EV wall charger manufacturers: Where how to charge e vehicles?


Where and how can you charge electric cars?

The number of electric vehicles sold in the world has been increasing daily. Consequently, there is a greater need and curiosity to know how we can charge electric cars for this we have to consult with ev wall charger manufacturers . 

EV wall charger manufacturers

Compared to vehicles that run on combustion, that is, those that run on fossil fuels, electric cars have a weak charging infrastructure. In addition to its low autonomy, finding a place to charge electric cars can be a real headache.

Charging electric cars: everything you need to know

1. Where to charge electric cars?

One of the first and main questions is: “where can I load the car?” There are different procedures for charging electric cars for which ev wall charger manufacturers  help out and locations too. Thus, EVs can be loaded in 3 ways:

  1. at home through a household outlet
  2. at home through a wall box
  3. on the street through charging stations

Induction charging, a faster and more wireless option, is already in the testing phase, but will only be available for 3-4 years.

1.1. At home through household outlet

Through a simple 10A domestic outlet by ev wall charger manufacturers , it is possible to charge an EV.

However, the charging time is very high. For example, through this means, the Renault Zoe EV 40, with a 41 kWh battery and over 300 km of autonomy, takes about 25 hours to fully charge.

The autonomy of EVs has been growing. But like the autonomy, the time needed to reach full charge has also increased. Thus, a simple domestic take does not prove to be a good option.

1.2. At home through ev wall charger manufacturers

For those who carry the car at home, it is essential and highly recommended to purchase a wall box and for this ev wall charger manufacturers  are helpful. The wall box is a home charging station that greatly reduces charging time.

It can be purchased from the EV manufacturer, or from companies supplying this product that will install the wall box indicated for your car and home in your home.

1.3. On the street through professional electric charging stations

Currently, public network has more than 1250 charging points. Professional is the entity that centralizes the management of the supplier network. This network has normal 3.7 kVA, semi-fast 22 kVA and fast 43 kVA stations.

2. What are the costs of charging an electric car?

Charging costs for an electric vehicle are not fixed due to variety of ev wall charger manufacturers . These can vary depending on a number of factors. November 1, 2018 was the turning point in terms of loading costs. Until this date, the supply in the public network of professional was free.

Before moving on to loading costs, it is important to clarify some aspects:

  • Electric Vehicle Users (UVE
  • CEME (Electric Mobility Energy Marketers): group of energy supply companies that have a commercial offer for electric mobility

Commercial ev wall charger manufacturers contracts and market operators

For a UVE to be able to charge its car through a charger by ev wall charger manufacturers  and on the professional public network, it needs to make a contract with a CEME and obtain the respective card.

The contract with CEME can take several commercial forms: a stipulated cost for each KWh of energy consumed, regardless of the type of charging point, an energy package, or a fixed monthly price.

EV wall charger manufacturers 2021

You can charge your car at any refueling point, regardless of whether it is operated or not by the CEME with which you have entered into a contract. Regardless of the operator, the cost of supply will always be the one you contracted with your CEME.

After clarifying these aspects, we will analyze the costs of supplying the professional public network and ev wall charger manufacturers . Research should be done about the commercial offer of each CEME, and choose the one that offers the best possible offer.

Loading fees and other conditions

In addition to the supply cost contracted with CEME, the operators of each filling station are free to define an operating fee for the station. Thus, operators can charge for the activation of the service, limit the time available for charging or the amount of kWh charged.

These rates can vary according to demand, that is, in highly sought after and used posts, these rates will be higher. This is a way for companies to guarantee the profitability of the service.

EV wall charger manufacturers  are required to announce and make available in a very explicit and visible manner the values ​​​​practiced by the transaction fee and respective increases, when applicable.

Free EV wall charger manufacturers stations

However, there are still several “normal” charging stations where charging remains completely free, that is, the UVE does not pay anything to its CEME, or any fee to the charging station operator.

To find out which stations are free of charge and which fees are applied by the different operators, check regularly the professional website. But be aware that the practiced values ​​​​can vary very often.

Special domestic rates

The offer of electricity companies with regard to EV charging due to ev wall charger manufacturers  at home is also quite wide.

Increasingly, companies are offering discounts on the bill precisely thinking about the need to charge electric cars. Review your domestic electricity contract and choose the option that gives you the most benefits.

How long does an electric vehicle take to charge?

It depends.  There are several factors that go into this equation. We know that this was certainly not the answer you were looking for. But, let’s explain it better.

Charging time depends on:

  • model of the car in question
  • charging method suggested by ev wall charger manufacturers
  • battery charge status

What we can tell you is that if the car is low on power and you want to charge it at home from an electrical outlet, you’ll have to wait a good long hours (it can go past 15 hours).

If you want a faster solution at home, the wall box is what you’re looking for. This solution can reduce loading time by up to 80%.

Universal card for charging: is it worth it?

There are still free charging stations, which you can access simply with the Card issued by ev wall charger manufacturers . If you want to use one of the charging stations with an associated cost, then yes, you have no other solution than to enter into a contract with one of the CEME operating in the market.

9 steps to charge electric cars at professional stations

  1. Moves to a professional charging station
  2. Pass the card at the station
  3. Select upload
  4. choose the outlet
  5. Connect the plug to the vehicle-and charging starts
  6. When you want to finish, swipe your card at the gas station.
  7. Select the finish loading option
  8. Remove the vehicle plug
  9. You can continue your journey!

Summary EV wall charger

Currently, not everyone can simply own EV wall charger manufacturers . For example, those who live on the 6th floor and do not have a garage will hardly find an EV a viable option. And even for those who live on the ground floor and don’ t have a garage, it’s also not very practical or safe to run the charging cable through a window.

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