How to obtain more power with 7kw car charger?


7kw car charger
With the normalization of electric cars and their charging, this question arises: what is the best way to charge our electric car at home? What are the various speeds we can achieve? How to better understand the various types of loading? The simple answer is 7kw car charger.

We will answer these questions.

 Charging in the traditional socket:

The equation to understand the charging power that we have in our house is always the same: A (adapter amps) x Volts (a normal European socket is around 230 Volts). Putting this practically, a 10 A adapter and a 230 Volt socket give us a power of 2300 watts. This translates to 2.3kW.

With the purchase of almost all electrical appliances, we are provided with a charging cable, with 10 A, in our “traditional” sockets. This charging can be somewhat slow due to the fixed speed of about 230 V of power. If we have a 40kW battery it would take us 20 hours from 0% to 100% with a fixed speed of 2.3kW. We need 7kw car charger.

Pay attention to the sockets we choose. In older installations, it is important to check that we have all the safety conditions (for example, ground wire) for charging our cars.

 Portable 7kw car charger:

With this type of 16 A chargers, we can reach a speed of 3.7kW (16 A x 2 3 0 V = 3680 watts = 3.68 kW). This significantly shortens the charging time from 20h to 12h. However, it is necessary to verify that our electrical network sustains a constant charge of 16 A for several hours without overloading.

There are some types of chargers, such as Charge Amps Ray, that are capable of varying the intensity from 6 to 16 A automatically while charging to avoid overheating.

How to obtain more power with 7kw car charger?

To obtain more power in charging, it is mandatory to visit a specialist to install a dedicated electrical circuit. It can exceed 16 A. You can use 7kw car charger.

If you talk to non-electric vehicle drivers, many will say that the biggest thing holding back electric vehicle adoption is the lack of electric vehicle charging stations. With today’s infrastructure, you can’t always connect whenever and wherever you want. The fear of not being able to charge can stop people -and organizations – from buying electric vehicles to drive on a daily basis.

Variable prices, separate parking fees and limited access times can further complicate EV charging. However, driving an electric car doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

2     Guide overview for best charger selection

In this guide on charging electric vehicles, we’ll cover the basics. From the different things you need to enable charging at home or at the gas station. Moreover, how to maintain your vehicle’s charge while on the go? We will also see how long it takes to charge the EV via 7kw car charger and how much it costs.

You can get the most out of electric driving when you have:

  • Plug for charging at home or at work
  • Public EV billing account
  • Good understanding of vehicle usage
  • Clear idea of ​​cost and time required to charge

EVs make the most sense when fuel costs (ie charging) remain low and access is convenient.

 The advantages of purchasing an electric car are many and consensual. However, there are some doubts that inhibit some consumers from proceeding with the purchase, namely issues related to vehicle charging.

Know that in addition to the network of fast charging stations being increasingly comprehensive and reliable, you can even install a charging station in a private condominium. So you can charge your electric car in the comfort of your own home using 7kw car charger.

How to install a charging station in a condominium?

In fact, to install a charging station in a condominium, it is sufficient to inform the condominium administration of your intention in writing. After the administrator’s agreement, you can proceed with the installation by a company duly certified for this purpose.

The main advantages of electric cars

Silent engines

– Thanks to the absence of several parts present in conventional engines, the elimination of combustion noise and, above all, the absence of the exhaust system, electric vehicles allow a much quieter driving.

Engine Efficiency

– Electric vehicles are far more efficient than any gasoline car. Since they use between 0.1 to 0.23 kw/h per kilometer, while the average consumption of a gasoline vehicle is 0.98 kw/h per kilometer. For best efficiency you can use 7kw car charger.

Usage Costs

7kw car charger 2022

– Electric cars have much lower costs. In fact, the cost of electric energy consumed by an electric car corresponds to about one third of the value of the cost of fuel used by a gasoline vehicle for the same distance traveled under the same conditions of use.

Maintenance costs of electric vehicles

– Since an electric car does not need the usual oil changes and requires fewer inspections, maintenance costs are much lower.


– This is one of the main advantages of electric cars vs gasoline cars. Electric vehicles are the only 100% Zero-Emissions solution in terms of noise, greenhouse gases and pollutants.


– The experience of driving an electric car is quite pleasant and practical, since, as they are automatic, there are no worries about the clutch or the gearbox.

The performance of electric vehicles is guaranteed by the fact that the torque of the engines is constant.

Regenerative braking

– The electric car engine has the possibility of functioning as a generator that produces energy used to recharge the batteries. That is, the engine works in a circular fashion, in which the vehicle itself generates energy for itself.

Tax breaks

– Thanks to the environmental advantages they offer, electric vehicles are supported by governments through tax incentives, namely in terms of tax reductions and purchase support.

We hope this article has helped you. However, if you need further clarification on buying 7kw car charger, you can refer to Kinouwell Parking.

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