Why choose an Easy-to-install 60KW DC EV charging station?


What does 60KW DC EV charging station mean?

  • To offer a secure, dependable, and affordable alternative for charging electric vehicles or other EVs, the easy-to-install 60KW DC EV charging stationhas been developed. It has a strong battery bank, a high-power charger, and an integrated inverter. The number of charging stations has increased along with the popularity of electric vehicles.
  • The battery pack is intended to provide households and businesses electricity in an emergency. It can store energy for several hours of backup power. One of the most practical methods to charge electric vehicles is at these stations. Without worrying about running out of energy or paying high prices, it can charge your automobile anywhere, at any time.

How rapidly can a DC charger enable charging?

Several factors affect how quickly an EV charges with DC charging. Due to the AC or DC converter being included in the charging station, charging a rechargeable automobile with DC power may be done much more quickly than with AC power. The battery’s output current, ambient temperature, charge level, and charging capacity influence how rapidly a car charges with DC charging.

  • Energy output:

For people who own electric vehicles, purchasing a 60 kW DC EV charging station is crucial. The most effective method for quick charging is to use its fast charging features. For example, if you charge for 15 minutes at 100 kW and 350 kW outputs, your range will rise by 130 km and 480 km, respectively. In one hour of charging at 50 kW, a passenger car’s range might increase by 278 km. Some cars can be driven with greater force than others.

  • Battery level:

Due to safety measures and efforts to increase battery life, the final 20% of the battery charge takes significantly longer to finish. Because DC rapid charging fills up an electric car battery to 80% significantly less time than AC charging, the time it takes for a battery-operated to achieve a hundred percent completion might be equivalent to the initial 80% charge.

  • Weather:

Wherever you are charging an electric car, the weather may affect how rapidly it charges. Cold weather can significantly affect charging times due to the great sensitivity of EV lithium-ion batteries to low temperatures.

Key characteristics of 60 kW DC EV charging stations:

  • Up to 95% efficiency, as well as built-in safety measures.
  • Option for managing data and metres.
  • Remote control, wireless communication, and assistance.
  • Available in a variety of variants and for a variety of uses. It requires little installation work after the electricity is connected so that it may be used immediately.
  • In real-time, a 7-inch diagonal LCD panel can display the time, voltage, current, power, temperature, and charging status.
  • Strong and resilient, IP54 is resistant to dust, water, and harsh outdoor situations. The robust body could endure the rolling and crashing of the automobile.
  • Both installation and usage are simple. IC card swiping is supported, and the installation process is uncomplicated. Every EV on the market is fully compatible.
  • A user-friendly user interfaces for soft switching technologies.
  • An excellent addition to any house or company, the easy-to-install 60kW DC EV Charging Station.

Installing a charging station for a new user:

  • Please drill holes where the cardboard is placed using a percussion drill.
  • Install the three M6*60mm expansion bolts.
  • Utilizing self-tapping screws (3*M5*50mm), secure the charging pile after using the key to open the lid.
  • Connect to the input terminal of the charging station from left to right using a cable with a 3*6mm2 size. The live, ground and neutral wires are connected, and the screws are tightened with a screwdriver.
  • Start testing and charging after locking the lid.

What should go into the design of an electric car charging station?

Are you preparing to construct a charging station for vehicles? Learn what factors should be considered while building it so drivers can use it securely and pleasantly.

Drivers find it a tremendous comfort to have the option of using a public charger when at work, out shopping, or driving. Due to this, there are increasing charging stations in metropolitan areas, including hotels, offices, and shopping mall parking lots.

Designing charging stations for electric vehicles:

Suppose you are participating in constructing a charging station, such as one in a neighbourhood or business parking lot. In that case, you need to be aware that numerous important variables must be carefully taken into account at the stage of its design. The most crucial concerns are:

  • The station’s look and labelling, the charger’s accessibility.
  • The comfort and safety of utilizing the charging station.
  • The location where the charger will be put in.

Now let’s examine the topics mentioned above in further depth. The most crucial advice for developing electric vehicle charging stations is below; read it to learn what to consider at this investment stage.


For individuals searching for an EV charging station that is simple to install and operate, the Easy-to-install 60KW DC EV charging station is a fantastic option. This product includes several characteristics that make it a wonderful option for individuals searching for an EV charging station that is simple to install and use. It is also straightforward to set up and operate. If you’re considering switching to electric vehicles, a DC EV Charging Station is crucial. As the popularity of electric vehicles increases, so does the need for auto charging stations. KINOUWELL has created a 60kW DC EV charging station for long-distance or road journeys. It has been examined and shown to function admirably in frigid climates. Electric car charging is made simple and secure by these charging stations. They are ideal for both households and businesses. To remain competitive in the modern marketplace, we provide the best items to our clients. That entails having the flexibility to respond rapidly to shifting fashions and consumer expectations.

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