How to increase my parking revenue–Ticket dispenser carpark access control system


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Parking revenue access control system is to manage the access in and out of a parking facility to generate parking revenue; There are 2 tyeps of users, hourly user and registered user. They pay based on parking duration. We Kinouwell Technology is the professional manufacturer of this smart car parking equipment.


Hourly user

A user who pays for parking on hours or half an hour.. Hourly user typically pay for the amount of time used versus a set period of time to park like monthly.


Registered user

The registered user, after payment for the month(or season or yearly) or free pay for VIP,they are pre-registered in the parking system software, with card No., plate No. card valid period, user name, etc. . Then they can go in and out with is permit card. For registered user, there are another type of card, that is long range RFID card, which can be stucked in windshield. The card can be detected from long distance of 3-5mtr, then barrier gate open automatically. This is non stop parking system for registered user.


Feature of Kinouwell parking management system

  • Modern design, heavy duty, outdoor use. Modern and elegant design, 2.5mm thickness cold rolled steel, heavy duty use. Protection class IP65, waterproof.
  • Unmanned entry and exit, labor reduced. Parking management system can realize unmanned entry and exit, low manpower is required for parking management, then lots of labor and cost can be saved.
  • One card one vehicle. At entry each car is issued a card, and before that car exit, the card cannot be used for access to ensure smooth and effective parking managment .
  • Easy system operation and free maintenance. Parking software is designed to be user-friendly and easy operation, and free of maintenance, which can save manager a lot of trouble and time.
  • Vehicle security is ensured. All the vehicle entry and exit time is recorded at system automatically. Added camera at entry and exit, parking attendant can contrast the entry and exit vehicle picture and driver face in software interface to ensure vehicle security.
  • Powerful parking collection report. Backend software supports parking collection of different time and time zone and other parking data query and report is created, which greatly improve the effectiveness of parking management.
  • Support off line running if local network or pc is down. If local network or PC is down, the entry and exit machine can run independently. And the data stored in entry and exit machine will be automatically uploaded to a computer if connected
  • Automatic Barrier gate anti-collision.Working with vehicle detector, during the falling down of barrier gate, when it detects the coming vehicle, the barrier will bounce back instead of hitting vehicle.
  • Full parking space detection.Parking staff can input total parking space in software, when the space is full, it will prompt message in computer that the parking is full.


Components of Kinouwell car parking management system

  • Entry station. It is usually RFID card or barcode ticket dispenser installed at entry station, or long range RFID card reader.
  • Entry and exit barrier gate. Connecting to entry or exit station and loop detector, it can open or close automatically.
  • Exit station. It is usually card/barcode ticket verification with card reader built in, or long range RFID card reader.
  • Parking management software/pc. Toll station software 1) the toll staffs log in, operate and charge the parking fee .2) the toll staffs can set equipment which needs management. 3) the toll staff can check the current paid up amount records
  •  Optional items.  Camera for vehicle picture capture, fee display, available space display.


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