Commercial EV Charging Station-Turkey

Commercial EV Charging Station Solution – 30KW

30KW Commercial DC Fast Charge Turkey Project

Using a column 30kw electric vehicle charging stationis a cutting-edge method for charging EVs. It strives to give the most power possible while being incredibly effective.

Both public and private locations would benefit greatly from deploying these charging stations. They are simple to assemble and keep up with.

You can rapidly charge your automobile or any other electric vehicle with the help of these charging stations.

It has been proven to work in tests on several EV models. One of the greatest EV charging stations is the energizer model. It is simple to install and comes with all the necessary components.
Only one rapid power source is available at the charging station. Almost anywhere may be used to charge an electric vehicle.
Mobile devices and LED lights can both be powered by the charging station.

For electric vehicles, our state-of-the-art equipment offers a very efficient charging alternative. This device was designed for business users to be used for public charging. It is convenient to put up, use, and transport.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Listed below are some of the most significant advantages of the 30KW ev charger:

Top quality:
High-quality charging for electric automobiles is provided by 30KW ev chargers. It also powers a variety of gadgets.

Convenient to store:
If you want to charge several gadgets at once, these ev chargers are the ideal choice.

Free of gas or fuel:
Plug in your electric vehicle and enjoy driving without consuming costly gas or burning gasoline—one of the most potent charging stations on the market.

Simple to install and use:
Anyone may use this ev charger, which is also simple to install.

Exquisitely crafted:
To maximize the charging efficiency, the 30KW ev charger uses sophisticated technology but also has a beautiful appearance.

For outdoor usage:
It is appropriate for outdoor use and is unaffected by inclement weather. Electric cars may be charged quickly with this high-capacity charger.

Speedy and secure:
Due to their strict safety requirements, they provide EV drivers with swift and secure power. It is simple to use and maintain because of its thoughtful design.


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