10 Tips to Choose Best Electric Car Charger in 2022


Discover 10 tips to increase the range of an electric car

In recent years the degree of autonomy of electric vehicles has increased considerably. However, some still have reservations. To help the undecided, we bring you some tips to understand best electric car charger.

Best Electric Car Charger

Are we going to increase the autonomy of your electric car?

If less than 20 years ago, electric cars did not go much further than 100 km per charge, today they already reach more than 400 km of autonomy.

However, autonomy limitations, the time spent charging and the scarcity of public charging stations continue to worry consumers and are an obstacle to the purchase of this much more environmentally friendly vehicle.

As we are focused on the needs of our customers, we bring you some tips to increase the range of an electric car.

Smooth driving with best electric car charger

As with gasoline or diesel vehicles, the more aggressive the driving, the more fuel or, in this case, electrical energy is consumed and the fewer kilometers are covered.

Aggressive, full-throttle driving is often appealing as it allows you to take advantage of torque immediately. However, this means shortening the period between loads.

Take your foot off the accelerator

Whenever possible, travel at speeds below 100 km/h as, as with petrol or diesel cars, this attitude increases the vehicles’ autonomy. For this, you can use best electric car charger.

If you don’t believe it, we can tell you that according to a study carried out by the US Department of Energy, by reducing the average speed by just 16 km/h, it is possible to increase the range of an electric vehicle by about 14% .

“Eco” is cool with best electric car charger

If you bet on best electric car charger with several driving modes, choose the “Eco” mode instead of the “Sport”. The loss of acceleration and performance is compensated by the autonomy. Think about how many times you will have your car plugged in and how much good you are doing to the environment.

Make the most of regenerative braking

Electric vehicles integrate a regenerative braking system to recover energy. Using it is one of the most effective tips to increase the range of an electric car.

Whenever you have to stop, do so using the regenerative braking system instead of conventional brakes.

In addition, there are electric cars that allow the adjustment of the regenerative braking system setup. This allows energy regeneration to be enhanced. Often, with this measure it is even possible to compensate for the energy spent on start-ups. We will refer to best electric car charger.

Attention to air conditioning

Turning on the air conditioning means significantly increasing energy consumption. Therefore, we advise you to open the windows whenever you drive at lower speeds.

When driving at higher speeds, open windows end up being harmful by impacting the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

You can also cool the cabin even before you start your journey by turning on the air conditioning while charging the battery.

Optimize vehicle heating via best electric car charger

Similar to what happens with air conditioning, heating the cabin of an electric vehicle implies a considerable expense in battery charge. Therefore, if possible, choose to turn on only the seat and steering wheel heating, as these heaters do not use as much energy.

If this is not possible, try to preheat the vehicle while it is charging so as not to consume energy while driving. Pay attention to best electric car charger.

Pay attention to the weight on board

Eliminate all superfluous objects that you have inside your car. Incredible as it may seem, this measure can contribute to increasing the vehicle’s range by between 1% and 2%.

Check the tires

Regularly check the tire pressure and make sure it always complies with the manufacturer’s instructions. This is because pressure that is too low increases energy consumption considerably.

Charge the battery properly

There are those who choose to keep the battery charged whenever the vehicle is in the garage. This is a mistake because, in most cases, electric vehicles tend to discharge slowly once charging is complete. Always buy best electric car charger.

In order to prolong the average battery life and guarantee consumption optimization, it is best to ensure that charging ends just before the start of your trip.

Best Electric Car Charger 2022

Respect the aerodynamics

Respect the excellent aerodynamics that electric cars present, not harming it with the installation of elements such as roof bars.

We hope that these 10 tips to increase the range of an electric car are useful. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

With the current generation of electric vehicles around 320km of autonomy on a single charge, so-called autonomy anxiety is less of a factor to consider. Still, you should make sure that the range of the model in question is, at the very least, sufficient for your daily commute and weekend activities.

 It is worth overestimating your needs in relation to the estimated range of an EV as the range varies depending on the type of driving and road.

Range of best electric car charger

It ends up spending more autonomy on the highway than in cities. You also have to know that range varies depending on cold weather, heating usage, AC, etc.

Research conducted by the AAA found that when the temperature drops to 7°C and the vehicle’s heater is in use, the range of an average EV drops by 41%. In summer there is also a loss of autonomy, an average of 17% with the air conditioning running.

2. Does the vehicle meet my needs?

As with any type of vehicle, you’ll want to do some research to make sure the electric car you’re considering is spacious enough inside for you and your family? Make sure there is enough cargo space for weekly groceries, sports equipment or prams.

Choose a template that fits your budget and include all the features you need. And always does a complete test drive to see if it’s to your liking, if it’s comfortable and if you find it easy to drive.

3. Where and how can I charge my vehicle?

While the number of public charging stations is growing, it is much more convenient – ​​not to mention cheaper – to charge an EV at home.

 You can simply plug the vehicle into a standard 110-volt outlet for a so-called level 1 charge, but it can take anywhere from eight to nearly 24 hours. The best option would be best electric car charger.

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