How to use 3 phase ev charger? Best Guide 2022


Charging stations for electric vehicles

Firstly, 3 phase ev charger, charging an electric car may at first glance seem like a more convenient process than refueling a car. A couple of seconds to connect, then you can safely go about your business and a couple of seconds to disconnect. 

However, there are nuances and the most basic one is the insufficient number of municipal or public charging stations. The first thing you need to think about before purchasing an electric car is where, how and with what help the battery will charge.

Types of 3 phase ev charger for electric cars

A person far from electric vehicles understands that the plug and socket can hardly cope with charging the car. All chargers for electric cars are different. There is no single standard here, such as, for example, mini-usb for gadgets. 

Today there are 4 types of 3 phase ev charger and several types of connectors that include in the kit for chargers and electric cars:

  • Mode 1 is the weakest type that provides charging from household networks. Charging time up to 12 hours. No specialized hardware is needed, just a power outlet and an AC adapter.
  • Mode 2 is a variant of the AC charging station, also uses in everyday life. The machine is connected to the household power supply using a branded cable, which is equipped with protection against voltage surges.

Duration of the charging process

  • The duration of the3 phase ev charger charging process is up to 8 hours and uses for all types of electric vehicles. It is worth remembering that the chargers design only for European – 220 V or for the American standard – 120 V. If, for example, Nissan leaf purchase in America, then the charge will have to change to European.
  • Mode1, 3 is the most powerful mode uses in AC charging stations.
  • Mode 4 for charging stations that use direct current. These complexes have a power that can be high for a number of electric cars. However, machines that support this standard charge the battery in half an hour.

Charging station divide according to the principle of applications

  • For fix installation, floor charging station can install in open area;
  • Multi-site portable 3 phase ev charger,charging stations design for wireless charging;
  • For stationary and portable applications, it can be a wall charger for home use or a small portable one for console mounting.

3 phase ev charger, charging stations can function autonomously, and they can also network with centralized control. Happy owners of electric cars can buy a charging station for an electric car by choosing the option you need from us.

3 phase ev charger

Electric car need special attention

At present, electric vehicles, which have only recently begun to appear on our roads, are no longer a rarity. Electric vehicles are gradually replacing cars with internal combustion engines from service.

 But do not forget that the electric car requires special attention and no less careful care than its gasoline “brother”. And first of all, this concerns the 3 phase ev charger, which you can buy online on the company’s website

What are the requirements for electric vehicle chargers?

First, chargers must be safe. Therefore, when choosing, you need to pay attention to the availability of quality certificates. As well as, it is how quickly and safely the battery of an electric car charges. Secondly, the charger should be very simple.

Since an electric car is not a cheap thing to operate, the charging unit should also be fairly easy to use. Thirdly, the 3 phase ev charger charging block should not heat up when charging the battery. The charger for an electric vehicle must be able to charge the battery at low temperatures;

When choosing a charging unit, you need to pay attention to the fact that it can charge batteries with different voltages. The charger should not be hot, as this can lead to overheating of the battery and its failure.

In addition, the charging blocks must be protected against short circuits and overloads. This is especially important for those who use chargers in the country. Indeed, in this case, if one of the fuses blows, then the entire charger will fail and you will have to repair it or buy a new one.

The uses of electric vehicle 3 phase ev charger

Chargers use to charge the batteries of electric vehicles. Charging blocks, depending on the model, can be designed to charge batteries of various types, including those for Tesla. At the moment, there is chargers design for charging lithium-ion batteries.  

Eventually, the charging blocks for recharging lithium-iron-phosphate batteries. There are also chargers for nickel-cadmium batteries.

For charging, a special charger uses, which is connected to the battery terminals. The battery gets hot while charging. Depending on the selected program, the battery temperature can reach 80-90 degrees. It is not dangerous for the battery and does not require the charger to be turned off. To prevent the battery from overheating, make sure that the charger is placed on a level surface.

What is important for charging?

In general, the same as in the previous case – the average time that a visitor’s car is in your parking lot. During this time, the electric charging station should transfer about 30-50 kWh.

No one wants to stand “another five minutes” after visiting the establishment. It is also putting up super-fast stations (whose cost increases with capacity), if the average serving time in your restaurant is 30 minutes, it makes no sense – this will reduce profitability. We need a golden mean.

3 phase ev charger 2022

Which charging station should you choose?

For small roadside cafes located on the highway, and similar establishments, the best option would be fast 3 phase ev charger charging stations (DC Fast Charger) with a power of 50-100 kW. During a short lunch, any electric car will be fully charged, and the owner will leave satisfied.

But for city restaurants and cafes, AC chargers with a power of 22 kW will be enough. Firstly, a few people drive around the city with a battery discharged to zero, and secondly, it is unlikely that any of these visitors are going far.

 The average visit time to a city-type 3 phase ev charger restaurant or cafe is 60 minutes (slightly less for fast foods. Eventually, it is a little more for large and expensive places for an hour with 22kWh power. The client will receive an honest 100 km for most well-known electric car models in any weather. This is enough to get home, and to work, and return to you for a delicious dinner.

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