How much electric charging stations cost for e charging?


The  electric charging stations  for public electric cars have more power to those households. In fact, the minimum power is 22kW. Therefore, a 22kW column takes about 2 hours to charge a car with a 50kW battery; a 50 kW column about an hour, while with a 350 kW power station it can take less than 25 minutes.

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How much electric charging do stations cost?

The prices of a domestic electricity column depend a lot on the power of the device. For example, the columns up to 7.4kW of our partner Wallbox have a price between 900 euros and 1500 euros, excluding VAT. The cost goes up if you opt for accelerated electric charging stations  (up to 22kW), fast (up to 50kW) and ultrafast (over 50kW). 

 In fact, accelerated charging devices have a price ranging between 2,000 and 4,000 euros. All these prices do not include VAT. The prices of public charging stations depend on some factors, such as:

  • The cost of energy set by the operator
  • The speed of charging
  • The battery capacity of the electric vehicle

Charging price for 40KWH

In general, the charging price of a car with a 40kWh battery on  electric charging stations  is around 18 euros if you choose an accelerated charging station (up to 22kW) and 20 euros for fast mode (up to 50kW). Of course, the bigger the battery, the more the charging price goes up.

Incentives for the purchase of a domestic electricity column

The Italian state provides incentives for the purchase of a domestic electricity column. In fact, those who buy these devices are entitled to a 50% tax discount on their entire purchase. However, the 3 kW columns are excluded from this subsidy.

Authorizations to install a charging station at home

In general, no authorization is required to install an electricity column at home. However, some municipalities are more restrictive than others. 

It is therefore good to rely on people having  electric charging stations  who know all the bureaucratic procedures at the municipal level before proceeding with the installation.

Charging and photovoltaic columns: a perfect combo

Charging your electric car with solar energy is both environmentally friendly and convenient. In fact, a photovoltaic system makes it possible to achieve zero CO2 emissions mobility that reduce the carbon footprint and slow down global warming.

electric charging stations 2021

Furthermore, electric cars recharged by photovoltaic increase the profitability of the entire photovoltaic system. 

What are the advantages of combination of photovoltaic, storage and electricity column?

In other words, the advantages of the combination of photovoltaic, storage and electricity column are:

  • Produce clean energy by reducing your carbon footprint
  • Recharge your electric car without CO2 emissions
  • Reduce your electricity bill as the demand for energy from the grid drops dramatically

The advantages of electric cars

Despite having some negative sides, like all means of transport, electric cars have advantages not only related to the green side. The advantages of electric vehicles are easily recognizable.

  • Charging electric cars, in proportion to a full tank, costs less, allowing savings per km.
  • They are silent, also having a positive effect on noise pollution.
  • They have a low environmental impact, especially if the energy common to power the electric car comes from renewable sources.
  • The management of the engine of this type of car is less demanding and expensive than that of a classic engine, requiring less maintenance.

Disadvantages of electric cars

However, some disadvantages cannot be ignored. They have a shorter range than combustion cars, usually between 100 and 200 km on a full tank. After about ten years the efficiency of the batteries decreases and it may be necessary to replace the battery pack.

However, we cannot forget that this is a technology that is always growing and improving and that more and more companies are relying on or approaching the world of sustainability. We also recently presented our project dedicated to corporate sustainability and electric cars.

The solutions to power the electric car

Charging an electric car, on a theoretical level, is no different from charging a smartphone. Just connect the vehicle to the electricity with the charging cable. The difference is mainly in the size of the battery and the time it takes to recharge it.

The methods of charging and powering electric cars depend on several variables, such as the capacity of the car’s battery it and its remaining charge, for example.

However they can be divided into two main categories.

The first type is home charging which is more time consuming than  electric charging stations . It usually takes several hours and therefore it is preferable to rely on this method of powering electric cars at night. You can find our products dedicated to optimizing this service in our e-commerce, which we will present to you in the next paragraph.

The second method instead is to rely on electric columns that are often common in the city, but there are also models suitable for private use. Charging the electric car in this way is faster, even if it always depends on the type of charging station available .

How to fix electric charging options?

One way to get around the problem of long charging times can be to have more than one battery that you can replace if needed. In this way, one leaves charging while the other is inside the car. This allows it to use effectively. However, this option requires that you have the necessary skills to perform the replacement operation every time.

Recharge your electric car at electric charging stations

Some electric vehicles can be powered at home without the need for  electric charging stations or special precautions, as in the case of scooters or other light means of locomotion. As for cars, on the other hand, first of all it would be advisable to install an industrial-type socket.

Electric cars typically have a current limiter that allows them to use about two thirds of the electricity available. For this reason, it is a good idea to recharge them at night, when the power consumption in the house is lower.

To cut the charging times of the electric car and have greater efficiency, it is advisable to install a wall box at home, a column for private electric cars.


The electric charging stations , for example not only allows you to quickly recharge your electric car. It can be conveniently installed on a pole and in the presence of wi fi it is connected to the app, so as to make refueling the electric car even easier and more convenient.

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