Electric Charging Station Companies: Best Guide 2022


How to charge an electric car at home?

Electric Charging Station Companies

Did you know that you can charge your electric at home? We explain how you can do it! In addition to public charging stations, it is possible to recharge the battery of an electric vehicle at home. You can choose to charge via a domestic socket or wallbox. Let’s talk a little about electric charging station companies.

Hence, you know the advantages of each type of electric charging and choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Charging at home with home socket

Yes, it’s really true that you can charge an electric vehicle from a normal socket! Most electric cars come equipped with a cable for charging into a grounded outlet. It is usually the electric charging station companies model with an integrated temperature sensor, to prevent the installation from overheating when the car is charging.

When using a regular outlet, you will be limited to an electrical intensity of ten amps (10A) and subject to the voltage used in Portugal (230 volts). If you multiply the voltage by the amps, you will charge your electric car battery to 2.3kW. Translating into kids, you will need about 20 hours to charge a 40kW battery.

So, because of the power, charging takes longer, which means that, if you’re in a hurry, charging the electric car battery in a normal socket is not the best option?

Charging at home with electric charging station companies

As the charging time in a typical domestic socket is extremely high, if you really want to charge your electric vehicle at home, opt for domestic charging stations.

Electric charging station companies are really the best option to charge your electric at home. In addition to quickly filling the battery, it does it when you don’t need to drive, for example, while it’s parked in the garage at night.


With a 3.7kW wallbox you can charge 80% of the batteries up to 40kWh, in approximately 8 hours. You can rent or buy a home charging station from the brand of your electric car or from specialized companies that supply this type of product.  

If you prefer, you can continue to charge your electric vehicle at one of the public charging stations. Find out how to charge an electric car at charging stations.

Tips for charging an electric car

There are some precautions you should take into account when charging your electric. On the one hand, you want to preserve the battery (they are expensive!) and on the other hand, you want to do everything safely:

If you charge from a normal electric charging station companies, it must be of good quality and must be grounded. The chargers may not work if they detect an error.

Check your electric car’s internal charger to determine the type of charging supported (this is especially important when installing a wallbox).

Do not fully charge the battery and avoid fully discharging it. Ideally keep the battery between 20% and 80%.

  • It opts for slow charging, to preserve the integrity of the batteries.
  • Avoid short charging times, even if they are slow, because they compromise battery life.
  • Protect your electric car from the sun and the cold, exposure to extreme temperatures accelerates battery degradation.

What’s the Difference Between Hybrid, Plug-in and Electric Cars? Find out!

If you think electric cars and hybrid vehicles are the same thing, you really need to read this article! Don’t miss the trip!

If you think electric cars and hybrid vehicles are the same thing, you really need to read this article! We explain the main differences between hybrid cars, plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric cars. Don’t miss electric charging station companies tips!

Electric Cars vs Hybrid Cars

Electric vehicles are truly ecological, because they run 100% on electricity, without the need to use any fossil fuels. They work with an electric motor and battery that can be recharged at home or at a public charging station.

Electric Vehicles Saves A lot of Money

Hybrid vehicles have an electric motor and a conventional gasoline or diesel engine. The electric motor is only charged using the energy produced by the mechanical engine, that is, it supports combustion, allowing it to start in electric mode and travel a distance of no more than two kilometers.
Electric Charging Station Companies 2022

Plug-in hybrid cars also use two types of engine – electric and conventional, which can be gasoline or diesel. However, as they have batteries with greater capacity, they allow you to travel several kilometers.

Main Differences between Electric and Hybrid Cars

We have already explained electric charging station companies, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles are, but to help you understand better, we have grouped the main differences between these types of cars:

Type of Fuel used

As we have already explained, an electric vehicle does not use fuel, it is powered by electricity. A hybrid car only uses electrical energy for starting and little else. A plug-in hybrid, on the other hand, can cover approximately 50 km with an electric battery, but always needs to use fuel (gasoline or diesel).

Loading Form

The hybrid car uses the electric battery to support the combustion engine, improving consumption and using the brakes to charge energy. Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles allow charging via cable in the electrical grid. Know how you can charge your electric car batteries.

Autonomy and CO2 emission with electric charging station

Electric vehicles do not emit CO2 when driving. Hybrids use a conventional motor and an electric one, so they just don’t produce CO2 when they use electric energy to circulate. Similarly, you need to hire professional electric charging station companies.

Fuel Expenses

Fuel costs are non-existent in an electric vehicle, so there are only costs for charging the battery. In terms of lower fossil fuel costs, plug-in hybrids have a clear advantage. As they allow running small circuits using electrical energy, it is possible to save compared to conventional fuel.

Purchase Price

Plug-in hybrids are more expensive, precisely because they use an electric battery that allows you to travel a considerable distance. Hybrids are only slightly more expensive than conventional vehicles. Of course, electric cars are the most expensive these days.

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