Electric Car Charging Points is the Future of Automotive Transportation


What does electric car charging points?

  • A charging station is any car charging point, including home charging points that enables the battery of an electric vehicle to be recharged. When users scan, they may also fill their cars inside their homes or in condominium garages. 
  • Long-distance travel is a snap thanks to these robust charging stations, which can fully charge an EV in as little as 20 minutes. As the number of individuals driving electric vehicles rises, so does the number of charging stations. 
  • As the market for electric vehicles expands, charging stations for these vehicles are becoming more and more important. A growing number of individuals are choosing electric automobiles as technology develops and their price drops. More electric car charging pointsmust be established to meet the increased demand brought on by this rise in demand.

Experiences of the Purchase with electric vehicle charging stations:

  • The charging stations are available to use and profit from every one. However, the type of charging station you need and the number of outlets you have to affect the device’s price.
  • Whether you want to set it to the necessary high and low voltage or even higher and lower voltage may result in variances.
  • You must be aware of the exact range you require because most of these firms supply a variety of voltages. Let’s be honest, you mention employing premium materials and participating in worthy activities. If you purchase an EV charging station, your money will be well spent.

Why has Kinouwell been the industry leader for commercial Electric car charging points globally?

  • The first electric car charging pointsmade specifically for EVs was the Kinouwell station. It was created to provide the highest level of security and comfort possible. Thanks to this innovative design, users may recharge their electric cars whenever and wherever they want.
  • With this expansion comes a larger need for EV charging stations. Commercial charging stations, a crucial part of the infrastructure, are frequently seen in parking lots and other public places.
  • Electric car chargers cancome in handy in this situation. Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common as a way to lessen our reliance on fossil fuels. For this reason, it’s essential to be aware of the leading producers of EV charging stations.

Types of Electric Vehicle Chargers:

  • The electric car charging point:

 These types, like the Standard chargers, have the benefit of being fixed and are perfect for communal usage. They can interact with platforms via the OCPP protocol and offer a unique charging experience since they feature a Smart function with several additional capabilities, including, for instance, user control, energy management, charger reservation, and availability status.

  • Electric Station / Rapid Charger:

These are 43KW or 350KW AC chargers, with capacities ranging from 50 to tremendous. These types are more prevalent at petrol stations along highways or other locations where owners want extremely quick charging and are advised for users who require ultra-fast charging. There are many public charging alternatives and private station types (such as those reserved just for a company’s workers) (which may or may not charge at electric stations or installing chargers in commercial parking lots, for example). 

Choose the best charging point for electric vehicles:

Together with enabling a faster charging process, this is done to safeguard the security of the car and the user. Moreover, there are what are known as electro posts. This is a fast-charging electric vehicle home charging station with greater voltage and current ratings than typical home and business chargers. It is important to comprehend that a direct current (DC) energy source charges an electric car battery (DC). Alternating current, however, is used to power the vehicle.

electric car charging points

How does an electric car charging point work?

An electric automobile is incredibly easy to charge. You will get the charging card once you have signed the contract with the Electricity Trader for Electric Mobility (CEME). Thanks to this, you may now use any station on the public charging network. You need to: while travelling to any area.

  • Scan the card at the station.
  • Decide on the preferred fee.
  • Choose the socket and link the vehicle to it. Billing has commenced.
  • You may use the time while the device is charging to work, read a book, listen to your favourite podcast, go shopping, etc.

How long does it take an electric car to charge?

The amount of current available and its strength affect how long it takes to charge:

  • The automobile charger’s power.
  • Batteries for electric cars may be charged at home using electricity. The procedure goes quicker if the automobile is charged with the same current. It takes longer while using alternating current, such as when charging at home.
  • This period can be shortened. A Wall Box may be installed to guarantee electricity flow and shorten home charging times. Because the power provided is sometimes different while charging an electric car from a conventional plug, it may take many hours.


Commercial electric car charging points are comparable to domestic chargers, except that they have extra functions like monitoring and consumption history, energy management, access key, and charging, making them perfect for shared or commercial usage. Alternating current chargers for electric vehicles range in size from 16 to 32A and can be mounted on walls, totems, or fastened to the ground. Also, some chargers allow two cars to be charged simultaneously because they contain two outlets. Clients of KINOUWELL have access to the most recent, superior, inventive, and safe products. Your happiness is our main priority. We commit to providing you with our best goods and services, and we maintain it. You may depend on us repeatedly since we are always there to suit your needs. 

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