What are the benefits of electric vehicle home charging station?


Advantages of buying an electric car

electric vehicle home charging station

Electric cars or green cars have now become a global trend, not only for electric cars but also for electric bicycles, electric motorbikes, electric buses, electric trucks… This trend occurs in all countries. Markets in the world are gradually entering into rapid integration. They need electric vehicle home charging station.

Exceptional intelligence and safety

Currently, all pure electric models are integrated with self-driving / semi-automatic driving features and models are no exception. This modern feature often appears on high-end luxury gasoline and diesel models, rarely seen in popular models.

An important highlight is that electric vehicle models are all designed to ensure absolute safety by world-renowned rating organizations thanks to a series of advanced driver assistance technologies.

Smooth operation, less noise with electric vehicle home charging station

The traditional internal combustion engine gasoline or oil not only pollutes the environment more, but also causes noise pollution. Choosing an electric car is a solution to reduce noise, providing quieter and smoother travel. Hence, it needs reliable electric vehicle home charging station.


In particular, there is no smell from the fuel combustion process, so the electric vehicle will bring a fresh and airy space to help improve the user experience.

The operating range is not inferior to gasoline and diesel cars

Obviously, these numbers can completely serve the purpose of daily travel and well-planned outings. The price is “softer” than competitors in the segment

Most likely, the price of the car will be a great competitive advantage of electric cars before traditional competitors in the market. The reason is electric vehicle home charging station.

Save a lot of costs

Buying an electric car, the owner will enjoy the policy to help save maximum costs during use in addition to the cheap price mentioned above.

Warranty: Best is applying a warranty policy of up to 10 years and changing the battery if the battery receives a charge below 70%. Therefore, the following car companies will have to have other attractive policies to be able to compete and attract customers.

In addition, according to calculations by many experts, the operating cost or in other words the cost of car maintenance and repair of electric vehicles is only equal to gasoline and diesel cars, even lower.

What are the disadvantages of buying an electric car?

There is no perfect car option, but besides the advantages, we have to accept the trade-off of disadvantages:

Few versions to choose from

Each electric car model usually offers only 1-2 versions to choose from, while traditional petrol and diesel cars offer more versions, sometimes up to 6-7 options.

The charging time is longer than the time to fill up petrol and oil

Charging time with electric cars, whether fast charging or charging, is usually longer than the refueling time of traditional cars.

Electric vehicle home charging station needs more time to complete

Electric cars are taking their first steps in the market. Therefore, car manufacturers need more time to complete charging stations to meet the needs of users in all regions of the country. Obviously, current charging stations cannot “sprout like mushrooms after rain” like gas and oil stations.

Car batteries play an important role in helping electric cars to move. Since its launch, battery-related problems of Best electric cars have attracted many people’s attention. So how long does best electric car charge? How far can the car travel when fully charged? Moreover, how to use electric vehicle home charging station?

The wave of electric cars has not decreased since its launch. Besides modern interior and exterior design, affordable price, the battery problem is of great interest to many people. How long does it take for Best electric cars to be fully charged? How to make the battery last longer?

About Best electric car batteries

For electric vehicles in general and electric cars in particular, the electric vehicle home charging station is the “heart” that helps the car to work. The production of batteries with large capacity takes a lot of time, cost and gray matter of the manufacturing unit. Therefore, electric car batteries have the highest cost of all types of batteries today.

How does home ev charging point work

The battery used for electric cars is a Lithium-ion battery (IP67), which is also the type of battery used for phones, laptops, etc. The capacity ratio of this battery is the highest of all batteries, so it is very suitable. It is suitable for making car batteries; the battery capacity is 42 kW.

The battery has a heavy weight, large size and is placed under the floor of the car. This creates the advantage of stable handling when the driver changes direction or turns.

How long does Best electric car charge?

Many customers are interested in how long it takes for Best electric cars to be full and how to charge the battery! As follows:

In normal charging mode: Best car battery is charged in 8 to 10 hours, the battery will be full. The power when charging is usually 3.3 kW, allowing the vehicle to travel a maximum distance of 300 Km.

In fast charging mode: The car battery charging time is 15 minutes, allowing the car to run up to 180 Km. However, the battery life may be altered due to other influences such as; brake multiple times, use the air conditioner to its full capacity, use other applications from the car’s power source.

How to charge Best electric cars?

Due to Best’s policy of renting batteries instead of selling car batteries to the market, users can charge car batteries at home or charge at the electric vehicle home charging station.

In case of charging at home:

To charge the battery at home, when buying a Best electric car, you will be provided with an adapter for convenient charging. The power source for charging is 220V residential electricity; the full charge time will range from 10 to 12 hours, consuming about 42 electricity numbers. Thus, in 1 month, the car will consume 196 electric numbers.

In case of charging at charging stations:

Best will install a system of charging stations throughout the provinces and cities to serve charging for Best’s electric vehicles. The charging stations will provide normal charging mode and fast charging mode depending on customer needs.

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