How to find best Chinese ev Charging Companies?


An electric car is environmentally friendly and its purchase benefits from incentives. But it’s also still an expensive purchase, so before choosing, Chinese ev charging companies you need to look at the advantages and disadvantages.

best Chinese ev Charging Companies

What are the advantages of having an electric car?

From reducing CO2 emissions, to reducing the cost per km traveled or improving the vehicle’s response performance, there are many advantages that a 100% electric car offers

There is an undeniable advantage in choosing an electric vehicle. As soon as you exchange a car with an engine powered by fossil fuels (gasoline, diesel, gas) for a car powered by electricity, you can be sure you are contributing to a cleaner planet with the help of Chinese ev Charging Companies.

Are there tax incentives?

The State encourages the purchase of electric vehicles, as they are an environmentally favorable option. There are currently the following benefits:

What is the environmental impact?

In environmental terms, a 100% electric car guarantees that it does not produce CO2 emissions while driving, unlike conventional cars. Even if the electricity used is produced from a fossil source, the electric car gains in environmental performance.

Let’s do the math: Electric or traditional?

In terms of initial investment, a conventional car is still cheaper. However, there are already models of electric cars with prices below 30 thousand euros, and the values ​​tend to become more and more attractive. In daily consumption of Chinese ev Charging Companies, the electric car also wins: an electric car consumes around €2 per 100 kilometers; the diesel and petrol options consume at least €7 and €10, respectively.

Another advantage of Chinese ev Charging Companies is the low cost of use: while a gasoline vehicle requires an expense of at least €10 per 100 km (a diesel costs an average of €7; on gas, the cost is around 5€), an electric-powered car performs the same 100 kms for around 2€.

Partnership between several car brands and Chinese ev Charging Companies

 Furthermore, in Portugal, a partnership between several car brands and EDP allows those who purchase a tram in 2017 and join an electric mobility plan to deduct the cost of charging 15,000 kilometers, calculated at €400, on their bills. power. The initiative is only available to the first 500 drivers to sign up.

For those who like speedy driving, any tram, even with a low top speed, is a dream. And, taking advantage of the fact that you have all the power and torque available as soon as you hit the accelerator, hardly any other car can beat you at any starting goal.

Maintenance expenses for Chinese ev Charging Companies

On urban circuits, Chinese ev Charging Companies are ideal for a car of this kind. In addition, the usual stop-start, which in fossil fuel cars inflates consumption, helps to regenerate energy through braking and, in some cases, deceleration.

Maintenance expenses for electric vehicles are lower when compared to combustion vehicles, mainly due to the lower complexity and fewer components associated with electric motors. Some of the periodic inspections that are usual in a combustion vehicle are no longer necessary.
best Chinese ev Charging Companies 2021

Reduces noise pollution and increases the levels of pleasantness

Finally, there is a detail that can be on the side of the pros or cons: the absence of noise. If, on the one hand, this feature reduces noise pollution and increases the levels of pleasantness for those who drive, on the other, it requires extra attention. Is that both pedestrians and other drivers cannot use the sense of hearing to predict the approach of an electric car.

When we analyze the possibility of buying an electric vehicle, one of the questions that plagues us is “where will I charge the car battery”? A few years ago, the answer to this question had the capacity to generate more doubts than certainties. The Chinese ev Charging Companies have evolved and currently there are several solutions.

Where can you load your vehicle?

The positive part of having an electric vehicle is that you can charge it at home or even in your condominium, if you have that possibility. Chinese ev Charging Companies offers great comfort to the user of an electric vehicle because it charges its battery while you are at home.

 and you can leave for work the next day with more than enough autonomy without having to spend time traveling to a pump fuel or charging station.

Chinese ev Charging Companies Offer as a convenience

If you can’t enjoy home charging: don’t worry! In USA, there are already more than 2,000 public charging points. The charging points that some establishments (such as hypermarkets or forums) are beginning to offer as a convenience to their customers.

You can check all Chinese ev Charging Companies stations on miio ( iOS , Android , Web ). Just install the application and a map will immediately appear with all available stations around you . You can also know the price of these stations, their exact location, their availability and much more information.

To make use of public charging stations, you have two options:

  • Have a physical card, from an Energy Trader for Electric Mobility (CEME), to start and stop charging;
  • Use an application, such as miio, to charge and pay without the need for this card;
  • You can also compare all Energy Dealers on the market at miio, in order to choose and use the one that suits you best.

Charging Companies stations in USA

Within these more than 2,000 Chinese ev Charging Companies stations , we have:

  • Normal Charging Stations (PCN)
  • Fast Charging Stations (PCR) and
  • Ultra Fast Charging Stations (PCUR)

 Depending on your vehicle, you will be able to charge at different speeds.

 It may seem confusing at an early stage. If you use miio you will always know how long your vehicle will take to charge:

  1. the price
  2. the energy consumed
  3. the battery percentage

You will even be automatically notified if your charging is finished. Moreover, it allows you to remove your vehicle from the station.

Conclusion Chinese ev Charging Companies

If a user purchases from Chinese ev Charging Companies, he can charge a PCN with a maximum power of 22 kW. It means that in an hour the vehicle will charge 22 kWh. This speed is possible because the vehicle’s internal charger is three-phase.

If the user chooses a Nissan Leaf 40kWh, he will only be able to charge 6.6 kWh on a PCN. This means that in an hour the vehicle will charge 6.6 kWh. The vehicle’s internal charger is single-phase and limits the charging speed.

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