How to install single phase electric car home charging station?


Difference between single-phase and three-phase charger

The difference between single-phase and three-phase charger is one of the most common questions for drivers new to electric mobility. Peace of mind, the three-phase installation and the single-phase installation do not come from space, or anything like that, it is very easy to understand. Let’s make electric car home charging station easy.

Let’s see what the installation of a single-phase and three-phase charger means:

The Single Phase Charger

electric car home charging station

The installation of a single-phase car charger is those in which they have a single phase and a single alternating current. These installations have a voltage of 230 volts.

The single-phase option is one of the most used in private homes. As a rule it usually has less than 10kW.

The main advantage it has is that the cost of energy compared to three-phase is cheaper. Electric car home charging station takes longer to recharge your electric vehicle. Here we leave you a website that helps you compare the prices of the rates for electric vehicles.

The Three-Phase electric car home charging station

However, three-phase charging point installations are those with three phases and three different alternating currents.  Installation divides into three parts and constant power arrives. Moreover, three phases, three alternating currents … Easy!

Unlike the single-phase installation, this type of three-phase charging point installations is used in:

  • Companies
  • Industry and generally have powers greater than or equal to 11kw.

The great advantage of the three-phase electric car home charging station is that you can charge your electric car much faster.  Furthermore, everything will also depend on the capacity of the charger or the contracted power, if you are at home.

How to tell if the electric car home charging station installation is mono?

To know if you have a single-phase or three- phase installation, you only need to look at the ICP, one of the switches found in the light box:


The power control switch (ICP), serves to limit the use of the power to which we have contracted. If at any time we exceed the power that we have contracted, the leads will jump. It also serves to prevent damage to electrical installations in case of overloads.

Type of ICP in case of single-phase and three-phase installation:

Single-phase load and three-phase load is easy to understand, it’s easy.

It’s not difficult, is it? Things are easier to explain to you, the better. We hope that you have stayed with the difference between single-phase and three-phase charger and follow our blog to solve all those doubts that we like to solve, it’s that easy.

And if what you want is to take the step to install electric car home charging station, do not hesitate. You can contact experts and you will see that they will make it easy for you … Easier than understanding the difference between single-phase and three-phase!!!

Easy guide to install a charging point

If you are an individual, this easy guide to install a charging point interests you. There are several factors that influence and depend mainly on the type of home in which you plan to install. Similarly, we will tell you about them below.

Contact electric car home charging station

The first thing is to contact our team of experts who will advise you on the type of charger that best suits your needs, the power you have to hire and the type of installation you need depending on the characteristics of your home.

As is logical, electric car home charging station process changes if your garage is private or communal. It also depends on the characteristics of each construction; the location of the square with respect to the electricity meter, etc.

For this reason, after the call we will send you an installer to carry out a technical visit and adjust the installation to your needs.

Choose the type of recharge that suits you

Depending on the capacity of your vehicle’s battery, or the weekly kilometers you plan to travel, you have to decide which type of charger best suits your budget and your needs.

Choose an installation option

Normally we are faced with three possible scenarios when choosing which type of installation is best for you. These scenarios are again marked by the location of our garage space, and the technical characteristics of the building.

The first option is to take advantage of the electric car home charging station. In this case, and if the contracted power is sufficient, we will be able to install your own charging point without major complications. The main advantage here is that you probably don’t have to do any work.

 Take a look at our post about installing charging points in chalets to find out more.

Take Advantage of electric car home charging station

The second option is to take advantage of the existing electricity supply in your community garage and link our charging point to the garage meter. At this point, in addition to needing a small work, it forces us to deal with the community of owners, something that we detail in the next step.
electric car home charging station 2022

The third option is to install a new meter for your charging point based on the general meter table of a building. This implies a new registration contract with an electricity distribution company. In other words, hire a second independent light rate to power your charging point.

Communicate With Home Charger experts

Obviously, this point is only aimed at those people who reside in community buildings or park their car in a community garage. In this case, you will have to notify the community of owners of the intention to install a charging point for your new electric car.

According to the law, it is mandatory to notify the community of neighbors in advance of our intention to install electric car home charging station. It must be done in writing, both to the president of the community and to the administrator of the farm. Do not worry because our team will help you so that you do not have to worry about anything.


The community of owners cannot oppose the installation. It will be necessary to bear the costs of the installation, as well as the energy consumed, of course. In addition to the written communication, a technical design report must be submitted.  This specifies how the installation will be carried out.

Once we have gone through all these decision and execution processes, we will be able to enjoy our personal charging point. This allows you to enjoy all the advantages of an electric car, which, with a guaranteed charging point, are many.

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