The Benefits of Installing CCS Charging Stations for EV Drivers


What is meant by ccs charging stations?

CCS, “Combined Charging System,” is a global standard for recharging electric vehicles. They are growing in popularity because they make it simple and quick for drivers to charge their cars. Charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) that handle both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) charging are known as CCS Charging stations. A group of significant automakers and producers of charging devices created the CCS standard to offer an all-encompassing charging option for EVs. CCS charging outlets are rising as more automakers implement the CCS standard. Furthermore, the majority of contemporary electric cars, particularly those marketed in Europe and North America, come with CCS-compatible charging connectors. It is easy to use CCS charging facilities. Owners of electric vehicles only need to use the proper CCS connection to connect their car to the charging station and follow any instructions or prompts shown on the charging station or their vehicle’s infotainment system.

Type of ccs charger:

The Type 1 connector, also known as the CCS Combo 1, and the Type 2 connector, also known as the CCS Combo 2, are the two types of connectors that CCS charging stations commonly use. While the Type 2 connection is more prevalent in Europe and other areas of the world, the Type 1 connector is generally utilized in North America. CCS charging stations offer both DC fast charging, which permits quick charging on the go, and AC charging, which is the slower charging technique generally used at home or offices. While speedy charging is essential while traveling a great distance, DC fast charging is especially helpful. Power output from these charging stations can range from 20 kW to 350 kW or more in various circumstances. The pace of charging increases with the power level. It’s crucial to remember that not all electric vehicles can accept high-power charging due to potential limits in their internal charging systems.

Why should EV drivers consider investing in ccs charging stations?

The electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem can gain from the installation of Kinouwell 80KW EV Car Charging Stations Points with CCS1/CCS2 charging ports in a number of ways. These charging stations offer several benefits over other charging options, including higher charging speeds, greater convenience, and improved safety. Several benefits are as follows:

  • Compatibility and Versatility:

Both CCS1 and CCS2 charging connections are supported by Kinouwell 80KW EV Car Charging Stations, ensuring compatibility and versatility. No matter what sort of connector their cars have, this flexibility assures that a wide range of electric vehicles may utilize the charging stations. For EV owners, it offers convenience and flexibility, making charging their cars at these stations simpler.

  • High Charging Power: 

The Kinouwell charging stations provide a substantial charging speed with an 80KW power capacity. Because of the faster charging times for EVs made possible by this high-power capability, drivers may spend less time waiting for their cars to charge. Faster charging times promote the use of electric cars by removing range anxiety and increasing the viability of long-distance driving.

  • Improved User Experience: 

Kinouwell charging stations are made to be as convenient as possible for users. We frequently include intuitive user interfaces and detailed instructions, which make it simple for EV owners to start charging sessions. Some charging stations can include extras like integrated applications for remote monitoring and control, real-time charging status information, and payment choices. These characteristics help EV drivers ensure a smooth and comfortable charging experience.

ccs charging stations


  • Scalability and Future-Proofing: 

Scalability is a key consideration in the design of Kinouwell charging stations. They may therefore be used in a variety of settings, including residential neighbourhoods, business buildings, and open parking lots. The capacity to scale up the number of charging stations is essential to satisfy the expanding demands of EV owners, given the rising demand for EV charging infrastructure. Kinouwell charging stations are also built to enable future improvements in EV technology, guaranteeing their continued usability and compatibility with more recent EV models.

  • Integration with Renewable Energy Sources: 

Charging stations made by Kinouwell may be connected to renewable energy sources like solar or wind energy. Through this connection, EVs may be charged with green, sustainable energy, lowering their carbon footprint and fostering a more environmentally friendly transportation system. The Kinouwell charging stations support the overall sustainability of the electric vehicle infrastructure by facilitating the use of renewable energy.

  • Cost-Effective Solution:

Installation of Kinouwell 80KW EV Car Charging Stations may be a cost-effective choice in the long term. With their high-power charging capabilities, more vehicles can be charged in less time, maximizing the use of the infrastructure for charging. Because of its effectiveness, fewer charging stations may be required, lowering the overall installation and maintenance costs.

  • Contribution to EV Market Growth: 

The broad adoption of electric cars depends on the availability of a fast and dependable charging infrastructure. Your aid in the growth of the electric vehicle industry by installing Kinouwell charging stations with CCS1/CCS2 charging connections. In turn, this motivates more people to convert to electric cars, which results in lower emissions, better air quality, and a sustainable future.


A form of electric car charging station that utilizes the Combined Charging System (CCS) protocol is called a “CCS charging stations.” Because CCS charging stations can charge electric vehicles more quickly than conventional charging methods, they are growing in popularity. This article evaluates the renowned KINOUWELL Company, a well-known producer of EV charging stations. For those that charge their electric vehicles, it’s a fantastic option. As the leading supplier of electric vehicle charging stations, we provide a complete solution to keep your EV fleet charged and operational. Our devices make it simple and secure for customers to charge their automobiles. Our large team is made up of software designers, engineers, and developers with a variety of specialties.


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