phase stations, in order to exert the least possible stress on the system. Generally, the charging stations reach 32 amps of current, equivalent to 7.4 kW for single-phase charging and 22 kW for three-phase charging.

22kw ev charger Technology

 A charging station is not only faster and safer: technology does its part, giving full display to the home automation potential of these devices. Many charging stations allow, for example, the regulation of the power from time to time via a mobile phone app. Every evening, before starting the recharge, you can

It is also possible to program the start time of the recharge, and even activate a function. It allows you to modulate the intensity of current uses the column on the basis of consumptions in progress. Hair dryer, washing machine and oven turned on at the same time? The column will satisfy with the crumbs.

 Charger has maximum power and fast charging.

Moreover, it is possible to check the status of the 22kw ev charger recharge session in real time, even remotely. It is possible to share a single charging station, while monitoring the consumption of each user to divide the bill in peace.

In such a context, the electric car can become a sort of energy refrigerator. Must keep inside the electricity taken directly from the photovoltaic system (or from the grid in the moments of lower cost of the supply, such as nights and holidays), and releasing it in the home installation as needed.

Highest demand for 22 charger

A real revolution and a godsend for an electricity network always at risk of overloads.  It has also a business opportunity for everyone. Who could “feed into the grid”? 22kw ev charger has energy in the bands with the highest demand against compensation from the energy manager.

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