The perfect solution for charging EVs: 30KW small DC electric vehicle charger


What is meant by a 30KW small DC electric vehicle charger?

  • A device that can be used to recharge an electric vehicle’s battery is a30 kW small DC electric vehicle charger. It is made to provide a high-power DC to the EV battery, enabling fast charging of the car. 
  • Due to its ability to quickly charge an EV battery, this charger is frequently utilized at public charging stations or by companies with a fleet of EVs. It is crucial to remember that different electric vehicles (EVs) may require different charging methods. Thus it is crucial to confirm that the charger is compatible with the particular make and model of the EV. 
  • It is the ideal solution for individuals who need to charge their electric vehicles rapidly thanks to its cutting-edge power electronics, which provide swift and secure charging.With a variety of advantages for both commercial and residential uses, this DC Electric Car Charger is a cutting-edge electric vehicle charging solution. With a power output of up to 30 kilowatts, this charger can meet various requirements for charging electric vehicles.

30KW tiny DC electric car charger characteristics:

The following qualities are commonly included in a 30-kW small DC electric car charger:

  • The voltage at the output: 400 V DC
  • 75 A output current
  • 30 kW Charging Speed
  • Charging connectors: CHAdeMO or CCS (Combined Charging System).
  • Compatible with DC fast charging for the majority of electric vehicles
  • Size: Small and portable, with the ability to be quickly put in several locations.
  • Features that assure the safety of the charging process include overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, and other safety precautions.
  • A 30 kW DC electric car charger’s particular specs might change based on the brand and model.

Why do so many people adore them?

  • Chargers for electric cars are becoming more common as more people switch to driving them.
  • An electric vehicle may be charged up to four times faster using an electric car charger than a standard power outlet.
  • It is time to think about purchasing a 30kW charger because it can charge an EV up to 80% in less time than an hour.
  • For improved system efficiency, researchers and experts design electric vehicle charging stations’ circuits, components, and subsystems using cutting-edge techniques and approaches.

When should your automobile be recharged?

  • The time it takes for your charger to charge your EV serves as the basis for charging timings. The main finding is that different EV charging systems have different charging times. Many EV drivers claim that using quick chargers or rapid power banks has increased their sense of security.
  • These have been demonstrated to shorten the typical charging time of 20 minutes or speed up the charging process for fully charged EVs. It is now straightforward to charge individual batteries or numerous types of electric automobiles thanks to the very innovative 30K electric vehicle charger developed by Kinouwell Parking manufacturers and suppliers.
  • The 30KW small DC electric vehicle chargeris used to charge the electric vehicle’s batteries at a high Speed of 150 km/h, which is comparable to the Speed of vintage automobiles. An electric car may charge anywhere from 0% to 100% using an EV charger. The best ev charger is the most excellent way to charge your car while driving.
  • Without leaving your home, a battery may be fully charged in minutes. One of an electric vehicle’s most crucial components is a charger. Compared to other chargers, it catches the battery quicker and more effectively. You can charge your gadgets wherever you go with this electric charger.

30KW small DC electric vehicle charger

How does it operate?

Electric cars may be made in various sizes, dimensions, and styles. However, almost everyone uses this 22-volt supply to recharge their electronics. They establish the overall electrical link between your charger and the vehicle. After plugging into the charging outlet in your driveway, a few steps must be completed before your electric car may travel anywhere inside your house. 

  • Your car must be connected to the charger’s circuit to power the EV. A small hole is then cut out of your garage wall to allow the charger to hook to the EV’s charging outlet on its side. It’s time to charge and maintain your electric vehicle. 
  • An electric vehicle’s battery gets topped off with the help of a 30 kW small DC electric vehicle charger. It normally operates by converting AC electricity from the electrical grid into DC power, which is then used to charge the battery of the EV. The charger is attached to the EV via a charging connector on the car and is connected to the grid via a regular electrical socket.
  • A user interface on the charger or a smartphone app may be used to control and monitor the charging process. The charger is made to provide the battery of the electric vehicle with a certain quantity of electricity. 
  • The time it takes to charge a battery will vary depending on the battery’s size, the charger’s charging rate, and the amount of power the battery can handle at any moment.
  • The charger will keep track of the battery’s state of charge (SOC) to guarantee that the battery is charged safely and effectively during the charging process. It will then modify the charging rate as necessary. The charger will turn off automatically when the battery is fully charged, or it may transition to a “maintenance” charge mode to keep the battery in a fully charged condition. 
  • A 30-kW compact DC EV charger is a practical and effective way to recharge an EV’s battery, and it can also help the car run more smoothly and have a longer range.


Due to its capability to efficiently and swiftly charge electric vehicles, a 30KW small DC electric vehicle charger for automobiles is becoming increasingly common. These chargers are quite effective and can charge a big battery quickly. The charging process is made more effective with the help of this technology, which combines direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). Products from KINOUWELL provide the most economical way to charge your electric vehicle at home or work. Due to their convenient characteristics, these 30kw electric vehicle chargers are becoming more and more popular. Anyone may use it as soon as it is made available. As the world changes, the most recent innovations are making their way into our daily life. We can update everything and make people’s lives more intelligent than before by using modern technology more liberally.

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