A comprehensive review of ccs charger


Introduction to ccs charger:

  • A CCS (Combined Charging System) charger that complies with the CCS standard is an electric vehicle (EV) charger. Major automakers and providers of charging infrastructure collaborated to develop the CCS standard as an all-encompassing charging protocol for electric vehicles. The CCS charger gives EV drivers a flexible option because it enables both alternating current and direct current charging.
  • The CCS Combo 1 and CCS Combo 2 connections are the two different connectors available for the CCS charger. In North America, the CCS Combo 1 connection is used, but the CCS Combo 2 connector is utilized across the rest of the globe. Two extra pins on each connection allow for DC charging.
  • This charger enables quick charging of electric vehicles with a maximum power output of 350 kW. For instance, a CCS chargercan charge a Tesla Model S from 0% to 80% in approximately 30 minutes. Depending on the vehicle’s battery capacity and the charging speed that it can sustain, the actual charging time may change.
  • This charger may be put in several places, including buildings like residences and companies and public charging stations. Public charging stations have a maximum power output of 350 kW, whereas home charging stations normally have a power output of 7 kW to 22 kW. The charger’s power output and the maximum charging rate that the car can handle determine how quickly batteries charge.

ccs charger

The CCS charger supports two types of charging:

Both DC fast charging and AC charging are supported by this charger. Whereas AC charging is used for slower, usually overnight charging at home or work, DC fast charging is utilized to charge the car quickly. This charger communicates with the electric car via the ISO 15118 communication protocol. With the help of this protocol, the charger and the car may communicate details like the maximum charging speed, the amount of battery life left, and the current charging state. This charger may also interface with the electric grid to control the charging load and enhance the charging process.

  • DC fast charging:

High-voltage DC electricity is used for DC rapid charging, which charges the vehicle’s battery. This charger transforms grid-supplied AC power into DC power and delivers it to the car’s battery. The power output of the charger and the maximum charging speed that the car can support determine the charging speed. To avoid overheating, this charger monitors the battery’s temperature and appropriately modifies the charging rate.

  • AC charging:

The car’s battery is charged using AC charging using low-voltage AC electricity. The CCS charger has an internal AC/DC converter that can convert AC power directly into DC power or straight into DC control. The power output of the charger and the maximum charging speed that the car can support determine the charging speed.

Safety features of ccs charger:

  • The CCS is equipped with several safety measures to guarantee the secure and dependable charging of electric vehicles. For instance, the charger incorporates a ground fault prevention mechanism that cuts the charger off from the grid when it detects any current leakage to the ground. To avoid overheating and battery damage, the charger also incorporates an overcurrent prevention mechanism that restricts the charging current.
  • The CCS chargeralso incorporates a communication system that enables information sharing and charging process monitoring between the charger and the car. Moreover, the charger can identify charging system flaws and alert the user or the charge station manager.
  • Most electric cars that adhere to the CCS standard are compatible with this charger. Certain older electric vehicles won’t work with this charger and will need an adaptor to utilize the charger. Before utilizing this charger, ensuring the car is compatible is crucial.
  • To sum up, this charger provides a flexible and quick-charging choice for electric vehicles. It is installable anywhere and supports both AC and DC charging.

Why is a CSS charger important for Electric vehicles?

For electric vehicles (EVs), the CCS (Combined Charging System) fast charging standard enables simultaneous DC and AC charging in a single plug. This charger is an item of machinery that makes it easier to charge electric automobiles. It is the perfect charging option for EVs, thanks to several advantages. We will go into great depth about the advantages of the CCS charger in this article. 

  • Accelerated charging rates:

This charger’s ability to charge electric vehicles more quickly is one of its biggest advantages. The maximum power output of these chargers is 350 kW, much more than the 50-kW maximum power output of conventional Level 2 charging stations. As a result, drivers who need to charge their vehicles swiftly may use these chargers, which can fully charge an EV in as little as 30 minutes.

  • Improved compatibility:

These chargers’ ability to work with various EV models is another benefit. Several automakers, including BMW, Ford, General Motors, and Volkswagen, support the CCS charging standard. Many EV models now come with CCS charging connectors to make it simpler for drivers to use CCS charging stations and charge their vehicles.

  • Cost-effective:

Compared to other rapid charging options, these chargers are very inexpensive. They are easier to access for companies and governments wishing to invest in EV charging infrastructure since they are less expensive to build than high-power charging stations like Tesla Superchargers.

Thanks to these simple chargers, drivers may charge their vehicles while on the road. Most CCS charging stations are situated at well-known rest areas, retail malls, and other busy areas, making it simple for vehicles to use.

  • Energy Savings:

Very energy-efficient, these chargers are made, which is crucial for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The chargers are an eco-friendly choice for charging electric vehicles since they have cutting-edge cooling technologies that help to lower energy use.


Using a CSS charger is the most effective way to charge your car. This is one of the most powerful EV chargers on the market. The most incredible charger is now available for charging your car. This ground-breaking new technology will change the way we charge our electric vehicles. We designed our chargers to meet market needs, which are the industry norm. Your purchase from our website, KINOUWELL, will make you joyful. You may now enjoy yourself while driving without being concerned about running out of electricity. It is a cost-effective, high-quality product. We provide quick delivery for our clients. Benefit from this flexible deal.

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