7 Reasons to Install a Parking Payment Machine Doha


Reasons to Install a Parking Payment Machine Doha

As a parking lot owner or a company, it is important to switch from manual parking to automated or unattended parking payment machine Doha. These machines have been becoming increasingly popular because they provide a smart parking solution to motorists. Not only the motorists, but the parking lots are also getting benefits from this modern-day parking technology. There is no need for someone to provide or collect a parking ticket at the entrance or exit. Instead, the parking payment machine does it all on its own.

Our today’s article highlights the top advantages of these machines for both motorists and marking lots. Therefore, this article will help you make your mind about installing a parking payment machine Doha in your parking lots.

Parking Payment Machine Doha

Most of the parking lots have already switched to automated parking payment machines and many others are planning for it. These machines comprise both hardware and software and there is no need for a staff member to be in the parking lot for ticketing purposes. Instead, the parking tickets are generated online and a motorist has the convenience of booking the parking slot in advance. This automated process helps in making parking procedures simple and straightforward for the motorists.

Features like automated gates and mobile apps make the parking system fast and more efficient. Due to such features, the traditional vehicle parking style has been becoming dysfunctional. More and more parking lots are moving to the latest technology. Think from a motorist’s perspective. Would you prefer to wait in line for a parking ticket or reserve your ticket ahead of time to save time? You will prefer the ease and convenience of a parking payment machine Doha instead of the traditional parking method.

On the other hand, the organizations can make the parking process fast and simple for the visitors with these machines. An additional advantage is that the organization doesn’t require extra staff to manage parking tickets at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. They will save time, extra staff salaries while making the parking process smooth and faster with these machines. Let’s take a quick look at the top 7 reasons why parking lots should switch to these machines.

1. Faster than Traditional Parking

The primary advantage that comes with these automated machines is that the parking process becomes fast and smooth. Users will save time that can be wasted on staying in the lane to get the parking ticket or when getting the change. It is the most significant benefit that parking lots and organizations can benefit from.

2. Convenience

In today’s technologically advanced world, people go for convenience in every matter. Automated parking payment machines offer great convenience to both users and organizations. A parking payment machine Doha allows users to quickly and easily make online payments from the comforts of their home, in advance. On the other hand, the organization does not need to manage their staff as required in a manual parking system. Therefore, convenience is a big advantage that comes with automated parking payment machines.

3. Saves Money in the Long Run

These machines are expensive to buy, but they prove cost-effective later on. In traditional parking, the organization needs dedicated parking staff to manage money. In an automated or unattended parking method, the machine manages the transaction itself. There will also be zero chances of mishandling and fraud. These machines use advanced technologies like smart payment gateways and parking sensors. Because there is no human intervention, there will also be no human errors.

4. Safety in Payments and Parking

An automatic parking payment machine uses cashless gateways for payments. These machines run on advanced technologies like encryption that make payment and parking secure. Therefore, parking payment machines are more secure than conventional parking systems. In addition to that, these machines ensure a hassle-free user experience with exceptional payment security. Ultimately, the organization will succeed in developing trust in the visitors.

5. Optimized Parking Solution

In traditional parking, you need a lot of time and resources. However, it is entirely different in automated parking systems. The parking payment machine Doha helps in filling up space quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the organization can ensure less time, resources, and effort for the users.

6. Less Pollution

Mismanagement is one of the most common issues in manual parking lots. Congestion usually happens due to the overflow of the traffic when drivers are looking for the parking areas. Manual search for parking burns a lot of fossil fuels, resulting in air pollution. On the other hand, we can reduce the drive time by booking the parking ticket online, ahead of time. It significantly reduces air pollution, which is another reason why these machines are becoming increasingly popular.

7. Better Brand Image

This is a competitive world where all organizations are trying to be the number one choice of their customers. To achieve this, every organization needs to build a solid brand image. Therefore, you need to be one step ahead of your competitors in all aspects of your business. These automatic parking payment machines have become a necessity of every parking lot due to the convenience and other benefits they offer. Ultimately, it helps in building a better brand image of the organization.

How an Unattended Parking Payment Machine Work?

Normally, these machines are operated with mobile applications. As a user, you simply need to complete the registration process through a mobile app. After completing the registration process, you just need to look for the available parking garages around. Once you have found the nearest available parking lot, you can reserve your parking ticket using the app.

During the parking ticket reservation process, you will have to choose the duration of parking. These machines accept different payment modes, including credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, QR-code scanning, RFID, and NFC, etc. After completing the online booking process, the user will get a confirmation message. Automated parking payment systems also remind a user when their parking duration is going to end. The user also has the option to extend the parking session using the app.

parking eye payment machine not working


Automated parking payment machines are replacing the old manual parking methods across the world. A parking payment machine Doha is a straightforward parking solution and the cashless payment gateways make parking and payments secure. These machines are proving beneficial for both users and organizations.

For more details about automated parking payment machines, you can contact us, anytime.

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