The Game-Changer: Dc fast charger at home


Introduction of dc fast charger at home:

Industries committed to sustainability programmes need to know what EVs and home charging stations can do for the environment. The marketing campaigns for Kinouwell should highlight the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and noise pollution brought on by electric fleets. This teaching strategy may inspire businesses to adopt EVs and support a greener future. Make sure to put safety first and get expert advice when choosing the optimum charging setup for your EV.

  • Compared to typical Level 2 AC chargers, dc fast charger at homecan offer much quicker charging times. Unlike DC fast chargers, which can charge an EV to a significant percentage (80%) in about 30 minutes, Level 2 chargers often take several hours to fully charge an EV.
  • Having a dc fast charger at homemight reduce the frequency with which you need to stop by public charging stations for rapid top-ups. This may be extremely helpful for individuals who routinely take longer journeys in their EVs or have longer commutes.
  • In case of unexpected trips or emergencies, having a DC fast charger allows you to quickly top up your EV’s battery, providing additional peace of mind.
  • While public fast chargers might have queues or be occupied, having your own DC fast charger at home means you can charge your EV whenever you want without waiting for an available charging station. For homeowners who already have solar panels, a DC fast charger might be added to the solar system, allowing them to charge their EVs using the sun’s pure, renewable energy.
  • Although a DC fast charger has a greater initial cost than a Level 2 charger, utilizing it for off-peak charging during reduced power prices may eventually result in cost savings. As EV battery technology advances, installing a DC fast charger at home might help your charging infrastructure remain current and compatible with EVs that have bigger and newer batteries.
  • The availability of compatible DC fast chargers for home usage, suitable electrical infrastructure, and local rules permitting domestic installation are just a few conditions that must be met for these advantages to materialize.

How should a DC fast charger be installed at home? 

A difficult procedure requiring careful planning, technical know-how, and adherence to local laws is installing a Dc fast charger at home. To guarantee a secure and efficient installation, it is crucial to seek the advice of experts, including electricians and EV charging station manufacturers. Manufacturers of electric vehicles, Kinouwell, know the value of providing our clients with a complete charging solution. By working with the company, we may offer seamless connectivity between their cars and Kinouwell home charging stations. This partnership will give EV buyers a better overall ownership experience with convenient and dependable home charging. An instruction manual for setting up a DC fast charger at home is provided below:

  • Planning and Evaluation:

Analyze your electrical infrastructure: Check to see if the electrical system in your house can manage the significant power demands of a DC fast charger. Most DC fast chargers work between 50 and 350 kW of power, necessitating specialized high-voltage circuits and a huge electrical supply.

480KW ev charger

  • Decide where to go: 

Choose a location for the charger that is convenient for your EV and complies with local safety and regulatory requirements. Think about things like clearing space, shelter from the elements, and closeness to the electrical panel.

  • Choosing a Charger:

Find a suitable DC fast charger that is compatible with your EV model and suits your charging requirements by doing some research. Think about things like connection type, charging speed, and manufacturer dependability.

  • Electrical Improvements:

See a licensed electrician to update your electrical panel and wiring to handle the high-power requirements of the DC fast charger. This can entail adding more wiring, breakers, and safety equipment.

  • Acquire Permits:

If you want to install an EV charging station at your house, check with your local building department and get the necessary licence. Adherence to local building laws and regulations is crucial to guarantee a safe and legal installation.

  • Installation preparations:

Make sure the site you choose has a sturdy base or pad to hold the weight of the charger and anchor it. Certain DC fast chargers may need a concrete platform.

  • Installation:

Installing the DC fast charger involves according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions. Normally, this entails anchoring the charger to the ground and rewiring the power, data, and safety interlocks.

  • Commissioning and testing:

The electrician and the charger maker’s technical staff will conduct extensive testing once the charger has been physically installed to ensure everything is functioning properly and safely.

  • Inspection following installation:

To guarantee that the installation complies with safety and electrical regulations, get it inspected by local authorities or a professional inspector.

  • User Instruction:

Learn how to use the DC fast charger and its safety features. If you have numerous users at home, instruct them on safe practices and correct usage.

Installation Procedures Simplified by Electrical Contractors, KINOUWELL:

Installation of charging stations in homes is crucially dependent on electrical contractors. Kinouwell recognizes the need to streamline installation procedures to ensure effectiveness and dependability. Electrical contractors may collaborate with Kinouwell to access cutting-edge charging technology, standardized installation techniques, and extensive technical assistance. This collaboration enables contractors to provide excellent installation services, boosting their reputation and clientele. Customers may optimize their EV charging with the help of smart grid integration and load control capabilities thanks to Kinouwell charging solutions’ compatibility with energy management systems. This collaboration enables energy management organizations to provide complete energy solutions to their clients, furthering the cause of environmentally friendly transportation.


As the industry leader in dc fast charger at home production, Kinouwell provides cutting-edge solutions that cater to the various demands of EV ecosystem stakeholders. We are aggressively promoting the development and accessibility of sustainable mobility by working with electric car producers, charging network operators, electrical contractors, automobile dealerships, electric utilities, energy management firms, and merchants. Electric vehicle drivers may take advantage of the convenience and peace of mind that come with effective charging at home with KINOUWELL dependable and user-friendly dc fast charger.

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