A Guide to use an Electric Car Charger at Home in 2021


One of the big limitations, when deciding to buy an electric car, is due to the fear of not being able to recharge it. Moreover, it is considered that it is tough to find out  electric car charger . However, this is a false myth or, at least, a less catastrophic situation than it really is.

Electric Car Charger

 In fact, in Europe there are 23,275 charging stations throughout the national territory (data updated as at 30 June 2021).

Electric car charger in Europe: some numbers

The spread throughout the country of charging stations for electric cars now appears to be a fact. As confirmed by the market analysis conducted by Motus-E, the body that monitors the infrastructure situation on a quarterly basis.

 This underlines that the 23,275 columns in Europe are located in 9,453 different locations and 11,834 total infrastructures.

Just to make a comparison, by making a comparison between the Motus-E publications, at the end of December 2020, the electric car charger on the stations were close to 20,000. In March 2021 they were 20,757. From April to June, therefore, the increase was considerable!

The acceleration of the electrical infrastructure

Of the total number of charging stations, about 15% is not yet usable by end users. This is due to the lack of connection to the grid by the energy distributor or for other reasons. It can be the lack of authorizations from local or regional authorities.

But even here, the situation is improving: in the previous quarter, in fact, the percentage of columns that could not be used was 22%. It is a condition that allows all green car owners to manage the electric car charger  and life of the electric car with less anxiety.

The main standards of electric car charger

Another element that you need to keep an eye on when charging your electric car concerns the compatible standards. You must choose between the alternating current and that continues, with the latter. This will allow a considerable reduction of the overall time.

Electric Car Charger 2021

Still a few fast charging stations

As regards the different types of charging stations for electric cars, the figure is obvious: 95% of the charging points are in alternating current, while only 5% in direct current.

Here is the schematic summary of the situation:

  • AC (<7 kW): about 19%
  • AC (between 7.5 kW and 43 kW): about 77%
  • DC (between 44 kW and 99 kW): about 4%
  • DC (> 100 kW): about 1%

A midsize electric car, such as a Nissan Leaf, for example, has a battery ranging from 40 to 60 kW. With an accelerated or fast AC charging of 22 kW (they are the most common ones in the 7.5 to 43 kW sector already mentioned ) it would take from two to three hours to fully recharge the battery from scratch.

Which apps and maps to use to find out where the electric car chargers are?

Another weapon available to electric car owners are smartphone applications that allow you to find the electric car charger  located throughout the area. With these apps it is possible to have a map of the electricity columns updated in real time.

  • Plug Share

Among the most popular apps is Plug Share. It is free and allows you to find over 300,000 charging stations on the main networks around the world. It is available on both the Play Store and the App Store.

  • Next Charge

Next Charge is a very useful app for planning a trip, finding charging stations and seeing how far they are. Book one electric car charger , filter them by cost, power or access methods or add them to your favorites. And, not to be underestimated , it is disconnected from a specific operator, offering access to various different operators. 

More and more eco-friendly cars and numerous electrifying projects in the range are two of the most modern objectives of the car manufacturers: but how long will the heart of electric cars that is the battery, last?

Why we are naturally inclined to think that auto accumulators will last a short time?

The reason is simple: batteries have long been part of our habits and, as we all know, suffer from two limitations, namely power and duration.

How to recharge your electric car?

What do you need to do to recharge your electric car perfectly? What matters is that you consider such electric car charger  as something very similar to a simple household appliance. However, be aware that an electrical outlet is not suitable for this type of operation. It could seriously jeopardize its full functionality.

We show you some ways by which you can guarantee maximum efficiency to your electric car.

Home charging

First of all, know that you can recharge an electric car directly at your home. With the help of a series of transformers, you have the opportunity to make a direct connection to classic power sockets.

 However, it is a connection with limited efficiency. You can use electric car charger  to make your network as well as you can and increase the range up to 7 kilowatts.

How to get electric car charger in homes?

If your home network is not enough to guarantee your electric car all the autonomy it needs, you can ask for help from the many columns available on the street. The latter are increasingly widespread and are of various powers.

Final Consideration

It is not easy to define precisely how much time you need to be able to complete the search for your electric car charger  in perfect safety. This parameter may depend on a series of factors that can substantially vary the overall duration.

First of all, you must pay close attention to the capacity supported by your electric car. It comes with the chance for you to fill it up to a certain value. At the same time, do not leave the battery power in the background, obviously expressed in kilowatts and already explained in the course of the previous lines.

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