Electric Vehicles DC EV Charger: Where to Buy?


The rapid adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has brought about the need for efficient charging solutions. DC EV chargers, also known as fast chargers, are essential for providing high-power charging capabilities to quickly recharge EV batteries. In this blog, we will explore the significance of DC EV chargers and discuss where to buy them, with a special focus on Kinouwell, a leading manufacturer in the industry.

I. Understanding DC EV Chargers:

1.1 What are DC EV Chargers?

DC EV chargers are charging stations designed to provide direct current (DC) power to electric vehicles. Unlike alternating current (AC) chargers that are commonly found at homes and workplaces, DC chargers offer significantly faster charging times, making them ideal for long-distance travel or when time is limited.

1.2 Benefits of DC EV Chargers:

DC EV chargers offer several advantages over their AC counterparts:

  1. a) Rapid Charging:With high-power output, DC chargers can replenish EV batteries much faster, typically delivering a full charge in a fraction of the time required by AC chargers.
  2. b) Convenience for Travelers:DC chargers are strategically placed along major highways and in public spaces, ensuring EV owners can recharge their vehicles during long journeys or on the go.
  3. s) Future-Proofing:As EV technology advances, DC chargers support higher charging capacities, enabling compatibility with next-generation EV models.

II. Where to Buy DC EV Chargers:

2.1 Kinouwell: A Leading Manufacturer

When it comes to DC EV chargers, Kinouwell is a reputable manufacturer known for its reliable and innovative charging solutions. With a commitment to quality, Kinouwell has gained recognition in the EV industry for producing robust and user-friendly chargers.

dc ev charger

2.2 Why Choose Kinouwell?

  1. a) Product Range: Kinouwell offers a wide range of DC chargers, catering to different power requirements and installation scenarios. Their product lineup includes wall-mounted chargers, pedestal chargers, and multi-port charging stations.
  2. b) Cutting-Edge Technology:Kinouwell invests in research and development to integrate the latest technological advancements into their chargers. This ensures optimal charging performance, enhanced safety features, and compatibility with various EV models.
  3. c) Reliability and Durability:Kinouwell chargers are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy usage. Their robust construction and quality components guarantee long-term reliability, reducing maintenance costs for charging station operators.

2.3 Where to Purchase Kinouwell DC EV Chargers:

Kinouwell DC EV chargers can be purchased through various channels:

  1. a) Directly from Kinouwell: Kinouwell’s official website provides detailed information about its product range and allows customers to place orders directly. This ensures a reliable and authentic purchase experience.
  2. b) Authorized Dealers and Distributors:Kinouwell has an extensive network of authorized dealers and distributors worldwide. Local dealerships and electrical supply stores often stock Kinouwell chargers, providing convenient access for customers.
  3. c) Online Retailers:Many online retailers specialize in selling EV charging equipment. Platforms such as Amazon, EV-specific websites, and e-commerce platforms often offer Kinouwell chargers, providing a wide selection and convenient shopping experience.

Ⅲ. DC EV Charger: Kinouwell KW-PEVC3108 240KW DC Fast EV Charger with OCPP1.6J, CE, TUV for Sale 

3.1 Reliable and Powerful Charging Solution:

The Kinouwell KW-PEVC3108 is a high-performance DC Fast EV Charger designed to provide efficient charging for electric vehicles. With a power output of up to 240kW, this charger offers rapid charging capabilities to minimize charging time for EV users. Its compatibility with the CCS Combo 2 connector ensures broad compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles.

3.2 User-Friendly Interface:

Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, the KW-PEVC3108 provides users with a clear and intuitive interface to monitor the charging process. The LCD display shows real-time charging status, including essential information such as time, voltage, current, power, and temperature. This user-friendly interface enhances the overall charging experience for EV owners.

3.3 Robust Construction for Outdoor Use:

The KW-PEVC3108 is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. With an IP54 rating, it is protected against dust and water ingress, ensuring durability and reliability in various environments. The charger’s rugged shell is engineered to resist impacts from vehicles, providing added safety and protection during charging sessions.

3.4 Seamless Communication and Payment Options:

To enable remote monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades, the KW-PEVC3108 supports various communication protocols, including GSM/3G/4G and Ethernet. This allows charging station operators to efficiently manage and monitor the charger’s performance. Additionally, the charger offers convenient payment options such as RFID card and app-based transactions, making it hassle-free for users to initiate and complete the charging process.

3.5 Wide Range of Safety Features:

Safety is a top priority in EV charging, and the KW-PEVC3108 incorporates comprehensive protection functions. It includes safeguards against overcurrent, undervoltage, overvoltage, short circuits, residual current, surge protection, over-temperature issues, and ground faults. These features ensure the safety of both the vehicle and the charging infrastructure.

3.6 Certifications and Compliance:

The Kinouwell KW-PEVC3108 adheres to international standards and certifications, including EN/IEC 61851-1, EN/IEC 61851-23, EN/IEC 61851-24, EN/IEC 62196-1, and EN/IEC 62196-3. These certifications ensure that the charger meets stringent quality and safety requirements, providing peace of mind to users and operators.

3.7 Easy Installation and Maintenance:

The KW-PEVC3108 offers a hassle-free installation process, requiring minimal setup time. Once connected to a power supply, it is ready to provide efficient charging services. Kinouwell also provides a 24-month warranty and lifetime technical support, ensuring reliable performance and customer satisfaction.


DC EV chargers play a crucial role in supporting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. With their fast charging capabilities, convenience, and future-proof design, they are essential for EV owners and the continued growth of the EV industry. Kinouwell, a leading manufacturer, stands out for its exceptional charging solutions, offering a range of reliable, technologically advanced, and durable DC chargers. Whether purchased directly from Kinouwell, authorized dealers, or online retailers, investing in a Kinouwell DC EV charger ensures efficient and reliable charging for electric vehicle owners. 

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