Why 60kw ccs dc ev fast charger manufacturer is the best choice


What is meant by 60kw ccs dc ev fast charger?

  • For quick, simple, and effective charging of electric vehicles, the 60kW ccs dc ev fast charger is created. It is among the most potent small chargers available, and it only takes 30 minutes to charge a car fully.
  • Additionally, the Charger is incredibly simple to use and can be connected to any 120v outlet. This Charger can swiftly charge an electric vehicle, making it the ideal option for those who need to power their cars.
  • This is a fantastic way to maximize the performance of your electric vehicle and guarantee that you’ll never be stranded without a charge. The Tesla Model S is one example of an electric car that can use a charger; other examples include other electric cars with high-voltage batteries. 

What is the operation of the 60KW ccs dc ev fast charger?

This kind of Charger is intended to charge electronic gadgets more quickly than standard chargers. The Charger uses a cutting-edge innovation known as the CCS DC EV, a “charge-coupled device” up to four times faster than conventional chargers. All electric car models, even those with high voltage battery systems, may be charged quickly and conveniently with a 60KW ccs dc ev fast charger. This dc fast Charger’s small size makes it ideal for fleet and public usage, and its modular design enables an increase in charging power of up to 60KW and simultaneous service of up to two electric vehicles. 

The manufacturer of reliable 60KW ccs dc ev fast chargers is Kinouwell:

  • A notable producer of ccs dc ev fast rapid chargers for electric vehicles is Kinouwell (EVs). The business has created a distinctive, modular design that can be modified to meet various customer needs. Some of the biggest automakers in the world, including Tesla, BMW, and Volkswagen, employ its products. 
  • They use the best components to create chargers and are constructed to the highest standards. Kinouwell is a 60KWccs dc ev fast charger manufacturer that provides premium goods at affordable costs. 
  • A solid customer care team that is always on hand to assist with any queries or issues you may have is behind their products. They have gained a reputation as one of China’s top suppliers because of their extensive experience in this industry. 
  • The chargers from Kinouwell are renowned for their high caliber, sturdiness, and versatility with various gadgets. Their goods are supported by a group of professionals committed to delivering the most satisfactory customer experience, and they have a solid dedication to quality and innovation. 

Kinouwell provides premium quality of 60KW ccs dc ev fast chargers:

  • All ccs electric vehicles are compatible with the 60kW ccs dc fast Charger. Any brand of EV manufacturers from across the world can charge all-electric vehicles when the DC Charger is paired with an AC Charger. The Charger supports the next generation of electric vehicles by fusing industry standardization with cutting-edge charging technology. 
  • Performance and value are key considerations in designing our products because our goal is to promote the rapid decarbonization of the transportation system. If you are searching for a reliable supplier of chargers, then Kinouwell designed the Charger to be strong and resilient because they are the best 60KW ccs dc ev fast charger manufacturer built to last. They provide the same capabilities (or more excellent) for a small fraction of the price of leading competitors. 
  • Their clients are extremely happy with the product’s premium quality and the supplier’s customer service. The item was shipped in a secure container. They will undoubtedly make further purchases from this source. 
  • We uphold our company’s commitment to excellence, effectiveness, innovation, and honesty. With our extensive resources, cutting-edge equipment, skilled workers, and first-rate services for a 60KW ccs dc EV fast charger, we want to add more value to our clients. 
  • We sincerely wish to work with you long-term, and we’ll do everything we can to meet your needs. To assist clients in effectively achieving their goals, we offer individualized and customized services based on the requirements of each client. Accept calls and inquiries from domestic and international customers.

Merits of 60KW ccs dc ev fast charger:

  • An all-in-one charger is the Blink 60kW ccs dc ev fast Charger. They are created with serviceability and speed in mind. Depending on the model, it offers power output ranging from 140 to 500 amps. 
  • These device uses a modular design that is simple to maintain and repair, performs charging control activities, and is simple to use.
  • The all-inclusive Charger integrates the dispensers and power cabinets, significantly lowering installation and maintenance costs. They come with either CCS1 or CHAdeMO connector options and are available in single or dual cable configurations. 
  • The outstanding performance, interoperability, and serviceability of this DC Fast Charger make it stand out when connected to the Blink Network by WiFi, Ethernet, or 4G. 
  • These dc rapid chargers from Kinouwell are made to work well in a variety of environmental settings and site locations. They come with temperature sensors, an emergency stop feature, and several voltage protections, and all models are UL-approved. They are also secure and dependable. Through the use of Kinouwell solutions, they boost brand recognition and client loyalty.


The best way to charge your electric vehicle is using a 60KW ccs dc ev fast charger. Your car may receive a full charge from this Charger in 30 minutes. Additionally, the Charger is compatible with all models of electric cars. It is the lightest and most portable Charger on the market, making it simple to carry about. A user manual is included with the Charger, which is likewise quite simple. KINOUWELL is the greatest option and a top leading 60KW ccs dc ev fast charger manufacturer if you’re seeking high-quality, dependable, and reasonably priced chargers makers.

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