The benefits of installing electric charging points


What is meant by electric charging points?

  • Electric charging stations, also known as EV charging stations or EV charging points, are crucial parts of the expanding infrastructure for electric vehicles. Owners of electric vehicles now have the option to recharge their vehicles’ batteries while at home, at work, or while travelling. They are deployed in various locations to accommodate the range of demands of electric car users and come in various sorts and designs with variable charging rates and capacities.
  • Electric charging stations have seen a remarkable transformation over the past several years. Governments, private businesses, and individuals have made significant investments in creating and installing EV charging infrastructure in response to the growing popularity of electric cars. 
  • The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates there were 1.3 million publicly accessible EV charging sites globally in 2020, an increase from only a few thousand a decade earlier. Technology developments, government rules and incentives, and shifting customer preferences towards electric vehicles have contributed to this increase.

Types of charging points:

  • Electric charging stations come in various varieties, each with special characteristics and functionalities. Level 1, Level 2, and DC Fast Charging are the three most prevalent types of charging stations (also known as Level 3). A regular 120-volt outlet is used by level 1 charging stations, which may add around 4-5 miles of range per hour of charging. 
  • They are often used for charging at home or work, where the car will be parked for a while. On the other hand, level 2 charging stations employ a 240-volt power source and may increase range by around 25 miles per hour. They are suitable for home and office charging and are frequently seen at public charging stations, shopping centers, and parking lots.
  • The quickest charging point is DC Fast Charging, which may increase the range by 200 miles in 20 minutes. These charging stations, intended for speedy top-ups during lengthy trips, are often found near highways, important thoroughfares, and business districts.

Where are the electric charging points placed?

  • Another crucial aspect to consider is the layout and placement of electric charging stations. Depending on where it is placed and what it is used for, charging stations may be fixed on walls, placed on pedestals or poles, or integrated into streetlights. They can also be linked to a central network, enabling users to find and reserve available charging stations, track the status of their charge, and pay with a membership card or a mobile app. 
  • Site evaluation, electrical system design, equipment selection, permitting, and construction are some of the processes in the installation process. Working with experts ensures the charging station is built securely, properly, and affordably.

Positive economy effect of electric charging points:

  • The interoperability of electric charging stations with various electric car types is another crucial factor. The charging speed and efficiency vary depending on the connector type and car needs. The CHAdeMO, CCS (Combined Charging System), and Tesla Superchargers connector types are often used. 
  • Tesla electric vehicles may use the company’s exclusive Supercharger network. However, various electric cars may now utilize them because many charging stations provide several connector types.
  • Electric charging stations offer a wide range of advantages. They promote energy security, aid in transitioning to a cleaner, more sustainable transportation system, and assist lower greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. 
  • They also have a positive economic impact by fostering innovation, generating jobs, and encouraging investment in energy storage and renewable energy technology. The accessibility and convenience of electric cars may be improved via electric charging stations,making them a more appealing alternative for more people.

electric charging points

The benefits of installing electric charging points:

As more people transition to sustainable and ecologically friendly ways of transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity. The accessibility of charging infrastructure, however, is one of the main issues with EVs. Here is where electric charging stations come into play, offering a variety of advantages to motorists, companies, and the general public.

The most obvious advantage of electric charging stations is that they give EV drivers a quick and easy method to recharge their cars. Drivers can now recharge their vehicles while out shopping, dining, or working without having to worry about running out of power in the middle of their trip, thanks to the network of charging stations that have been set up.

  • Advantages for the environment: 

Electric vehicles have zero emissions and don’t emit hazardous pollutants or greenhouse gases. The rising usage of electric cars and charging stations contributes to reducing the transportation industry’s overall carbon footprint, which is a significant cause of global warming.

  • Expense savings: 

Electric cars use less gasoline to cover the distance than conventional vehicles since they are more energy-efficient. Moreover, purchasing gasoline or diesel is sometimes more expensive than charging with electricity, and some charging stations even provide free charging. Drivers may save a lot of money as a consequence.

  • Increased property value:

Electric charging station installation can boost the value of a business or residential building. Electric car owners considering renting or buying a property will find it more appealing if it has to charge stations.

  • Employment Creation: 

The construction and upkeep of electric charging stations may lead to job openings in the quickly expanding renewable energy industry. Electric charging stations offer various advantages to drivers, the environment, and the economy, and they are crucial for the broad adoption of electric vehicles.


Since they are convenient, economical, and environmentally friendly, electric car charging stations are growing in popularity. They are becoming increasingly common and provide several benefits, including increased safety, financial savings, and lower emissions. Products from KINOUWELL provide the most economical way to charge your electric vehicle at home or work. The user-friendly characteristics of electric charging points are helping them become more popular. Anybody may use it as soon as it is made available. As the world changes, the most recent innovations are entering our daily lives. We can update everything and make people’s lives more intelligent than before by using modern technology more liberally.

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