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Best Electric Car Home Charger
Electric cars are the most popular means of transportation today. This vehicle has many outstanding advantages, diverse in purposes of use. However, not everyone knows how to use the car for a long life. Charging an electric car with best electric car home charger is a simple job, but it affects the life of the battery and causes a lot of repair costs. The following article will help you learn more about this issue.

Some electric car charger specifications you should know

Discharge control parameters must be compatible with the battery charge curve; the battery backup must be adequate:

  • electric car charger
  • Car charger must have full cathode, anode and pulse circuit.

There must be an automatic temperature compensation function, based on each different temperature to promptly adjust the voltage and ensure the battery charges fully. You can try best electric car home charger.

Ensure balanced charging function, prevent inconsistency between battery voltages, and maintain the consistency of battery usage.

Also ensure the normal operation of:

  • Reverse polarity
  • Short circuit
  • Over current
  • Overvoltage
  • Overheat protection and no overload

Specifications of standard float voltage and charger current:

– The 48V-12AH charger has a standard float voltage of 58.8V. Charging current is from 1.7 to 2A.

– 48V-20AH charger with standard float voltage of 58.8V, charging current from 2.7 to 3A

– 60V-20AH charger with standard float voltage of 73.5V, charging current from 2.7 to 3A

What trends and improvements in electric car stations are common today?

Currently used electric car charging technology includes:

  • Two-way charging technology
  • electric car charger

Bidirectional Chargers technology with the form of current flowing in two directions:

1 from the national grid about the vehicle’s battery

2 is from cars to the national grid

This technology was developed with the aim of turning electric cars into both a device that consumes electricity and can provide electricity when needed. Two-way charging has special features:

It is possible to allow energy stored in car batteries to power a house/building (V2H/V2B). Also it sends back to the grid (V2G).

This technology evaluates with potential and is being tested in many regional countries such as North America, UK, Japan or Denmark…

Wireless best electric car home charger technology

Wireless charging technology (Wireless Power) is being researched and applied to electric cars on a large scale. Thanks to that, the car can be charged when parked in many different locations instead of having to plug it directly into an electrical outlet. This charging technology principle uses inductive panels installed on roads.

High speed best electric car home charger

To reduce waiting times, manufacturers have been deploying fast charging stations for electric vehicles. With this technology, car owners can fully charge the car in just 20 – 60 minutes. In the future, the researchers also want to reduce the charging time to about 10 minutes.

At these stations, customers can quickly charge their electric vehicles with a capacity of up to 60kW in just 20 minutes and allow a distance of 120km.

Portable charger

This project comes by a number of startup companies and built energy storage for vehicles. It acts as a backup battery. Companies in the China are developing best electric car home charger with high speed and capacity, meeting all the needs of electric vehicles for people.

Electric car charging service

Many units are starting to provide electric vehicle charging services for a fee, applicable to customers who do not have a garage or charging station near their home. In order to perform this service, companies will send employees to customers’ homes to bring cars to charge and then return them the next morning.

Battery exchange

Battery exchange is a form of car owners going to a power station to exchange for live Lithium batteries and return the dead batteries. This method applies to battery-powered cars. This is a convenient method for many car users.

Best Electric Car Home Charger 2022

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Notes to properly charge electric cars to help them last for a long time

In electric car parts, the battery is an important part that affects the life and distance of the vehicle. Take note of the following to properly charge an electric car:

Electric car charger

Usually, each electric car charger is designed with 2 jacks. To limit the occurrence of electrical surges and affect the life of the battery, you should connect the jack to the power source before connecting to the battery.

Use the charger according to the manufacturer’s recommendations: The charger must have a capacity compatible with the capacity that the vehicle battery is using.

When buying a new electric car, you should charge it for 10 hours for the first time. Next time charging, you charge about 5 to 8 hours until the indicator light of the charger turns green. For this you can use best electric car home charger.

To properly charge an electric car, you need to pay attention to the environment when charging.

– Do not charge the car in hot, hot places; avoid charging at temperatures exceeding 49 degrees Celsius.

– Only charge the car in a dry environment, the temperature is from 0-35 degrees Celsius.

Do not let the battery run out before charging, but should charge when the battery has more than ¼.

In case the car is not used for a long time, you should charge the car battery at least once a month.

To properly charge an electric car:

When you first buy an electric motorbike or when you just replace the battery, you should not use it immediately, but should fully charge it. Although there is still electricity in the car, due to the short operating time, the engine has not been turned on and the battery is still young.

Therefore, you should charge at least 6 more hours for electric scooters with batteries and 10 hours for cars using batteries. This is to start the engines inside the car and help the battery age.

Make sure to charge at the specified time

To ensure the life of the battery, you should adhere to best electric car home charger, limit plugging in and then quickly pulling out. This is also one of the reasons why the battery is badly affected and the battery is not fully charged or easily short of electricity.

 Therefore, please charge your electric vehicle properly according to the allotted time so that it can operate and increase the life of your vehicle.

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