Which are the best car charging station companies?


How an electric car charges?

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car charging station companies

Basically, a car charging station companies the same way as refueling a combustion engine. Stop engine Register/authorize: Via app, with a charging card or in the online portal (you can access this via the QR code on the charging station).Open the cover, connect the car and the charging station (either with your own cable. As well as,, the cable plug into the charging station first .

Start charging online in the app

When the desire charge level reaches, stop charging and log off (when fully charge, the vehicle stops automatically) Disconnect the connection between the charging station and the vehicle (first pull the plug on the vehicle)

What are the differences of engine on and off?

But there are also a few differences. They start with the placement of the “tank cap”. Some e-cars have it on the back side as usual, but others like the Nissan Leaf on the snout. Car charging station companies can provide you best solutions. Further, the fuel pump into the tank is always permanently install with the charging station and fits every car.

The cable can be present at charging stations for electric cars, but there are also variants. You charge with your own cable. You don’t have to worry about that .Every E-model deliver with a suitable cable and there are adapter cables for different connector systems.

You just have to be aware that you also need it on the road and not just at home. So: Always have the charging cable with you! Description of how an e-car charges at car car charging station companies?

What do you need to charge an electric car at home?

To charge an e-car at home, you basically only need a socket and a suitable charging cable. But be careful: The common sockets and power cables are not actually designed to have to deliver so much power over several hours.


In the least critical case, the fuse blows when the socket is overloaded. At worst, it will scorch and/or cause a cable fire. Example Tesla: The connection of the charging cable of a Tesla Roadster has a temperature of 50 degrees after 15 minutes.

 If the cable isn’t long enough and you connect an extension cable, temperatures will occur within 15 minutes that will melt plastic and burn you if you touch it.

The safer – and faster – alternative is to rely on special loading devices at car charging station companies. As a rule, these are so-call “wall boxes” (because the charging box usually mount on the wall) of various sizes and shapes.

Many vehicle manufacturers now offer their own models for their e-models. But there are also many independent manufacturers with very good quality hardware.

Installation time of car charging station

During installation, the technician checks the incoming lines to see whether they can withstand the load. So, that there is no danger from this side either. Upstream protection systems such as a circuit breaker and residual current circuit breaker ensure good wall boxes also for maximum security.

In addition, they only start the charging process when the charging cable has plug in correctly and the vehicle and wall box have identified each other.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car at home?

Electric cars mostly charge at home when they are left uncommon in the garage in the evening. How much that costs depends on two factors: the price in the electricity contract and how many kilowatt hours (kWh) your own electric vehicle consumes for 100 kilometers.

As a rule, the power connection in the garage runs along with the normal house electricity. On average, it costs 30 cents per kWh*. If you calculate this further and take the Renault Zoe, the most frequently sold electric car in 2017, as an example, charging an electric car at home costs 6.09 Euros for 100 kilometers.

The Zoe consumes 20.3 kWh per 100 kilometers.  You would pay 4.08 Euros for the BMW i3  (13.6kWh/100km)  , for thee-Golf  (12.7 kWh/100km) cheap  3.81 Euros . For comparison: For a Golf VII, 1.4 TSI, 122 hp, with an average consumption of 6 liters, you currently pay more than 8 Euros per 100 kilometers (petrol price: 1.39 Euros/liter).

Which are the best car charging station companies?

Wall boxes work with alternating current (AC) and are available with different charging capacities. The most common for homes is 11 kilowatts (kW). It is sufficient to fully charge a suitable electric model in just a few hours.

In addition to mounting on the wall, common wall box models can also mount on steles and are waterproof and weatherproof. They are also suitable for carports and outdoor parking spaces. The only requirements are a power connection and a stable wall or a solid base.

How much does it cost to charge e-cars on the go?

How do you actually know how much it costs to recharge at on the go? The usual gas stations announce their prices with huge display boards that are visible from afar.  Car charging station companies on the other hand, usually have no price display, not even a tiny one. This is because the charging of electric cars is usually control digitally.

As an e-car driver, you look for one or more providers for on the go. Who usually, indicate in their apps or on their websites where their charging stations can be found? To use the stations, you can use this app or get a charging card (“RFID card”) from the provider.

The price for car charging station companies at the provider’s own stations contractually fix – as an e-mobility user, you know in advance how much it will cost to recharge there.

Spontaneously charge? Sure, ad hoc!

And what happens if you end up a car charge at car charging station. Where you cannot use your own charging card despite roaming etc.? Very simple: You can still load. In Germany, it is a legal requirement that so-call “ad hoc charging” (in other words “spontaneous” charging) .It must also possible at each charging station. This usually requires a Smartphone and a credit card.

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