Kinouwell: Powering the Future with Advanced Commercial EV Charging Solutions


As the world intensifies its shift towards eco-friendly transit, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly prevalent. With the rise in EV adoption, the urgency for dependable and streamlined charging facilities grows.

Responding to this pressing need, Kinouwell has positioned itself as a premier provider of commercial EV charger systems. With its blend of cutting-edge, user-centric, and robust charging units, Kinouwell stands as a key player in fueling the sustainable transportation movement.

EV DC Fast Charger 

Features and Specifications

Fast Charging Capability

Kinouwell chargers stand out with their ability to swiftly energize EVs. Harnessing cutting-edge technology, they deliver impressive power levels that prepare vehicles for the road in a fraction of the time it takes traditional chargers. Notably, the KW-PEVC3107 is a foundational commercial DC Fast EV charger station. Beyond offering quick charges for users, this efficiency aids businesses by maximizing the usage and turnover of each charging spot.

Durability and Design

Kinouwell chargers are meticulously crafted with the demands of commercial environments in mind. They are resilient against both wear and the elements, designed to withstand outdoor challenges—being waterproof, dust-proof, and having a rugged shell capable of resisting vehicular impacts. Beyond its sturdy nature, it’s a long-lasting investment for businesses. Its design is elegant yet modern, and seamlessly fits into urban settings, epitomizing the blend of utility and aesthetics.

7-Inch LCD Display

The charger’s display is a testament to user-focused design. The 7-inch LCD screen presents real-time charging data, including time, voltage, current, power, and temperature, providing users with comprehensive insights. Its user-friendly controls make the charging process straightforward. Additionally, multiple payment methods, from credit cards to mobile transactions, are accommodated, ensuring an effortless payment experience. Kinouwell’s commitment to inclusivity is evident as the chargers are compatible with a wide variety of EV models.

Safety Measures

For Kinouwell, safety is non-negotiable. Our chargers are armed with state-of-the-art safety mechanisms that diligently oversee the charging, warding off potential issues like overcharging and short circuits. They provide protection against overcurrent, undervoltage, overvoltage, short circuits, residual current, surges, overheating, and grounding issues. To further inspire confidence, these chargers bear globally accepted certifications, underscoring their adherence to rigorous safety standards. This unwavering focus ensures comprehensive protection for both the vehicle and its users.

Benefits of Kinouwell Commercial EV Charger


In the transition to greener alternatives, commercial EV charger  has become a beacon for eco-friendly transportation. By facilitating this transition, Kinouwell chargers play a pivotal role in reducing carbon footprints. Each charge from a Kinouwell station supports cleaner driving, further cementing the commitment to a sustainable future.

commercial EV charger


While there’s an initial investment in setting up Kinouwell chargers, the long-term benefits for businesses are undeniable. Electric charging infrastructure can offer reduced energy costs compared to traditional fuel sources. Furthermore, with durable designs that minimize maintenance expenses and potential government incentives for green initiatives, businesses can achieve considerable savings over time.


Every business is unique, and Kinouwell understands this. Their range of chargers provides options suitable for various business sizes and needs, from small enterprises to large commercial spaces. This adaptability ensures that whether you’re running a boutique store with a single charging point or a large mall requiring multiple stations, there’s a Kinouwell solution tailored for you.

Network Integration

In today’s interconnected world, seamless integration is crucial. Kinouwell chargers are not just standalone units; they possess the capability to blend with existing infrastructure and software systems. This means businesses can easily monitor, manage, and optimize their charging stations within their existing operational frameworks, enhancing both efficiency and user experience.

In essence, Kinouwell chargers offer businesses an eco-friendly, cost-effective, flexible, and integrated solution that stands out in the burgeoning EV charging market.

Installation and Maintenance

Ease of Installation

Kinouwell chargers are crafted with simplicity in mind, ensuring a hassle-free setup. The installation process is straightforward, often requiring just a few steps: selecting a suitable location, ensuring power accessibility, and setting up the unit. What makes Kinouwell stand out is its comprehensive installation guide and dedicated support team, always ready to assist customers in optimizing their charger placement and addressing any queries.


Once installed, Kinouwell chargers require minimal maintenance, thanks to their robust and durable design. However, should the need arise, the company offers an efficient support system to address any issues. Furthermore, peace of mind is ensured with Kinouwell’s comprehensive warranty coverage, which backs its product’s quality and reliability. 


Kinouwell stands firmly behind its products, offering a solid 24-month warranty that reflects our unwavering dedication to quality and reliability. This warranty not only showcases our confidence in the resilience and efficacy of our EV charging solutions but also our commitment to our customers. However, our support doesn’t stop after two years. We proudly offer lifetime hassle-free technical support, ensuring that any troubleshooting, updates, or queries are addressed promptly. With Kinouwell’s committed team always at the ready, users are guaranteed a continuous and seamless charging experience. In a nutshell, our warranty and unparalleled support highlight Kinouwiell’s resolute commitment to both product excellence and customer satisfaction.


As we navigate the dawn of a green transportation era, the imperative for dependable, efficient, and eco-friendly charging solutions becomes crystal clear. Kinouwell, armed with cutting-edge technology and an unwavering dedication to excellence, has carved a niche for itself as a pioneer in this domain. Our commercial EV charger  solutions transcend mere functionality—they embody our commitment to a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. 

Kinouwell, with its emphasis on simplicity, ensures that its installations are straightforward, making the transition to green energy a breeze for users. Beyond just setting up, our unwavering dedication to post-installation support means users have a reliable partner in their green journey. Moreover, the user-centric design philosophy ensures that every product resonates with the end-users requirements, providing a seamless experience. 

But Kinouwell’s vision extends beyond the immediate. We’re not just addressing today’s needs; we’re crafting a vision for tomorrow, meticulously laying down a blueprint for the future of sustainable transportation. This foresight means that Kinouwell isn’t just in the business of charging vehicles. Instead, we’re passionately fueling the onward journey of eco-friendly transport, setting the pace for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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