Kinouwell’s Electric Car Emergency Charger: Power in Any Crisis


Kinouwell presents an advanced solution engineered to empower electric vehicle (EV) owners in any circumstance – the Kinouwell Electric Car Emergency Charger. This state-of-the-art device offers a compact and highly efficient method for recharging your EV precisely when the need arises, guaranteeing that you’re never left stranded due to a power shortage.

electric car emergency charger 

In an age marked by the growing adoption of EVs, the need for a trustworthy backup power solution cannot be overstated. While EVs champion environmental sustainability and efficiency, their operation hinges entirely on a stable supply of electricity. The Kinouwell Electric Car Emergency Charger steps in as the essential assurance that power is constantly accessible, alleviating the apprehension of battery depletion and significantly enhancing the overall EV ownership experience.

Key Features of Kinouwell’s Electric Car Emergency Charger

Portability and Convenience

  • Space-Saving Design for Effortless Storage: Kinouwell’s Electric Car Emergency Charger is crafted with a compact design, ensuring easy storage in your vehicle. Its dimensions allow it to fit neatly, without encroaching on valuable cargo space. Whether you’re on a road trip or visiting friends and family, you can have your charger with you for added convenience. Plus, its large LCD screen provides real-time charging data, and all you need is a 220V~240V NEMA 14-50 outlet to connect.
  • Featherweight Construction for Effortless Handling: Our emergency charger is exceptionally lightweight, making it user-friendly for individuals of all physical strengths. Its lightweight build ensures that anyone can handle it effortlessly. This feature enhances the overall convenience of charging your EV during emergencies or while on the move.

Compatibility with Various EV Models

Universal Compatibility: Kinouwell’s Electric Car Emergency Charger is meticulously engineered to accommodate a broad spectrum of electric vehicle models. It utilizes standard connectors and charging protocols, guaranteeing seamless compatibility with a wide range of EVs.

Whether you drive a compact electric car or a larger electric SUV, our charger is designed to meet your needs, ensuring you’re never without power, regardless of your EV model. Notably, our chargers adhere to the SAE J1772 standard, offering compatibility with most electric cars and are CE and FCC certified, attesting to their superior quality.

Rapid Charging Capabilities

Swift Charging for Emergencies: When time is critical during an emergency, Kinouwell’s charger rises to the occasion with its rapid charging capabilities. It efficiently replenishes your EV’s battery, minimizing downtime and getting you back on the road swiftly. Whether you’re low on power and need to continue your journey or must respond promptly to an unforeseen situation, our charger delivers the speed you require. 

Moreover, our Portable EV charger is constructed from high-strength ABS material, ensuring durability and safety. It incorporates multiple safety features such as over-current protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, leakage protection, overheating protection, and a waterproof rating of IP65, guaranteeing secure and reliable car charging.

With its portability, universal compatibility, rapid charging capabilities, and emergency power functionality, Kinouwell’s Electric Car Emergency Charger emerges as a versatile and indispensable tool for EV owners. It surpasses traditional charging, offering convenience, peace of mind, and the assurance that you’ll always have power when you need it most.

Benefits of Kinouwell’s Charger

Peace of Mind for EV Owners

Alleviating Range Anxiety: Kinouwell Electric Car Emergency Charger serves as a reliable solution, effectively alleviating the prevalent concern of range anxiety among EV owners. With this charger readily available, you can confidently embark on new routes and extended journeys without the perpetual worry of locating a charging station. It instills the assurance that you can charge your EV wherever you are, simplifying your EV ownership experience and eliminating stress.

electric car emergency charger 

Enhanced Safety During Unexpected Situations

Lifesaver During Power Outages or Emergencies: In unforeseen events like power outages, natural disasters, or emergencies, Kinouwell’s charger emerges as a genuine lifesaver. Not only does it ensure your EV remains powered for essential transportation, but it also serves as a vital source of electricity for your home and critical devices. This dual functionality elevates your safety and preparedness, ensuring you’re well-equipped to confront unforeseen circumstances without being left figuratively or literally in the dark.

Versatility for Outdoor Activities

Supporting Off-Grid Adventures: Kinouwell’s Electric Car Emergency Charger transcends its role as a roadside emergency solution. Its versatility extends to outdoor enthusiasts and off-grid adventurers. Whether you’re camping, boating, or engaged in various outdoor activities, this charger emerges as a dependable power source for your electric appliances, lighting, and more. It empowers you to stay connected and enjoy modern conveniences even in remote settings, enriching the quality of your outdoor experiences.

Kinouwell’s Electric Car Emergency Charger revolutionizes the EV ownership experience by delivering peace of mind, enhancing safety during unforeseen situations, and offering adaptability for outdoor pursuits. It’s not merely a charger; it’s a comprehensive solution that ensures you’re perpetually prepared and connected, regardless of your electric vehicle’s destination.

How to Operate Kinouwell’s Electric Car Emergency Charger

Charging Your EV – Step by Step:

  • Locate the Charging Port: Begin by finding your EV’s charging port and ensuring it’s easily accessible.
  • Connect the Charger: Unwind the charger cable and insert the appropriate plug into your EV’s charging port. Verify that the charger is securely connected and check for active indicator lights.
  • Power Up the Charger : Activate the charger using its control interface or dedicated app, if applicable.

Customizing Charging Parameters

Adjust Settings (if available): Configure charging parameters like charging rate or timing according to your preferences if your charger supports customization. Some chargers provide smartphone apps for remote control and monitoring, enhancing your convenience.

Initiating the Charging Process:

  • Start Charging: Initiate the charging process either through your EV’s control interface or the charger’s controls.
  • Monitor Progress: Keep an eye on the charging progress via the charger’s display or the companion app, if it offers this feature.
  • Disconnecting and Storing the Charger:
  • Complete Charging: Once your EV reaches a satisfactory charge level, power down the charger and unplug it from your vehicle.
  • Store Neatly: Coil the cable carefully and return the charger to its designated storage location within your EV, ensuring it’s readily available for future use.

By following these straightforward steps, you can effectively operate Kinouwell’s Electric Car Emergency Charger to charge your EV and optimize its functionality. Stay prepared and powered with Kinouwell.


In summary, Kinouwell Electric Car Emergency Charger is the epitome of reliability and preparedness for EV owners. It eliminates range anxiety, boosts safety during unexpected events, and adapts to diverse needs. With its user-friendly design, it guarantees that you’re consistently charged and poised to tackle any emergency. Kinouwell grants you the confidence to journey with assurance, as power is readily available whenever you require it the most.

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