Advantages of Colma Bart Parking Payment Machines


Importance of Colma Bart Parking Payment Machines

The entire world is going through a digitalization phase. With it, people are looking for ease and convenience in every task they have to perform. Thanks to the advancement in technology, we can now perform most of our tasks easily without any hassles. Automatic parking payment machines are one example of modern-day technology that has brought convenience for motorists. Colma Bart station is one of the busiest stations in California. It is surrounded by shopping areas and residential neighborhoods. Due to a huge number of visitors visiting this station daily, modern-day Colma Bart parking payment machines are now in place.

Colma Bart parking payment machines

This article discusses the convenience that Colma Bart station visitors are now having after the installation of contactless parking machines. We will share some top benefits of these machines in this article. It will help you understand why parking facilities should use these machines in their parking lots.

Benefits of Colma Bart Parking Payment Machines

Colma Bart Station is one of the busiest stations in the unincorporated northern San Mateo County in California. Therefore, you should expect a huge number of motorists to find parking spots in the parking area of the station. Motorists are enjoying a lot of convenience with the introduction of contactless or unattended Colma Bart parking payment machines. Take a look at the following benefits of these machines.

1. Saves a Lot of Time

Before unattended parking payment machines in the Colma Bart Station parking lot, people had to wait in extended lines. Often, people are not able to get a parking spot just because the lines are so long. It was because of the slow manual parking ticketing process as humans can’t be faster than machines.

With the installation of automated or unattended parking payment machines, the process has become faster than before. It is now much less time-consuming as you can book your parking spot at the Colma Bart Station anytime from anywhere. It offers the convenience of advanced online booking. Therefore, the motorists can save a lot of time just because of the new Colma Bart parking payment machines.

2. Contactless Parking Ticket Purchasing

Keeping in mind the global COVID19 epidemic, people are now very concerned about hygiene. They want to avoid touching anything in the public areas, such as receipts or notes that may transfer infection.

These unattended parking payment machines operate automatically, so there is no chance of getting the infection through these machines. No one is going to touch the machine to get a parking ticket, which is a great advantage during this pandemic time.

On the other hand, receiving receipts from a staff member can transfer infection if they are carrying the virus. Therefore, contactless parking payment machines are the safest machines to use in parking lots, especially during this pandemic time.

3. Convenience

Convenience or ease-of-use is one of the top advantages that the visitors are enjoying after the installation of Colma Bart parking payment machines. It is now possible to buy parking tickets online from the comforts of your home.

Therefore, you would know your parking spot ahead of time and you will conveniently park your car after reaching the Colma Bart station parking lot.

4. Modify Time Limit

Another benefit of the installation of these unattended parking payment machines at Colma Bart Station is that you can update your time limit. When the limit is about to end, you will get a notification through a text message.

Because you have the ease of purchasing an online ticket, so you can also extend your time limit before it ends. Just go online to extend the time limit as per your requirement in a quick manner. This is a convenience that is not available with a traditional parking payment mechanism.

Benefits for Parking Lot Facility

Unattended or automated parking payment machines also offer great benefits for the parking lot facility and owners. Therefore, parking lot facilities and owners should also get benefit from this latest technology. Here are the top advantages that you can get with these unattended machines as a parking facility owner:

Reduced Costs

Installation of these parking payment machines is surely an expensive thing upfront. However, these machines prove cost-effective in the long run. First of all, there is no need for a staff member to operate the machine which saves overhead costs.

Apart from that, the seamless experience of the customers will build customer loyalty. Therefore, the business will have more customers in the future with fewer costs and more profits.

Better Brand Image

Brand image means a lot in today’s competitive world. An automated or unattended parking lot payment machine is not only beneficial for the visitors but also helps in building a better brand image.

More and more facilities are now moving to unattended parking payment machines to ensure a seamless ticket purchasing process. It helps the customers save money and time, ultimately improving the credibility of the brand among the customers.

The installation of Colma Bart parking payment machines did the same thing as the visitors or motorists are now feeling happier with this new solution. Therefore, if you are running a parking lot facility, you can also get benefit from these automated machines to build a solid brand image.

Therefore, automated parking payment machines are beneficial for both visitors and parking facility owners. Several types of parking payment machines are available in the market with different features.

When buying these machines for your facility, make sure you are buying a high-quality machine with all the necessary features. Only buy top-quality parking lot machines from manufacturers, like Kinouwell Parking Machines and other top brands.

Colma Bart parking payment machines


There is no doubt that automated parking payment solutions have brought massive ease and comfort to both motorists and parking facilities.

These machines save customers’ time while providing an easy way of parking their vehicles at the Colma Bart Station parking lot. Motorists can reserve their parking spots ahead of time through online ticket purchasing, and can also update their time limit online before it ends.

Therefore, all parking facilities should follow the Colma Bart parking payment machines concept for a better user experience and build an improved brand image.

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